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  1. Alan Kurland

    Why would someone get a Lincoln pickup?

    I was driving behind one of these yesterday (He was going way too slow), and wondered if anyone has any clue as to what kind of a person would get this? It doesn't seem that a Lincoln would be actually used as a pickup for much, unless someone has loads of dough that doesn't care about any...
  2. Alan Kurland

    Proceed AVP owners: upgrade to AVP2?

    The upgrade costs $2500!!!! I was surprised, especially when I was told it would be closer to $1000. Has anyone done this yet? I wonder if I should, any thoughts?
  3. Alan Kurland

    150 mile MS charity bike ride - tax deductible donations please!!

    Dear Home theater forum member, On June 22nd and 23rd , I will be biking 150 miles from Boston to Provincetown to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. My goal is to raise $2000, 85% of which will go directly to research or to fund local chapter programs. I would greatly appreciate...
  4. Alan Kurland

    Apocalypse Now: Original vs. Redux

    This was a great movie! Its been a while since I watched the original, but the fact that this was judged one of the best movies last year, and one of the best in the edited form in 1978 just goes to show that truly great movies like this are well appreciated. I'm curious what others think of...
  5. Alan Kurland

    Convince me not to drop Netflix!

    I'm frustrated about their return policy and availabilities. I have more DVDs than I can watch in a year, and constantly buying more. Local stores are renting titles. I originally enjoyed watching hard to get or older movies. Now I struggle to find movies to order. I think I'll drop...
  6. Alan Kurland

    Enjoying Elton John Live at MSG, in DTS!! 16:9 also!

    Just got this yesterday, and watched a few songs. In DTS the vocals are isolated to center channel, which sounds somewhat rough, but you can certainly make out clearly. The sound otherwise is fantastic. He plays all of his hits. Some are annoying duets, but the best is the finale "Don't go...
  7. Alan Kurland

    Queen DVD - is DTS version much better?

    I found the DD version, but I haven't found the DTS version locally. If there's not much difference in audio quality, I'll just as well keep the DD one. I just don't want to kick myself later for not waiting for the DTS if its better.
  8. Alan Kurland

    A tough diagnostic digital connection question...

    I have a Sony 7700 DVD digital out to Proceed AVP, using Monster digital audio interconnect. I get severe dropouts with PCM audio, and there are problems recognizing DTS tracks, but once the system locks on, its fine. No problem with Dolby Digital. No problem with analog processing of PCM...
  9. Alan Kurland

    Question re: Netflix and shipping, help!

    It seems only recently that I can't get a new title shipped until I return one, unless I report "lost in the mail" I had been able to check "delayed", and I'd get a title when I mailed an old one. Is this a new problem, if so - it significantly impacts the timing, and I'll cancel and go to...
  10. Alan Kurland

    Upset about U2 availability at Best Buy!

    I bought Elevation tour DVD last week. It had a glitch, so I wanted to exchange it on Tuesday. I noticed about 20 copies on the shelf (the guy said they just got a new shipment in), so I waited until Thursday, when I remembered my receipt. Of course no copies were left! I doubt it sold out...
  11. Alan Kurland

    Quadrophenia! Excellent, but not anamorphic

    They did a great job with the sound and video. I've gotten about 1/2 way through, and I can't complain. *I was kinda bummed it wasn't in anamorphic, though.* Some of the extras are fun, especially the "pop-up video" type captioning on the bottom with tidbits about the people involved, the...