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  1. James Pfann

    Hellboy (2019)

    New trailer. I miss Ron Perlman.
  2. James Pfann

    Godzilla actor passes at 88

    Kinda surprised this passed under everyone's radar. The original Godzilla actor Harou Nakajima passed away from pneumonia on Monday. http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/08/world/original-godzilla-actor-death/index.html I still enjoy that first movie. Condolences to his family and thank Mr Nakajima for...
  3. James Pfann

    Carrie Fisher passed away at 60! See Post #23

    I don't post very much, but this is just killing me. I keep flashing back to 1977 and ............. this just sucks. RIP Leia
  4. James Pfann

    Mr Charles Durning passed away.

    One of my absolute favorites. His work as Doc Elldridge in Evening Shade with Burt Reynolds was a scream. I had no idea his early life was filled with so much tragedy though. He will be missed. http://apnews.myway.com//article/20121225/DA3CO4LO3.html.
  5. James Pfann

    House season 5

    I don't post much, but had to tonight. Wow, just wow. :frowning:
  6. James Pfann

    what was your favorite 90's cartoon??

    The Tick. It's starting to smell a little like danger in here, or heavily-fried food.
  7. James Pfann


    Nope, the money shots are still gold. ;) Everything is the same, only no swimmers. I had it done a little over a year ago and just enjoyed kicking back with plenty of movies for a couple weeks while waiting for everything to heal.
  8. James Pfann

    For something different: Commercials you actually like!

    One of my current favorites is the Miller lite Man rules spots. "You poke it, you own it."
  9. James Pfann

    The Real ID Act

    "Stoi! papers please."
  10. James Pfann

    CSI: Season 6 ongoing thread

    They're definitely changing that pic as time goes by. Sara's head turns towards Warrick now when you roll over it with the magnifying box, and the sign goes from play to dead. Anyone find anything else?
  11. James Pfann

    A short review of "The Professionals" SE

    Thanks Crawdaddy. I'll definitely be grabbing the new version. :emoji_thumbsup:
  12. James Pfann

    A short review of "The Professionals" SE

    This is a favorite of mine as well. I have a question about a scene in both versions. There is a point where Claudia Cardinale tries to seduce Burt Lancaster to win her freedom. In the initial dvd release they shadow out her ample assets when she opens her blouse. Is the SE version the same...
  13. James Pfann

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Rose Tattoo

    Thanks for the review. I've been waiting on this one. This and La Dolce Vita for me this week. :emoji_thumbsup:
  14. James Pfann

    call before you dig

    Trust me, just because you call DigSafe before you dig, doesn't mean the lines are where they paint the stripes. We had the emergency numbers for all the utility companies on our nextels ready to go every time we started a new job.
  15. James Pfann

    You got a Hemi in there?

    That brings back memories. Bad....bad memories of a 66 Autocar mixer with an 8v-71 and a quad box. I had to row those 2 sticks like oars to keep it in the powerband. You know that elusive sweet spot right between 1950rpm and 1960rpm, the whole time choking on fumes from all the oil leaks and...
  16. James Pfann

    FS: iScan Ultra.

    A great unit at a great price! I can't believe this is still available! I want one of these in the worst way to upscale the signal from my Laserdisc player, but I'm halfway through a classic car restore so it's on the back burner for now. Free bump for you Chris.
  17. James Pfann

    Archived Criterion Laserdisc Website Down?

    Thanks Jon. :emoji_thumbsup: I updated my bookmarks.
  18. James Pfann

    Laser disc - did you sell them or keep them?

    Thanks for the heads up on that Mark. My list of wants just keeps growing, but I think the Ultra just jumped a couple of places. :)
  19. James Pfann

    Laser disc - did you sell them or keep them?

    I'm right there with you. I couldn't believe the price for the Frighteners collection the first time I saw it. :eek: I'm to the point where I want to upgrade my Iscan to the ultra version so I can size the letterboxed stuff to fit my tv properly. The box in a box view is getting old.
  20. James Pfann

    Laser disc - did you sell them or keep them?

    Like Matt, I'm also getting into Laserdiscs. I started a couple years ago and have about 50 in my collection. I'm always surfing ebay and using Jeff's laserdisc finder to locate movies I'm interested in. Most discs end up selling for a little more than I can spend, but I've managed to get some...
  21. James Pfann

    Any muscle car owners here? Post pics of your rides here!

    Had a 69 GS California in high school I restored. http://www.v8buick.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=25997 My current project is another 69 Buick. Frame, suspension, steering and brakes are done. Work on driveline has a ways to go. Hoping to be on the road late spring/early summer...
  22. James Pfann

    FS Halo for PC for $30 shipped.

    Sent you a pm.
  23. James Pfann

    2 new "Hornblower" movies coming on A&E

    Well I enjoyed that. Not to sure about the wife though, and from the look on his face neither is he. Good to see Mr Bush is his usual charming self.
  24. James Pfann

    2 new "Hornblower" movies coming on A&E

    A quick bump to remind everyone about tomorrow and Wednesday evening showings.
  25. James Pfann

    2 new "Hornblower" movies coming on A&E

    I just a saw blurb on the A&E site that they're airing 2 all new movies on 12/2 and 12/3. Details here.
  26. James Pfann

    FS: Panasonic Lx-600u LD player w/ac3

    Sale pending. Thanks.
  27. James Pfann

    FS: Panasonic Lx-600u LD player w/ac3

    I picked up an elite -79 a while ago and need to make some room. Lx-600u player is in excellent condition with the remote and box, but not the manual. It puts out a nice picture, and everything works fine. It's a two sided player, with optical and coaxial digital outs along with the ac3...