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  1. Kirk Gunn

    DisneyWorld construction logistics

    Sorry I haven't posted more, I really dislike this new forum layout..... but I thought I would share for you Disney lovers: http://www.youtube.com/results?feature=moby&search_query=Building+Walt%27s+Dream+Disney
  2. Kirk Gunn

    Good Tip / Bad Tip

    How well do you tip your Pizza dude / dudette ? www.goodtipbadtip.com
  3. Kirk Gunn

    RIP - Billy Powell, Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboards...

    Man....way too young, just like his bandmates: Music - Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist dies at Florida home "Billy Powell on the keyboards...." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYF_H...eature=related
  4. Kirk Gunn

    KT Tunstall - Walk like an Egyptian

    Interesting.... Rock on !
  5. Kirk Gunn

    Blackberry Outage - Sat 3/22 2-6am

    FYI - RIM will be conducting database maintenance this Saturday morning. Service for all Blackberry users will be impacted as defined below. Please notify your users and helpdesk personnel. ************************ Maintenance window: Date: Saturday, March 22 Time: 2 - 6am EDT...
  6. Kirk Gunn

    Deep Purple from a different Point-of-View...

    Video Fantastica! Smoke on the Yangtze
  7. Kirk Gunn

    South of the Border !

    Chili today, hot tamale ! Here's 3:40 of your life you will never get back..... YouTube - SOUTH OF THE BORDER - DIRECTED BY PATRICK KENDALL
  8. Kirk Gunn

    Celebrity Winter Advice with Geddy Lee

    YouTube - Celebrity Winter Advice with Geddy Lee
  9. Kirk Gunn

    Defibrillators -what's the buzz ?

    Over the past few years, defibrillator's seem popular in non-medical settings. Now a marina/club of which I am a member just purchased one, yet we only have 700 members and no one can recall a heart-related emergency. "Classes" will be offered in their use, but is it wise to allow non-medical...
  10. Kirk Gunn

    NBA 2007-2008 season discussion

    Woohoo ! http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/pgStory...0&pageNumber=1
  11. Kirk Gunn

    Solvent question - what's the difference ?

    Ok...what's the difference between paint thinner, turpentine, mineral spirits, brush cleaner, etc ???? They all seem to smell the same and pretty much do the same thing. What key concept am I missing that make us need all this variety ? Thanks
  12. Kirk Gunn

    Hard Rock Amusement Park - Myrtle Beach

    For when the young ones grow out of the "Magic Kingdom".... http://hardrockpark.com/main.html Newest attraction in Myrtle Beach: PLANNED ATTRACTIONS The park will have 40 attractions. Among them: # Led Zeppelin - The Ride | The park's signature ride, the Led Zeppelin roller...
  13. Kirk Gunn

    Digital Scanners for slide photos

    Entering a sad phase of life where dad is pretty much incapacitated. In helping my mother organize, a huge box of his slide photos dating back to the late 50s, 60s, etc was discovered with tons o' family history. What is the best quality (and speedy) method to convert these to digital ? I'm...
  14. Kirk Gunn

    Nascar phrase you'd never expect....

    Some punishment dished out in Nascar, but this comment is a riot... Gee... bubble gum ? Diet Coke ? A soccer ball ? What next ? Dodge entering a Town & Country into Nascar ? Will be interesting to see the "Camry" sheetmetal job they do to a race frame.
  15. Kirk Gunn

    Breadmakers !

    Appears these were once the "must have" items in the kitchen, but soon fell out of vogue.... Now my daughter and wife have an interest, so my research has begun. Any feedback on the best Breadmaker models ? Not sure what features are available, just my "price pain point" is 100.00 or less...
  16. Kirk Gunn

    Nellis 2006 Air Show Pix

    Very cool, wish I was there instead of freezin' my butt off right now.... http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircra...hts/index.html http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircra...ras/index.html
  17. Kirk Gunn

    K-Feds 15 minutes are not up yet....

    Starring in a SB commercial - third quarter: The 30-second spot, to air during the third quarter of the Feb. 4 game, will be the latest installment in Nationwide's "Life Comes at You Fast" ad campaign. Previous celebrity ads in the series have featured Fabio and M.C. Hammer. In the new...
  18. Kirk Gunn

    "Holiday" review thread

    Saw Holiday last night with a bunch of my daughter's friends as a birthday party (lucky me !!!) Got there 1 hr early to ensure they could sit together in what I anticipated would be a fully packed 10pm showing. [insert crickets chirping] Very heavy on relationship/dependency drama, which...
  19. Kirk Gunn

    Tires - Highlander versus Camry

    First I want to say "thanks" to Toyota for putting the least possible tires on their new vehicles. Our Sienna got ~30k out of it's factory tires, our Highlander 27k... pretty pitiful. So I go to the Good Year dealer to inquire about tires for the Highlander. He pulls up the usual tires for...
  20. Kirk Gunn

    Toyota Highlander acceleration question

    Not sure how many Highlander owners scan this forum, but thought I'd give it a whirl.... We have a 2004 V6 2WD Highlander. The V6 is quite peppy, but there is a noticeable lag in acceleration at key moments (like merging onto a highway). The delay is almost 1 second.... Almost like the...
  21. Kirk Gunn

    Letter closing assistance

    What is the proper phraseology: 1) If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact myself or any of the committee members 2) If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact me or any of the committee members Which do you prefer ? Thanks !
  22. Kirk Gunn

    Buffing out key marks/door scuffs

    Got key'd in a big way by a punk stepson of a friend (or at least that's who we are blaming it on...long story) Plus we got a few door scuffs from parking in the airport lots. Color is light brown - what's the best way to minimize the visual nastiness ? Not looking for a perfect job as I was...
  23. Kirk Gunn

    Spanish speech vs Mexican vs Cuban

    As I get older, I've got an urge to learn a second language. Figure that Spanish (and it's variations) will be the most useful. Since we travel to Miami and Texas frequently, I was wondering what the major differences are between Spanish, Mexican and Cuban speech ? Radically different, or...
  24. Kirk Gunn

    How does BMG/YourMusic.Com do it ?

    With most download sites charging .99 per song, BMG/YourMusic at 5.99 flat rate per single CD seems quite the deal. Granted their selection is not top-notch, but at that price, who cares. How do they legally negotiate to sell CD's so far below the prices of the original producers ? Is the CD...
  25. Kirk Gunn

    Introspective folk suggestion - CSN style....

    Time for a Christmas present ! My brother-in-law is Hindu and very introspective (MBA in psychology). His music tastes are typically CSN (especially with Neal), Bob Marley, chicago blues, etc... He plays some folk guitar. I know this isn't much to go on, but anyone come up with a cd...
  26. Kirk Gunn

    Decent quality SACD for 200-250.00

    Looking for a Christmas gift for myself. No DVD-Video player needed, but DVD-A might be nice, but not a requirement. Single or Changer. Hooking up to a Denon 3805, but I'm low on cash. Refurbed is ok. Thanks for any comments !
  27. Kirk Gunn

    Christmast Lights !

    Very cool show.... http://members.cox.net/transam57/lights.wmv Any comments on the the controller ? Edit - apologies for not seeing the previous link about keeping up with the Jones'....
  28. Kirk Gunn

    Car accident - collecting Diminished Value

    My wife was in an accident 2 weeks ago that caused ~5k in front end damage to our 2003 Toyota Sienna (unbelievably she's ok except for some bruising). Since the book value of the van is still pretty high (~15k), how much of a resale hit will we take when it comes time to sell ? Damage...
  29. Kirk Gunn

    Golf club question - used Callaways on Amazon...

    Anyone order any of these ? A friend of mine that's VERY good at golf said these are decent deals. Unfortunately I know nothing about the progression of the Callaway models and their sweet spots (Big Bertha, Steelheads, etc). Obviously I am looking for a club that will hit straight and long...
  30. Kirk Gunn

    Amazing race video

    gives me goose bumps..... Race Can anyone explain the flashing red light ? Perhaps when flashing, it indicates "Insane turn ahead" !!!!