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  1. Brad Vautrinot

    Any word on The Keep....

    being given the Blu treatment? Directed by Michael Mann and released by Paramount in 1983? B.
  2. Brad Vautrinot

    Any Word On The Following Becoming BluRays---

    12 Angry Men - MGM 3000 Miles To Graceland - Franchise Pictures A Fish Called Wanda - MGM Arsenic And Old Lace - Warner Back To Bataan - RKO Basic - Columbia Bataan - MGM Beau Geste - Universal Billy Budd - Warner Black Sunday - Paramount Boys Town - MGM Broken Arrow - Fox Bug - Lionsgate...
  3. Brad Vautrinot

    Billy Budd

    Anything new on a possible Blu release of Billy Budd? According to the theatrical poster Warner Bros. made this one. Don't know if they still have the rights. B.
  4. Brad Vautrinot

    Summer Visions

    I've been waiting to see if and when there would be Blue Ray releases of two decent summer comedies: Summer Rental (John Candy et al), and Summer School (Mark Harmon et al) Has anyone heard anything? B.
  5. Brad Vautrinot

    The Dream Team and The Money Pit

    Don't know if this has been raised before on this forum but I see Best Buy has exclusives on these titles: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/bd-dream-team-the-bby-xcl-bd-blu-ray-disc/5143718.p?id=3561405&skuId=5143718&ref=199&loc=TnL5HPStwNw&acampID=1&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-9FkosY6BqewIZwdZmtfGgg The...
  6. Brad Vautrinot

    What Player and TV for 4K UHD and 3D?

    Howdy Folks, I’m thinking of going 4K UHD and 3D for my viewing pleasure. What I’d like are some recommendations as to hardware, I guess - what kind of player as well as what kind of TV/monitor. Thanks much. Brad V.
  7. Brad Vautrinot

    Where The Sidewalk Ends

    Where The Sidewalk Ends is now available for pre-ordering from Twilight Time. Brad
  8. Brad Vautrinot

    Billy Budd

    Has anyone heard if this terrific movie will be released as a BluRay? The 1962 version starring Peter Ustinov, Terrence Stamp, Robert Ryan & Melvin Douglas. I believe it was made by Warner Brothers and was filmed in glorious black & white. Brad
  9. Brad Vautrinot

    Three Most Wanted Oldies

    Has anyone heard of the following terrific movies being prepped for Blu-ray release?: Sahara (starring Humphrey Bogart) Lifeboat Macao Brad V.
  10. Brad Vautrinot


    Any chance of the X-Files, t.v. series and movies, ever making it to Blu-ray? B.
  11. Brad Vautrinot

    Anything New On......

    Any movement on the following that have been planned as Blu-ray releases: Alien Quadrilogy American Werewolf In London Angel Heart Blade The Bridge on the River Kwai Bug Deadwood: Season One The Evil Dead Excalibur Forbidden Planet From Dusk 'Til Dawn Heat The Maltese Falcon The...
  12. Brad Vautrinot

    To Live and Die In L.A. Cancelled Once Again . . . But Now Out!

    This is, I believe, the second time this film has been cancelled on BD and just a day or two before its scheduled release. Anyone know what gives? Amazon states "Discontinued by the manufacturer". Brad
  13. Brad Vautrinot

    Dexter Seasons 2 & 3 on BD....When?

    I bought Showtime's Dexter Season One on Blu-ray and am loving it. I see that Amazon has a "be notified when Dexter Season Three BD is available" blurb, but I cannot find any word on Season Two BD release - not even on Showtime's site. Does anyone have any info on this series or will chaos reign...
  14. Brad Vautrinot

    A New HBO Miniseries Coming In 2009

    This might be the wrong area for this series but I wanted to make sure that the BoB fans knew what was in store for them soon. This series will undoubtably end up on BD at some point. The Pacific That's the title of a new HBO miniseries scheduled to air sometime in 2009. It will be 10...
  15. Brad Vautrinot

    Digital Copy of I Am Legend Won't load onto a Mac

    I tried to load the digital copy of I Am Legend and it won't do so. I opened the disc and tried various items in it and I keep getting the dialogs stating "can't find DVD_Authentication page". I'm not an expert but it seems that this is for Windows only and not a Mac. Anyone else having problems...
  16. Brad Vautrinot

    Broken Trail

    Has anyone else watched Broken Trail on BD with Robert Duvall & Thomas Church? Excellent PQ and audio. This is a terrific story with good character development and wonderful acting. Walter Hill did a great job directing this for t.v. Duvall said he enjoyed making this film very much and...
  17. Brad Vautrinot

    Any Word On These Four?

    Any rumors or ideas if the following horror/Sci-Fi classics might be in line for a BD release?: The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) The Thing From Another World (1951) Them! (1954) Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956) Brad
  18. Brad Vautrinot

    Hardware and The Reflecting Skin

    Any more word on Richard Stanley's Hardware? Laser's Edge had it available for pre-order for a couple of years but it was never released. Also, has there been any talk about releasing Philip Ridley's Reflecting Skin? I have it on LD but would love to see it on a nice DVD. I also have Hardware...
  19. Brad Vautrinot

    Lonesome Dove

    I see on Amazon's pre-order list Lonesome Dove is to be released on 8/19 in Blu-ray as a 2-disk collector's set, the studio being Genius Products (TVN). Never heard of them - has anybody seen any examples of their work? The reason I ask is that I bought this series a while back( since gone) and...
  20. Brad Vautrinot

    Charlie Chan

    Has anyone heard when the next Charlie Chan box set (that would be volume 5) will be released? The previous ones have been wonderful and I'd love to see all the Chans on DVD. Brad
  21. Brad Vautrinot

    DVD Storage

    Not sure where this question should go but I need some advice on shelves for storing my DVD's of which I have about 1200. Brad
  22. Brad Vautrinot

    Master and Commander?

    DVD Empire, Netflix and DVD Pacific, have Master & Commander scheduled for a May 13th release. DVD Planet and Amazon do NOT have it listed for pre-order. Has this been pulled yet once again by Fox? Brad
  23. Brad Vautrinot

    True Lies?

    I apologize if this has been asked before but does Fox have any plans to release True Lies on BD? This is one of the best action movies made and it has a terrific soundtrack. Not to mention a lively dance routine by Jamie Lee Curtis. Brad
  24. Brad Vautrinot


    I just had a nostalgia attack for the Beatles and want to buy some CD's of their music. I know there's been a ton of CD's released over the years and a lot of them have terrible sound and production values. Can anyone direct me to some Beatles CD's that sound wonderful? Brad
  25. Brad Vautrinot

    Will We Ever See....

    ....some of these wonderful, older classic & semi-classic movies in a Hi-Def format? Already out are The Adventures Of Robin Hood and Casablanca and I see that The Maltese Falcon is on Crawdaddy's TBA list. But what about: The complete Bogart catalog Macao The Charlie Chan movies The Basil...
  26. Brad Vautrinot

    Christmas Rant

    I know it's Christmas time and one should have a sense of peace and good will, but: How can Sony offer a Blu-ray disc, e.g. Resident Evil: Extinction with its PIP, etc., while having no player in their line that is BD-J version 1.1 compliant and can take advantage of this feature? Does...
  27. Brad Vautrinot

    HD-XA2 or HD-A35

    I've been thinking of going neutral and buying an HD player. I see that many folks here seem to prefer the Toshiba line which prompts this query: HD-XA2 vs. HD-A35 Price differences aside, is one a better performer than the other; any advantages/disadvantages between the two? About...
  28. Brad Vautrinot

    I Need A New DVD Supplier

    After having had a long and happy relationship with the wonderful folks at The Laser's Edge I was saddened and shocked to see their website announcement today that they are closing their doors for good effective immediately. I wish them the best in the future. One gets comfortable dealing...
  29. Brad Vautrinot


    Forgive me if this has been raised before but I see that WB has released a stellar, reference quality edition of Casablanca in HD format. When is this going to be released in Blu-ray? Brad
  30. Brad Vautrinot

    Looking To Buy...

    I'm looking to buy a HD player to compliment my Blu-ray setup and was wondering what is the best player available. Should I wait for the release of the new third gen. players and if so, which brand and model. Thanks. B.