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  1. Matty B

    Receiver for my xbox

    Kenwood VR-506: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/panwebi-...woodvr505.html $202 with shipping. That is a nice reciever. I have a Sovereign, and it's great. DTS and 5.1, 100 watts a channel. (100x5)
  2. Matty B

    X-box won't power up

    Yaaaaaaaaaay! Congrats!
  3. Matty B

    PS2 needs repairs! I need advice! :(

    Do the swap. The only person that gets hurt is Sony and it's their fault for producing crap. I have a question for you guys that's PS2s are dying, how do you have your PS2 sitting? It's supposed to sit vertically, horizontal play is HELL on the Ps2.
  4. Matty B

    Upgrade to AT&T digital cable

    Sorry Todd but you're wrong. Either you don't really have digital cable, or you are completely mistaken. Im guessing it's the prior. Now I'm not saying they aren't CALLING it Digital cable, but TRUE Digital cable is analog 1-20, and the rest of the channels are digitally compressed to fit in the...
  5. Matty B

    Anyone seen X-Box's on the shelves anywhere today?

    I saw 3 tonight at K-Mart. The GREATEST girlfriend in the WORLD was buying one for her boyfriend. She bought the 4th one they had. If I didnt look like SHIT and she hadnt seen me playing the Gamecube kiosk, I would have flirted.
  6. Matty B

    10 Great Places To See A Classic Cinema

    The Mayan theater in Denver is GORGEOUS. It has carved wood walls. The sound sucks, but it has a bigger screen than a lot of places.
  7. Matty B

    Boobies in the next Bond?

    In Tomorrow Never Dies, you can see Bonds' lovers Vaginal lips. When he is in bed with the Blonde, and she swings her legs out towards that camera, there they are. I wouldn't have noticed them had I not seen it on the big screen. A little tidbit :)
  8. Matty B

    X-box won't power up

    I haven't seen the Xbox, but it MIGHT have a release hole on the front of the CD-ROM. it will be a SMALL paper clip sized hole, put a paper clip in it and BAM the drive will open up. If that doesn't work. Take out the Torx screws on the bottom of the Xbox and open up the DVD-ROM. Then open the...
  9. Matty B

    Gamecube already hacked

    It uses proprietary DVDs.
  10. Matty B

    What I hate more than Bose...

    Jeff- I AM narrow minded! I was at first going to talk about how open minded I was. But Im not. Im an athiest, I'm a teetotaler. Im VEHEMANANTLY against buying Asian cars. Yet I feel I am VERY VERY objective about Bose speakers. My friends have them because my friend worked at best buy and...
  11. Matty B

    Difference between Onkyo and Integra?

    Sometimes the people on this board so SO frustrating. PLACEBO EFFECT PEOPLE. You would think people that could afford thousands of dollars of home audio equipment could employ SOME common sense. In TEST after TEST people will ALWAYS pick the more expensive, more hyped, better looking reciever...
  12. Matty B

    How many systems do (or have) you own(ed)?

    Atari 2600 Colecovision Nintendo Genesis Sega-CD SNES (Then got into PC gaming BIG time) Dreamcast PS2 (X box coming for X-mas)
  13. Matty B

    EGM's Top 100

  14. Matty B

    Split this forum into plaform specific categories???

    I cant think of a better way to COMPLETELY kill conversation than to split up the forums. DO NOT SPLIT THEM UP.
  15. Matty B

    Gamespot review Amped

    Because everything he says is to be taken as gospel.
  16. Matty B

    EGM's Top 100

    I don't like Metroid, the side scroller's time has passed IMHO. Ditto for mario brothers. There are a lot of games that are good for nostalgic reasons, but I wouldn't play them NOW because they aren't any fun. IE River City Rampage. I played that game for 8 hours straight OFTEN when I was 12...
  17. Matty B

    EGM's Top 100

    98-Quake III Arena, Dreamcast, 2000 - The PC game DOMINATES this one, I can't believe that they put this on here, without the mouse and keyboard, it's weak. 94-Baseball Stars, NES, 1989 - Who DIDN'T spend hours inputting names for each of the players on their team? One of the first TRULY...
  18. Matty B

    Gamecube Component Cables In Da House!!!!

    There is a HUGE difference between component and s-video. I notice a LOT more dotcrawl with S-video vs component on the PS2.
  19. Matty B

    EGM's Top 100

    The top 5 games are Nintendo games? I find that VERY suspicious. HELLO SONIC, WE BARELY KNEW THEE. Matt's Top 5: 1)Contra 2)SMB 3 3)NCAA Football series 4)Madden Football series
  20. Matty B

    How Many here use RPTV's?

    I've been playing on my Toshiba 61H71 for about 4 months religiously with no problems. People with Mitsubishis that complain about darkness-Mitsubishis are DARK pictures. That's the reason I didnt get one, I like the brightness of the Toshiba CRTs, I've never adjusted my brightness level.
  21. Matty B

    Harry Potter - May 2002

    I didn't read the book, but the stone was OBVIOUSLY not created by a philosopher in the movie, I don't understand why it wouldn't be called the Sorceror's Stone everyplace else. Don't they know what a philosopher is? I can't really see Descartes busting out some magic.
  22. Matty B

    JVC (Japan Victor Company) Recievers...

    Are you trying to tell me you are gonna rag on my Yorx?? HUH?!!:angry:
  23. Matty B

    A sad DVD buying moment with Saint Elmo's Fire (Or why I feel old)

    Mark- I'm 23. I've never seen this film. I have no desire to see this film. My friends have never seen this film, any of them. No one I know has ever seen this film, in fact no one I know has any desire to see this film. That could be because I'm 23, or it could be because the movie sucks? ;) I...
  24. Matty B

    WOW! 6.1, DTS-ES, PL2. I’ve been ASLEEP 10 years and need advice! Part 1

    Frank- As a fellow denverite I highly advise heading over to Listen Up audio and kicking the tires. They are beauceau smart when it comes to home theater, and their selection runs the gamit from mid-fi all the way to true hi-fi. They are very low pressure and will shoot the shit with you as...
  25. Matty B

    Gamecube video very dark

    Why would you worry about burn in on a Tube TV let alone a Sony? They are a tank. My mom has a 27" trinitron that is about 8 years old, and it's been through almost EVERY console and the picture still looks great.
  26. Matty B

    Dolby Digital on Gamecube

    Oh whoops. Sorry. Nope, the GCN only does DPL2 because of NINTENDO'S CHOICE. The GCN's sound chip is capable of outputting DD 5.1 and DTS, Nintendo chose not to release the cables for it at this point though.