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  1. Trace Downing

    Trace Downing's back

    Hello. I'm so important to the world that everybody remembers me. If you don't, well then you're just wrong! Seriously though. In the market for a new TV, so I thought I'd hit up the best knowledge base I know and say hi.
  2. Trace Downing

    Thought I'd drop by.

    I doubt if anyone here remembers me, but eh', I never expected to be famous. How's things? "How's things"...this is going to be a dead thread.:rolleyes
  3. Trace Downing

    Clive Cussler's Sahara news....

    The first book he appeared in was Dragon. He's been in a cameo, and sometimes (with Atlantis Found) played a key role in an escape, ever since. He makes an appearance in the latest one, Trojan Odyssey (about a megalomaniac who builds a ship made entirely of condoms)...After finishing TO, I'd...
  4. Trace Downing

    Films you'd like to see re-released

    I'll second that all these need new transfers (anamorphic and dual layered at least). My personal wants are... Memphis Belle Batman Robin Hood:POT The Rocketeer Pocahontas SE (There was a beautiful LD box with this) Crimson Tide Roger Rabbit (Coming 2003) Bladerunner (2003) The...
  5. Trace Downing

    HTF Car of the Week (12/19): 2003 Mazda RX-8

    Edmund's has a first drive on it... http://www.edmunds.com/reviews/roadt...1/article.html Want some specs? Overall length 174.6 in. Overall width 69.7 in. Overall height 52.8 in. Wheelbase 106.3 in. Track (front/rear) 59.1 in. / 59.3 in. Seating capacity 4 persons...
  6. Trace Downing

    Condo owners: question of responsibility...

    Already have. I got an appointment with him on the 6th. He's a property liability specialist. My insurance company also has a legal dept. that gets activated as soon as simple little idle threats are made against me as well. I think I'm safe., although I would like to live in a building that has...
  7. Trace Downing

    I think I have stepped in Wal-Mart for the last time.

    Amazing that this thread was resurrected, when I stumbled across the first class-action suit over the work-for-no-pay issue last week... http://www.oregonlive.com/news/orego...7043130520.xml Here's a couple of other articles that will spread WM's holiday cheer...:rolleyes...
  8. Trace Downing

    Condo owners: question of responsibility...

    Thanks for the input fellas.
  9. Trace Downing

    Condo owners: question of responsibility...

    This is a recent flip. The place used to be apartments up until 2 years ago. The HOA has just hired a new managing company called ACCU, which my lawyer tells me is like the McDonalds of management companies. :rolleyes Our property manager is advising me, and everyone else that I am responsible...
  10. Trace Downing

    Economics questions: What caused the GreatDepression? Could we have prevented it?

    One more take is more political than financial, although generally economics is political an that it affects nations, and how they are governed. One theory is that the concept of laissez fare, and other social darwinist theories favoring aristocracy is what causes collapses of empires, such as...
  11. Trace Downing

    Condo owners: question of responsibility...

    Ok, here's my story. About 2 months ago a water leak was discovered by the 4 residences underneath me. I live on the 5th floor (top) unit. It was discovered that there was a leak on my shower lead, and tub and overflow drain in the wall. I hired the plumber on the spot and he cleared his...
  12. Trace Downing

    ***Gay-Friendly DVD's, Version 5***

    Ok, Mark! It was me, but I Never recommended Vegas in Space!!!! You rent that at your own risk.;)
  13. Trace Downing

    Merged Thread For All AOTC DVD Problems; Please Post All DVD Related Problems Here.

    Same thing happened to me as Gil. Got it home, not noticing the "full screen" on the disc, and there it was..."This film has been modif...":angry: I think I'm just going to open up 5-10 w/s boxes when I return it, just to let off some steam! I just hope that I find an actual REAL movie...
  14. Trace Downing

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screen

    Well, I knew this was bound to happen eventually. I buy a widescreen box at Best Buy, get it home, and the P&S version is on the disc. :angry: Needless to say, I haven't been able to watch it yet, until I open up enough boxes at the store to get the real movie.
  15. Trace Downing

    'Obese' news reports...

    What gets me is that the 24hr cable nets, always have a report on obesity (I hate the word too), and it's always shown around lunchtime.
  16. Trace Downing

    ***Gay-Friendly DVD's, Version 5***

    Mark, my sentiments exactly. Being a Dutch film. One also has to realize that some of the moral/ethical issues we frown upon and criminalize are completely legal, and most Dutch people just shrug it off. Legal age is somewhere around 14 in The Netherlands. I'm not advocating it in the US (I...
  17. Trace Downing

    ***Gay-Friendly DVD's, Version 5***

    Since Mark hasn't menetioned it, or got his review out yet, or my search just plain came up nil... I thought I'd take a stab at... For A Lost Soldier 1994 Strand Releasing 92 min Dutch and English AR=1.66 standard 4X3 letterbox really annoying burnt in Subtitles with grey backgrounds...
  18. Trace Downing

    I think the 80's are coming back...

    Just leave the leg-warmers in the 80s. If they are banned, then we won't have to put up with Hair Metal this time around.:rolleyes :D
  19. Trace Downing

    Firefly 10/18/02

    Although I didn't see an episode title in the opening, my TiVo said it was called "Jaynestown". Decent episode, but it's taking me a while to get into this series.
  20. Trace Downing

    Lucasfilm's Rick McCallum says DVD hurts box office returns.

    I think what McCallum is talking about is coded in what is known as "Corporate Speak". When a company says that they're losing money (As in an excuse to lay off workers), it means one of two things. One: that their profits aren't as much as they hoped it would be, or Two: they didn't meet...
  21. Trace Downing

    Schindlers List - Where can I buy this DVD?

    It's so rare that Universal doesn't even have a copy on DVD...yet.;)
  22. Trace Downing

    The mutant evolution of a DVD: "X-Men" 2 disc set coming!

    I can't get rid of my older version. I've got Stan Lee and Bryan Singer's scribbles on my case.:D
  23. Trace Downing

    Snl Tracey Morgan

    Ok. I'm really not a spelling Nazi, but this name is a little too close to home here. It's TRACY! Not ...ey, just "y". Tracy is the male way to spell the name. All others are female spellings. If there ever is a male named Tracey, Tracie, Traceiy, then their just plain WRONG! :D Oh' and...
  24. Trace Downing

    ***Gay-Friendly DVD's, Version 5***

    You guys were outed by a movie? Wow. I had to pinch one of my Army buddy's ass to be outed. But, he liked it, so I didn't get outed.:b Or thrown out.:D
  25. Trace Downing

    Ever sold everything and left?

    I did the same thing last year...well, sort of. I just moved across town. I had a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with W/D and garage out in the SE part of Denver (Aurora). I was miserable. I fought traffic every day to work for 30-45 minutes each way. My friends wouldn't come and visit very...