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  1. Todd Hostettler

    Where did 'Ngoma' go?

    Damn. One of my favorite XM music channels, the African world music channel, seems to have lost its space in the lineup to some lame French music channel. :angry: When did this happen? And is it ever possibly coming back?
  2. Todd Hostettler

    Full list of DVD players that pass 480i via HDMI?

    Rather than start yet another "what's the best player for my Infocus 4805" thread, I'm hoping to get answers to this single, burning question. From the research I've done, the Sony DVP-NS975V seems like a contender... but I've heard there are some serious build issues. Could I get a consensus...
  3. Todd Hostettler

    FOR SALE / TRADE – (1) pair of VIFA 5-1/2" shielded polymer frame woofers

    Speaker builders! I decided to go with an MTM design on my mains, which now leaves me with a very-lightly used pair of 8 ohm Denmark-made VIFA (TC14SG49-08) 5-1/2" shielded polymer frame woofers. I got them a few months ago from Parts Express, and tried them out just a few weeks ago. For...
  4. Todd Hostettler

    InFocus 4805 + 76"' screen $1,399 at Costco

    Must be an update of their earlier deal. I've been wating for a reason to come down off the fence on this projector. I think this is it.
  5. Todd Hostettler

    Wiring a +12 Vdc Amp Trigger

    I have an old Parasound SCAMP I'm attempting to use as an auto-power on for a subwoofer and a monitor backlight. At lower volumes, the autosensing RCA-ins won't trigger it to power on. Is there a way to use the SCAMP's +5-+12 Vdc Amp Trigger, using my Denon AVR-2400 receiver?
  6. Todd Hostettler

    Mitsubishi XD300U ColorView?

    With a going street price of under 3 grand, this PJ has gotten some nice press on Projector Central over the last few days. It's listed as a 4-segment, 2x speed DLP… which automatically raises a red flag, IMO. The site's review mentions nothing about rainbows. This seems odd, considering...
  7. Todd Hostettler

    My local dealer is talking down the VPL-HS10. Does he speak the truth?

    Like many others, the Sony VPL-HS10 has really piqued my interest. This year looks like the year I finally "pull the trigger" on a projector, and this looks like a real contender. Especially considering my rather modest budget. (The Panasonic PT-L300U isn't even in consideration, considering the...
  8. Todd Hostettler

    FT: Star Trek TNG "Worf- Retrun To Grace" LD set

    One of the series' better story arcs, on a 2 Laserdisc set. Includes the following episodes: Sins of the Father (ep. 65) Reunion (ep. 81) Redemption (ep. 100) Redemption II (ep. 101) Sleeve and discs are in mint condition. I don't trade much on this forum, but I do have a perfect 87...
  9. Todd Hostettler

    Anyone ever find a "surprise" DD 5.1 soundtrack on a LaserDisc?

    So I pop in my LD of Beavis & Butt-Head Do America last night, having last watched it long before I upgraded my LD player. My old machine only passed Pro-Logic, while the new one is able to send a Dolby Digital signal to my Denon DD decoder. I was quite surprised to see all 6 indicator lights...
  10. Todd Hostettler

    S-Video dropout problems with Toshiba SD-2800

    I've had a Toshiba SD-2800 DVD player at the center of my home's secondary system for a few months now, and it's performed fine when hooked up to my monitor via its composite input. However, after recently upgrading my switching capability to allow for S-Video, a problem has popped up with...
  11. Todd Hostettler

    Maximum run of USB 1.0?

    Reorganizing the computer/family room and looking at some different places to set up the printer (HP DeskJet) away from my computer. I know that USB has a maximum run length. Is it 10 feet? 20 feet? I'd love to know.
  12. Todd Hostettler

    Cheap learning remote?

    Just looked into my stepson's room today. Between his shelf stereo system, his outboard CD carousel, his TV and his Xbox, he's starting to get a pile of remotes that's ready to rival my own! Now, I'm not ready to get him a Sony AV-2000 (or 2100) like the one to my HT... but I'd like to get...
  13. Todd Hostettler

    Broadband ISP options in Metro Detroit area?

    Well, after 15 days of the last month spent looking at a blinking yellow light on my cable modem, and well over ten hours spent on the phone waiting for tech support… I’ve finally decided to give up the ghost on Comcast’s @Home service. My access has always been spotty at best, but in the...
  14. Todd Hostettler

    Bright "smear" on 32" Sony Trinitron?

    Recently, on my 6-ish year old Sony KV-32S25, I’ve begun to notice a left-to-right "smearing" of bright picture detail. It’s especially distracting during "starfield" scenes, with bright white stars against black space. Every month or so, I’ve calibrated it using Video Essentials… and had to...
  15. Todd Hostettler

    Uh oh! just got an unwelcome surprise with Star Trek: TOS #29!!

    Maybe it's the curse that comes with loving great late '60s / early '70s television. Remember those godawful "grip of death" keepcases that came with the first-released Monty Python's Flying Circus DVDs? Well, like the proverbial bad penny, one has turned up again... with my copy of Star...
  16. Todd Hostettler

    A call goes out to the LaserDisc brigades!!!

    I’ve been looking to upgrade my Pioneer CLD-503, preferably with an AC-3 ready machine. While I know of the universal affinity for Pioneer units, I’ve got a good line on a Yamaha CDV-W901. What are your opinions on this player?
  17. Todd Hostettler

    May Shatnerian Lament (alternate title: In Praise of Blythe & Co.)

    As I look at my freshly opened copy of Trek TOS vol. 27, I am stricken with an oddly bittersweet feeling. Having cherry-picked my way through the series (picking up approximately half of the discs produced), and looking at the enclosed list of upcoming releases, I realize that there are only 3...
  18. Todd Hostettler

    Laserdisc player question - is this considered an upgrade?

    Currently, I own a Pioneer CLD-503 player. I'd like a little better picture quality. Does the CLD-702 offer noticibly better performance? I've got an opportunity to get one, and I'd like to know what this forum's experts think. Is it worth the effort?
  19. Todd Hostettler

    The official Carol Cleveland appreciation thread

    I was watching a few of my A&E Monty Python discs this morning, when I had an epiphany: Carol Cleveland is the ideal woman. Intelligent. Sexy. Funny as Hell. She was an integral part of the Python troupe, yet strangely unsung. Where is she today? Please join me in singing the praises of...