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  1. Shayne Lebrun

    running in-wall speaker cable to two wall plates?

    I have a section of my basement all nice and studded, destined to be a home theater. Before we put in the drywall, of course, I want to run the cables; speaker, cat 5, and so on. Now, the trick is, in the short term, I'm going to want my receiver in one spot, and later on, when I get a...
  2. Shayne Lebrun

    Evil Genius!

    http://www.howevilareyou.com http://www.evilplanet.com "Dungeon Keeper and X-Com meets Austin Powers." This game is awesome! Build your secret lair on the Volcanic Island of Undisclosed Location, train up your minions, and send them out to perform Acts of Infamy. Defend your lair against...
  3. Shayne Lebrun

    NationStates: fun little online game

    http://www.nationstates.net Doesn't take much effort, or time. Interesting though. And feel free to join the Serene Disparate Union region, if you decide to sign up. I need more clout, to introduce a UN resolution that MAR be banned. :-)
  4. Shayne Lebrun

    Can you recommend a good horror "audio cd" book?

    Wheee, this is empty. For all of your audio book needs, go to http://www.audible.com and sign up. Make sure you list me as the guy who referred you; slebrun. :-) I listen to books while I commute, and it's great. Currently, I'm listening to Jennifer Government; before that, it was a book...
  5. Shayne Lebrun

    Fireworks at this time of year? In Canada?

    Folks, I'm looking for some fireworks, but I'll be darned if I can find any. I know I'm a month or two early for them to be generally available, but we're having a family get together this weekend, and the kids just love them. I'm in Muskoka, but can make it to Barrie or possibly even...
  6. Shayne Lebrun

    Crimson Sea?

    Anybody have any opinions about Crimson Sea? The descriptions of gameplay and what not all seem terribly interesting.....
  7. Shayne Lebrun

    XP says network cable is unplugged, but it isn't

    Then it's a bad cable, or a bad hub, or something similar.
  8. Shayne Lebrun

    Boston Public premiere

    Surprised not to see a thread about this one yet...wow. I've always thought that BP was basically a bet that Kelley had with somebody about how he could screw everybody over worse than the previous week, and he's set a new high for himself. Good plot lines, some realistic conflicts between...
  9. Shayne Lebrun

    Who else is waiting for Master of Orion 3?

    Just under a month...can't wait! MOO3 with Alan Emerich! I'm getting pretty antsy! Stupid Zellers had an ad for it last week, I got all excited, then I checked on line; not out till November 27th or so. Damn those three-month-in-advance flyers!
  10. Shayne Lebrun

    Kung Pow on July 23?

    According to the all new Amazon.ca, Kung Pow is scheduled to hit DVD on July 23rd...can anybody more in the know confirm or deny? I really wanted to see this in theatres, but on opening weekend, I had an ear infection, and by Monday, well, it was gone. :-)
  11. Shayne Lebrun

    Andromeda - AKA how to ruin something

    Jason Seaver said in a trek thread:
  12. Shayne Lebrun

    Dead or Alive? Volleyball?

    Cross marketing at it's finest. http://www.teamxbox.com/showmedia.php?mid=215 - video http://www.geocities.com/chtang.geo/game060202b.htm - screenies
  13. Shayne Lebrun

    Japanese translation, please.

    Could some kind-hearted Japanese speaking fellow please provide me with a romanji rendition of 'Beautiful Rainbow Dragon' as in beautiful dragon with rainbow-coloured scales? Thanks!
  14. Shayne Lebrun

    Future Shop and HP WSvsP&S

    Well, the people of Mississauga have spoken, and they want WIDESCREEN! The giant cardboard standies had HUGE GAPING HOLES where the widescreen FLEW OFF THE SELVES and there were tons and tons P&S left. Every person I saw who wandered in was checking DVD after DVD looking for widescreen...
  15. Shayne Lebrun

    Enterprise epiphany

    I'm watching the classic Trek episode, Dagger of the Mind, on Space. It's the first episode where Spock gets his Mind Meld on. Anywho, he explains that it's very dangerous, because he needs to physically alter blood flow, pressure, nerve connections, and the like. He takes care to caution...
  16. Shayne Lebrun

    Boston Public 5/6/2002

    Hmm. We had a gay student at a catholic school sue over the right to bring his boyfriend to the prom. (why the hell have I been confusing 'quote' and 'spoiler' these days? But who cares, I don't think BP is rebroadcast at any point) Jeri Ryan's blue shirt with the white patterns: DAMN...
  17. Shayne Lebrun

    Audible.com broken?

    Anybody here use audible.com? If so, have you been able to download any of your audio programs this weekend?
  18. Shayne Lebrun

    ebay rules - incorrect item title?

    So I'm selling some stuff on ebay, and today I notice that somebody used the 'buy it now' option on one of me auctions. Then I noticed that I fucked up; I'm auctioning off a bunch of stuff, and used the 'sell similar item' function to create this auction after another one. Long story short...
  19. Shayne Lebrun

    eva overlays

    Can anybody point me to a list, or point out some, of the overlays that were on the original Evangelion DVD 1, that are supposedly removed in the remaster? Thanks.
  20. Shayne Lebrun

    Freakin' Toronto Job Market

    Sigh. So the other day, I'm cruising Monster.ca and I see a sweet posting for a systems admin. So I go to apply, but there be no addy, no email address, the company is confidental, AND they don't have an 'apply online' link. Ooops. So I copy an 'apply online' link from another job, change...
  21. Shayne Lebrun

    Mortal Kombat 3: Domination!

    Link Removed Woot! Anybody hear anything about this? Coming Attractions doesn't seem to have it listed...
  22. Shayne Lebrun

    I think we need a HTF recognition signal

    You know, every time I'm at the local Future Shop, or better yet, DVD Wave, I find myself wondering "Gee, I wonder if any of the people here perusing DVDs are on the HTF." But I don't want to ask, because, well, it sounds like I'm trying to sell drugs. "Hey, man, you look like a fellow who...
  23. Shayne Lebrun

    What ever happened to that EE workshop?

    What ever happened to that 'We don't do edge enhancement' workshop that somebody or other had offered to run over, I believe, The Phantom Menace DVD?
  24. Shayne Lebrun

    Eva box shipped!

    Oh happy day, my Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Box Set shipped yesterday!
  25. Shayne Lebrun

    Klingon Academy manual PDF?

    Having played through, and returned, Bridge Commander as being all graphics, no meat (and just plain silly; a cap ship cannot fire it's phasers indepandently?) I read online that Klingon Academy is much nicer. Tried the demo, seemed nice enough. Might be enough to make me get the Microsoft...
  26. Shayne Lebrun

    Anybody know when the next price drop is?

    Anybody know when the next price drop for the PS2/Xbox are? If memory serves, there's usually one around April...
  27. Shayne Lebrun

    factory car stereo have audio jacks?

    I've a 99 Chevy Cavalier, with the factory default radio/CD Player. It's got an 'aux' function button, so I'm wondering if it's actually got audio inputs (be it 1/8th inch 'headphone' style jack, or l/r RCA style) to plug me MP3 player in. Anybody have any idea? And if so, suggestions on the...
  28. Shayne Lebrun

    The raging Hollywood NAZI CLONE consipiracy!

    http://www.feldgrau.com/pk-63030-1.jpg.html Take a look at that picture. Then note that the guy in the first row, second from the left, looks REALLY SUSPICIOUSLY like David Duchovney. They guy beside him is either Leo DiCaprio, or that guy who played the pretty-boy elf Legolas in LotR. And...
  29. Shayne Lebrun

    ISU suspends french judge!

    (title should say IOC) Watching it live...the olympic committee is suspending the French judge! They claim they have evidence that she did bad things. The ISU seems to have reccomended that Canada and Russia both get the gold! Update: They're giving Canada a gold! And letting Russia keep...
  30. Shayne Lebrun

    "Spiderman Movie To Keep WTC Towers"

    Link Removed