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  1. George W

    45 degree 3/4" carbide height chamfer bit

    I'm looking for the bit described in the thread title and I'm wondering if anyone knows any websites where I can get it cheaper than the p/n 91573 here at Rockler. That price won't kill me but I'd love to find a cheaper bit if possible to do my chamfers. Thanks, George
  2. George W

    FS: Adire Audio speaker system with sub

    I’ve caught the upgrade bug again and I’m looking to sell my entire self-built Adire Audio speaker system. It is composed of: •2 Kit281 towers for the front w/carpet spikes (rear ported) •2 Kit81 bookshelfs for the rear w/custom built stands and carpet spikes. •1 85L ported Shiva, 250W...
  3. George W

    A reasonable BFD question

    Hey guys, The other night I finally got around to measure my in room frequency response from 22 to 150 Hz. Here it is: This is graphed from an "uncorrected" RS spl meter. Now, it seems to me that this would benefit from the BFD. It doesn't sound boomy to me right now, but I'd like...
  4. George W

    Gallery of my Adire speaker setup

    Well, some of you may have heard that I finished my 5.1 Adire speaker system a couple of months ago, but now I have finally gotten around to taking pictures. You can view them all at http://students.washington.edu/gw2001/speaker1.htm. I must say that I'm very pleased with the way they turned out...
  5. George W

    Veneer trimming and finishing advice needed.

    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've been able to work on my speakers but I'm back at home for a bit and I'm finally ready to veneer my speakers. I may have asked this before but I have since forgotten so I need to know the common method for doing seamless veneer trimming on edges and...
  6. George W

    Front Projection or RPTV? what are the facts?

    Hey guys, My friend is planning to spend around $2000 at the end of the summer to buy a new display device, and I've been asked to help him decide what to purchase. I've been reading up a little and I'm aware of the dvi/hdcp fiasco so we'll be sure to get something compatible. One of my...