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  1. Mark McAlister

    Cleaning Plasma Screen TVs???

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 42" Panasonic Plasma screen edtv. My question is: Is there any certain way that I need to clean the screen. I mean can I use Windex or glass cleaner as with a standard tube monitor. I didn't know if there was aything special I needed to know, thanks for your help.
  2. Mark McAlister

    Most surprising announcement

    It would have to be Knight Rider. Been waiting anxiously on this release.
  3. Mark McAlister

    Friday The 13th on DVD???

    Does anyone think they will ever release this on dvd?
  4. Mark McAlister

    Universal is about to open the floodgates...

    I myself would like to see The Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar man as well. I would also love to see someone release Friday the 13th: The Series on dvd as well.
  5. Mark McAlister

    Tarzan Boxset

    Just a side note, and this is probably old news to you guys but, Best Buy has a Tazan 2 disc Boxset for sale in their bargain bin. 5 movies over 6 hours includes: Tarzan and the Trappers starring Gordon Scott Tarzan The Fearless starring Buster Crabbe Tarzan of the Apes starring Elmo Lineoln...
  6. Mark McAlister

    Information about Video Stabilizers

    I have read that somepeople experience that it can only record in black and white. Have you experieced this problem wth the clarifier?
  7. Mark McAlister

    Panasonic E80 Dubbing Question

    Alan, When recording this way, what procedure do you use from start to finish. step 1 give the disc a title step 2 record step 3 after the program is finished recording and you've only used up a portion of the disc, what do you do press stop and let it read info to the disc then repeat...
  8. Mark McAlister

    Information about Video Stabilizers

    What are video stabilizers, what do they do, how much do they cost, where can they be bought? I've got the following components: 32" Hitachi analog tv Panasonic DMR-E50 dvd recorder Pioneer DVL-909 dvd player Sony DVP-NS700P dvd player Sony SLV-740HF VCR Sony SLV-779HF VCR Right...
  9. Mark McAlister

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    I just hope that it made enough money to warrant a sequel, I believe I heard they were planning on doing two more. It was a much needed genre movie at the time for me. I've been wanting to see a good vampire/werewolf movie, not to mention Kate running around in skin tight latex to boot. I had...
  10. Mark McAlister

    'Roswell' season 1 coming to dvd in Feb.

    sorry I haven't been to the forum in a very long time. I just thought some people that might be interested would like to know.
  11. Mark McAlister

    'Roswell' season 1 coming to dvd in Feb.

    I just got the new issue of Previews from Diamond Distributors and it has 'Roswell' season 1 listed as shipping in Feb. from Fox Home Entertainment.
  12. Mark McAlister

    Underworld DVD (merged thread)

    I just got the new issue of Previews from Diamond Distributors and it has 'Uderworld' listed as shipping in Feb. I can't wait to get this dvd. I enjoyed the movie so much I had to see it twice. I wonder what kind of special features it will include, possibly a look at the sequel.
  13. Mark McAlister

    Need help with Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder

    I wasn't giving the disc a title and what I thought was finalization was not, (at the end of recording, it gives you a message, 'Writing information', which I thought was the finalization proces, but found out later that it wasn't, so no wonder it wasn't working right. I was about to get ready...
  14. Mark McAlister

    Need help with Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder

    I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, I've got it to working on all players now. happy, happy, happy :-)
  15. Mark McAlister

    Need help with Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder

    Do you have to format the disc in any sort of way before recording, ie;insert a menu or something. Like I said this is my first attempt at recording, the instruction manual is close to useless. JeremySt, Could you run me through your proccess of recording from tape to dvd, as I may be missing...
  16. Mark McAlister

    Need help with Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder

    Would the brand of disc I am copying to be the reason? I used a Memorex DVD-R.
  17. Mark McAlister

    Need help with Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder

    I just recently picked up the Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD recorder and recorded my first disc, then finalized the disc. I then watched it in the Panasonic to make sure it worked, which it played fine in the recorder. My question is, when I put the DVD-R in my Pioneer DVL-909, it wouldn't play the...
  18. Mark McAlister

    Darkness Falls. Holy cow... spookey as all get out.

    Be on the lookuot for the release of The Eye, another Japanese horror movie. And a friend was telling me about another Japanese horror movie called, "Junk" And have any of you seen "Audition". Its really great.
  19. Mark McAlister

    Hitachi HIT 51SWX20B

    Does anyone have any comments on this particular model? Pros and Cons
  20. Mark McAlister

    Best Buy Offering 24 mos, 0% financing

    like I said the ex screwed up our credit with best buy after "she" filed for bankruptcy. I have a credit card with Circuit City which is why I was wanting them to match the offer.
  21. Mark McAlister

    Best Buy Offering 24 mos, 0% financing

    I too was wondering if Circuit City might match the 24 month No Interest, same as cash offer. I have a Circuit City Card but not a Best Buy card, ex-wife screwed that one up for me.
  22. Mark McAlister

    Any new dvd recorders coming out??....

    I noticed that you said that you use Microsoft Publisher to make vidoe covers for your tapes. I do the same thing, I would like to se some of the covers you have made.
  23. Mark McAlister

    The Old Tarzan Movies???

    Has anyone released or plan to release any of the old movies?
  24. Mark McAlister

    Queen Of The Damned - Missing Music Videos

    Where are the music videos that are listed on the back of the box. I can't seem to find them, unless there hidden somewhere???
  25. Mark McAlister


    Does anyone know when the release date for Andromeda Volume 2 is? AD Vision is doing a really nice job!
  26. Mark McAlister

    Japanese Horror Flic: Audition

    A friend of mine told me this was a great movie. I was just wondering if any of you might of seen it and was wondering about your opinions. Do any of you know if it is available at Best Buy?
  27. Mark McAlister

    Dagon - A good Lovecraft adaptation

    How much was it at Best Buy. I want this movie, it was great. What were the Extras included on the disc? btw, Macarena Gomez was hot in this movie:D
  28. Mark McAlister

    Laserdisc Player - CLD-D704 or DVL-919? for STAR WARS TRILOGY ONLY

    I have the DVL-909 and I am very pleased with it. It is just step down from the DVL-919 as far as I know the only difference is that the 919 has an onboard DD/DTS decoder whereas the 909 does not. I got mine at Sears on clearance for $499. One thing I've noticed about the Pioneer's are that the...
  29. Mark McAlister

    DVDs with excellent visuals?

    Everyone seems to be forgetting 'The Cell'. This movie has great visuals. And my other reccomendations would be: The Jurassic Park movies The Mummy movies Final Fantasy and as far as TV series goes Farscape, and Andromeda (ADV is doing a kick @$$ job on these sets)