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  1. Robert G

    Wanting to go Blu Ray

    I am an old HT enthusiast that is trying to get back in the game a little. My T.V. in my theater room is only 1080i (Mits. WS-65907). I have done some reading lately to try and figure out what to do to go blu ray without buying a new T.V. A projector is in my future but not right now. As for my...
  2. Robert G

    4 Channel Amp

    I am looking for a reasonably priced(around $200 or less) amp to drive two 6.5" Kenwood Excelon in the front and two Kenwood 6 X 8's in the back. I have a twelve inch sub(Old SVS standard driver) already, so the speakers will only be seeing from about 80hz on up. I am just trying to improve some...
  3. Robert G

    Home Theater In a Box

    I am looking for a good HTIB for my sister. She already has a good subwoofer so that aspect is not important. The price should be under $1000 and preferably around $800. Thanks for any input.
  4. Robert G

    3802 and Superman

    I was watching Superman the other day for the first time since getting my Denon 3802. I noticed several times throughout the movie that there was a harshness to the dialog. It is hard to explain but it is a very annoying high pitch sound. The most noticeable occurrence is in the voice of Clark...
  5. Robert G

    Lightning Strike = Upgrade Time?

    I had the unfortunate experience of my first lightning strike to damage my electronics today. I had all of my stuff on an el cheapo surge protector and I guess that I got what I paid for. Thankfully my TV (Mits 65907), DVD player(HK DVD 50), Millenium DTS decoder and Samson 700 amp all...
  6. Robert G

    SVS + New, Smaller HT = Scary!

    I have been away from the forum for a bit due to a recent move. Now that I have everything up and running I thought I would post a little about my HT. The room itself is far from finished but it is functional at this point. My old HT was in a 15 X 15 X 8 living room that was open on three...
  7. Robert G

    Wall mounts for B&W 601's

    I am looking for a way to mount my B&W 601 surrounds on the wall. I am looking at moving soon and if it goes through I will have a dedicated HT that is 11'3" by 19'6"(man will my twin SVS 20-39's rock in this smmall room ). The width will limit my abilities to use the stands that I have now...
  8. Robert G

    Sig test

    test ------------------ [url=http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mycollection.asp?alias=rlgilb]MY DVD's[url/]
  9. Robert G

    Questions for you Western Buffs. RE: Shane

    I tried to search the archives on this one and came up empty. I did read Obi's reveiw and found it interesting and informative. However, I still have one big question. Is this films OAR 1.33 to 1? I would love to get this disc if it is indeed OAR. Any information on where to purchase is...
  10. Robert G

    How bad is a Square HT?

    I have always heard that it is bad for a HT to be perfectly square. I have forgot some of the reasons given so if anyone could mention it I would appreciate it. The reason that I am asking is that in the new house that I might be building the game room (read my future HT) is 17 X 17 X 9 feet...
  11. Robert G

    Owners of the HK DVD 50

    I have not seen to many owners of this player but I'll post this because there must be at least a few. As you know this player has a few glitches. There is now a cure for it. Here is a link to get a software upgrade for your DVD 50.http://www.harmankardon.com/dvd50upgrade.asp You can read...