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  1. Bradley Newton

    Criterion John Waters set coming soon?

    There's an article about the death of the midnight movie on Vanity Fair's website and they quote John Waters and add that PINK FLAMINGOS is available as "part of a Criterion Collection set." Um, it's not...yet. I was going to dismiss it as an editorial error - the Criterion MULTIPLE MANIACS...
  2. Bradley Newton

    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls?

    I went to order a copy of the 2-disc DVD of BTVOTD to send to a friend as a birthday present and found out that the DVD is out of print. Does anyone know if this means that the film is headed to Blu? I hate that it's out of print. That was a great gift to give on birthdays and holidays. The film...
  3. Bradley Newton

    Will Shock Treatment be released in the US?

    A European Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment DVD boxed set has an announced release date of April 17th, 2006. It looks to be the 25th anniversary double DVD boxed set paired with a European region Shock Treatment. The box itself seems to be shaped like the Lips. Does anyone know if a Region 1 release...
  4. Bradley Newton

    Nighty-Night DVD 1/10/06

    Nighty-Night has finally made its way stateside and is released today! This has to be one of the funniest shows I think I have ever seen. I had read a glowing review of it in the Village Voice and then caught the episodes on Oxygen a few years ago. Oxygen ran the episodes mostly out of order and...
  5. Bradley Newton

    Lindsay Anderson's "If..."

    Does anyone know the status of Lindsay Anderson's "If..." It's one of my favorite films of all time and my Paramount VHS tape is a bit shaggy. I understand that Malcom McDowell recorded a commentary track for this a few years ago but the DVD never surfaced.