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  1. Tom Reed

    Denon 1603 or Onkyo 575x

    Subject says it all. I can get both of these for the same price the Denon is new and the Onkyo is used. Which would be better? Tom Reed
  2. Tom Reed

    Help on Receiver Choice

    I will be moving into my new house at school in a couple of weeks and I need some help deciding on a receiver. My current set up at my parents house is a Pioneer Elite 26TX with Klipsch speakers all around. I want to get a new receiver for my house at school but I don't want to spend a great...
  3. Tom Reed

    WTB: 5.1 Receiver

    I am looking to get a receiver for my house at school and I am want a quality 5.1 receiver. Looking to spend $200 or less but I want it to have a good strong amplifier and be built well. Maybe HK, Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Onkyo. Tom Reed
  4. Tom Reed

    New Receiver....Your Thoughts

    I am looking for a new receiver for my apartment at school. I found the Sherwood RD-6108 for $79.99 and I was wondering if this would be a good receiver for watching DVDs on my XBOX, playing XBOX, and listening to music for parties. I would be using it with 4 B&W DM302 and center and a JBL PB12...
  5. Tom Reed

    WTB: B&W Speakers

    I am looking for a pair of DM 300 series. I currently have a pair of DM302 and center for my dorm room and I would like to find another pair to match these speakers. Tom Reed
  6. Tom Reed

    WTB: Adire Alignment Enclosure

    I am looking for a Adire Alignment Enclosure for the Tempest driver. I would prefer one that has the ports and stuffing already in it. Also I would like one without an amp built into it, but that is not a major concern. Thanks Tom Reed
  7. Tom Reed

    WTB: Star Wars Trilogy LD

    I am looking for the Star Wars Trilogy on LaserDisc. I am looking for the 1995 CLV "Faces" release. Thanks Tom Reed
  8. Tom Reed

    Building Adire Alignment

    I building an Adire Alignment with the Tempest driver. The plans say to have internal bracing with 4 inch holes cut in the bracing. I was wondering if it was ok to use a pine instead of MDF for the bracing. The reason I bring this up is there are so many holes that it would eat my hole saw up...
  9. Tom Reed

    Little 500

    Well down here in Bloomington, Indiana Little 500 is in full effect. It is great parties, parties, concerts, women, nice weather. I can't wait until Saturday the big race. Anyone else been to the Little 500. Give me your experiences. I love it. Tom Reed
  10. Tom Reed

    Plate Amps

    Is there a difference between the Parts Express plate amps 300-794 and 300-793 other than the remote. I noticed the 793 is rated at 250 watts and the 794 is rated at 272. I was just wondering because the 794 is out of stock and the 793 is in stock. Also what other stores sell these amps...
  11. Tom Reed

    WTB - DTS Demo Discs

    Looking for DTS Demo DVDs #3,5,6. Please send information to [email protected] Tom Reed
  12. Tom Reed

    Subwoofer Hookup???

    I just received my fixed JBL PB-12 today. While waiting for the replacement I built a Sonotube subwoofer using a Dayton 12" DVC woofer tuned to 21.5hz. I am powering it with 240 watts and it sounds great. I am wondering how I should hook up the JBL sub. My speakers are Klipsch RF-3 fronts...
  13. Tom Reed

    Where is the Program??

    Sine college football started this pass weekend I was wondering where is the The Program DVD. This is one of my favorite movies and I was shocked to find out there is no DVD. When will this be released and hopefully it will include the scene that was cut out of it. Tom Reed