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  1. SethH


    Is putting the pull-down screen in front of the TV not an option?
  2. SethH

    HELP needed. Can Denon AVR 1905 be used in HDMI HT setup?

    You can run HDMI from your BluRay to tv and then you have a couple options for the audio. You can either run digital (optical or coax) to your receiver and get DD/DTS or, if your BluRay has a decoder built-in, you can run 7.1 analog cables to your receiver and get the DD TrueHD or DTS-MA.
  3. SethH

    HDMI Audio Decoding

    You have a few options: 1 - Buy a BluRay or DVD player with built-in decoding. They typically cost $30-$50 more than the comparable version that doesn't have decoding. 2 - Buy a pre-amp that has HDMI inputs. 3 - Buy a receiver that has pre-outs for each channel (example: Onkyo...
  4. SethH

    2nd opinion

    The 1610 is essentially the same as the 1910, but is only 5.1 and only 75 watts/channel which met my needs. There are newer versions of each out (1911 and 1611) which offer HDMI 1.4 if that is important to you.
  5. SethH

    2nd opinion

    The only thing you really lose going to the 1910 from the 591 is the support for HDMI v1.4. Not really critical unless you want the 3D passthrough for a 3d television. I have the 1610 and have been very pleased with it.
  6. SethH

    2nd opinion

    Pioneer tends to make pretty good stuff, though I haven't used one of their receivers in 5-7 years. I personally tend to lean toward Denon or Onkyo for receivers. For a similar feature set and price point you might look at the Denon AVR-591. Plus you get the Audyssey processing with Denon and...
  7. SethH

    Need Very long HDMI Cable. Suggestions?

    Also check out firefold.com for good prices on long, high-quality, inexpensive cables. Dan -- 1.3 will suffice for audio and video. The main thing added by in 1.4 is the ability to send network connectivity (100mbps) through the hdmi cable in addition to the audio and video.
  8. SethH

    New home theater setup

    If you decide to go with PA speakers for your mains, you could find a better sounding speaker. I've auditioned many models of Mackie speakers for PA systems and can never bring myself to buy them. They look nice, their specs are good and the fact that they are powered is convenient, but they...
  9. SethH

    Newbie doing homework before I buy

    A couple things: Your Bluray player should also have an HDMI output which can carry both audio and video and is your best bet for both. You'll want to buy a receiver. If your bluray player had a built-in decoder you could potentially get away with purchasing just a power amp, but that's...
  10. SethH

    External Harddrive Help

    In my opinion, WD makes the best drives available right now. I used to be a huge Seagate fan, but I feel their quality has dropped off in recent years. WD has two external models that utilize Firewire 800 and I think either of those would be a good choice.
  11. SethH

    Bi/Di Pole or Direct Radiating in 5.1

    I would go with bipole (not dipole) in the blue option. I'm a fan of dipole, but I think you need an ideal setup for them to have the desired effect. I would select bipole in hopes of the speaker that is so close to the couch will be less distracting than it would be with a direct radiating...
  12. SethH

    Using Pre Outs...Denon AVR-590

    Unfortunately that will not work. Most 5.1 receivers that have pre-outs for 7.1 fall into one of two camps: the pre-outs only support rear surround or they are switchable between rear surround or front height channels. I think your denon falls into the latter camp, but that still won't meet...
  13. SethH

    Need help choosing out of these 3 T.v's...Samsung Plasma/LED or Sony LED???

    FWIW, I agree with your sentiments on the industry in general, but I've certainly been proven wrong before. I tend to prefer plasma. I purchased a Panasonic plasma last year and have been thrilled with it! However, they still have reflective screens. Perhaps it has gotten better since last...
  14. SethH

    Monoprice down! Where to shop?

    You might also check out Firefold if you're still looking for a place. I have received fantastic service from them in the past.
  15. SethH

    First time Plasma buyer here...need info on setup concerns / calibration

    For the first 100-300 hours you should keep your brightness and contrast below 50%. Some new plasma owners use a slideshow of different colored slides to break-in their plasmas. It is something you should read up on . . . I don't have a strong opinion on the break-in vs "no need to break-in"...
  16. SethH

    How do I watch HD without black bars?

    George is correct, but most "made-for-tv" HD programming should fit your TV perfectly. When watching movies or watching programming filmed in SD (or 4:3) you are more likely to see black bars. If you are seeing black bars when watching the news or something like that in HD then you may have...
  17. SethH

    First Home Theater Room

    Where will your seating be? Assuming it is directly under the projector, I would aim for between 95" and 110" for your screen size. Some projectors to consider include the Mitsubishi HC3800 (DLP) and the Epson 8100 (3LCD). Also, do not forget to include cabling in your budget. Depending on...
  18. SethH

    Letter from Citibank

    I called tonight to cancel my card. I asked if they would waive the fee . . . nope. I asked if they would transfer my account to a card without an annual fee . . . nope. What I found most interesting is that they put up no fight to me closing my account. She kindly offered to open a new...
  19. SethH

    Letter from Citibank

    Thanks for your feedback, Adam. I am almost certain I will be closing this account. I am considering calling one of my other card companies to request an increase in my credit limit to keep my credit-to-debt ratio close to where it is today.
  20. SethH

    In the market for receiver and speakers (new to HT)

    Hi John -- There are lots of great options out there in your price range. I would definitely suggest that you go try out some speakers in local stores to get an idea of what you like. With your budget I would recommend spending $400-$600 on a receiver, $500-$700 on a subwoofer and $1900-2000...
  21. SethH

    Letter from Citibank

    I have had a credit card with Citi for about 10 years now. It is my longest open credit account and I keep the card around just for that reason. Today I received a letter stating that "effective April 1, 2010, an annual fee of $60 is being added" to the card. This fee is "refundable" at the...
  22. SethH

    Need help with speaker wall plate

    It sounds like the person who lived there before may have had an unpowered subwoofer. For an unpowered sub, you take your speaker wires for your L/R speakers and run them from the receiver to the sub and then from the sub to the speakers and the sub handles the crossover. If you have access to...
  23. SethH

    Subwoofer ideas....cant decide

    The H100 was designed by Dr Hsu as well, but the STF-2 is a small step up from the H100, albeit for about $100 more and with a slightly smaller driver.
  24. SethH

    I need a new receiver

    You are going to have trouble finding a good receiver with more than 3 HDMI inputs for under $300. I believe Sony has 1 receiver that is in your range with 4 HDMI inputs, but most around here try to steer clear of Sony receivers. If your price range is in stone, I would suggest looking at a 3...
  25. SethH

    Can I leave my Plasma TV on for a long period of time?

    Johnathan -- I don't think there is any reason to let the tv rest for any period of time. The tv should not overheat unless you have the fans blocked or have it in a very tightly enclosed area. Sumner -- Burn-in is not a concern for LCD. Even with plasma it is becoming less and less of a...
  26. SethH

    Can I leave my Plasma TV on for a long period of time?

    I wouldn't let it run for a week without anyone checking on it. I do not believe you run any risk of overheating . . . my concern would be what happens if the slideshow freezes on one image? You could come home to a permanently red burned-in screen. The odds are fairly slim . . . especially...
  27. SethH

    Optimal frequency range for Fronts and Center?

    The key is that you really want to cross your sub over at around 80Hz to prevent localization of the sub. So, ideally, you would want all your speakers to be flat well down below 80hz so you have a smooth crossover. With that said . . .lots of people cross over to their sub at 100Hz or 110Hz...
  28. SethH

    neophite to ht; connections connections and more connections

    XLR Y-cables and Y-adapters are available and would probably be your best bet to split the signal coming of your Integra. I would stick with XLRs for your connections between the Integra and Outlaws. Which amp do you plan to use for which speakers? I think if I were in your shoes I would use...
  29. SethH

    I got $3000 budget. Can I get a better system than the ORBS with this budget?

    Speaker choices are really up to your own ears and preferences. Orbs are good speakers, especially if you are limited to satellite speakers. You might also consider Mirage Omnisats (or nanosats if you want something smaller). You can probably do better on the sub . . . possibly the SVS PB12.
  30. SethH

    Denon AVR 3200 ebay purchase wise??

    The 3200 is a good receiver. I owned one for about 3 or 4 years. It does not have a DTS decoder. Being an older receiver, it also does not have HDMI nor component for video. If those things aren't issues for you then you should be satisfied with it. I think $90 might be a little high given...