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  1. James Pfann

    Godzilla actor passes at 88

    Kinda surprised this passed under everyone's radar. The original Godzilla actor Harou Nakajima passed away from pneumonia on Monday. http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/08/world/original-godzilla-actor-death/index.html I still enjoy that first movie. Condolences to his family and thank Mr Nakajima for...
  2. James Pfann

    Mr Charles Durning passed away.

    One of my absolute favorites. His work as Doc Elldridge in Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds was a scream. I had no idea his early life was filled with so much tragedy though. He will be missed. http://apnews.myway.com//article/20121225/DA3CO4LO3.html.
  3. James Pfann

    2 new "Hornblower" movies coming on A&E

    I just a saw blurb on the A&E site that they're airing 2 all new movies on 12/2 and 12/3. Details here.
  4. James Pfann

    FS: Panasonic Lx-600u LD player w/ac3

    I picked up an elite -79 a while ago and need to make some room. Lx-600u player is in excellent condition with the remote and box, but not the manual. It puts out a nice picture, and everything works fine. It's a two sided player, with optical and coaxial digital outs along with the ac3...
  5. James Pfann

    Pioneer Cld-79 Elite Manual.

    Hi Everyone. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the user manual for The Cld-79 Elite Laserdisc player. I bought one in great condition with the remote, cables and box, but no manual. I checked with Pioneer, but they no longer have copies or downloads available. I check the...
  6. James Pfann

    Question on a Kenwood LD player.

    I'm looking to add a Laserdisc player to my ht and I found a Kenwood LVD-820R for $50 at a local shop. The unit looks to be in great shape and I was assured it works fine. It has S-video, Composite Video, and a tos-link for Digital audio out. Has anyone ever owned/used one of these units? Any...
  7. James Pfann

    Nice experiance at tweeter...

    Hi Everyone, I went out this afternoon with the intention of picking up a new rack to hold my cd's, dvd's, and such; so I stopped in at Newbury Comics here in Nashua. No decent racks to be found, but I did pick up Peter Gabriel "So" re-mastered and a few used cd's as well. The store is...
  8. James Pfann

    FS Kenwood DP-M993 CD changer

    I picked up a new JVC XV-F80BK DVD/CD/CD-R/MP3 changer, so I'm selling my Kenwood CD changer. Unit is in excellent shape as it wasn't used very much. I bought the unit new with a Kenwood Pro-logic reciever, tape player and turntable. This unit has the 6 disk magazine plus a single loading tray...