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  1. GlennF

    Favorite Old School 70mm Cinemas

    I particulary loved the University and saw many films there such as STAR, SWEET CHARITY, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, APOCALYPSE NOW, a reissue of WEST SIDE STORY, THE RIGHT STUFF and many others. The Eglinton was a nice theatre but didn't have quite the same impact. Of course, for almost three years...
  2. GlennF

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ - Singin' in the Rain -- in 4k UHD

    The story is a part of the dance was considered too suggestive by the censors and was cut out. Gene's wife posted something about this on her Facebook page. Someone posted something that actually included the original orchestration with the few seconds missing. The footage, of course, is long...
  3. GlennF

    Where is FUNNY GIRL in 4K ?

    The superimposed scenes were definitely in the roadshow cut. I saw it twice here in Toronto and was a little annoyed at the time without really knowing how long the whole number really was intended to be.
  4. GlennF

    Where is FUNNY GIRL in 4K ?

    In the roadshow the SWAN LAKE number was very brief, with the superimposed shots. Of course most of the criticism of the film was the downer second act so much of the number was put back in to give a bit of comedy to that section.
  5. GlennF

    Any news on LORD JIM?

    This was on television a few months ago - I think it was TCM. I remembered liking it as a kid when it frequently played on television cut up into two nights. However, the print was basically unwatchable so I gave up. I am surprised some work hasn't been done on this film yet.
  6. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review Thoroughly Modern Millie Blu-ray Review

    Finally got a blu-ray of the movie up here in Canada and had time to watch a lot of it last night. Looks good, but for me the big difference was the sound - the orchestrations really pop. Just makes it all the sadder that the overture, entr'acte and exit music sound so flat in comparison. Still...
  7. GlennF

    UHD Review A Few Words About While we wait for a few words about...™ West Side Story (2021) -- in 4k UHD

    Agree very much with your thoughts and I LOVE musicals. No humour at all - Krupke fell flat - and the dance at the gym was the biggest disappointment of all. Not sure I could rate the choreography from the way it was shot and edited. Didn't think the Moreno character added anything and in fact...
  8. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review Lullaby of Broadway Blu-ray Review

    Yes, taps were dubbed all the time. It was the only way you could record them and get a clean, consistent sound. Doesn't mean the person wasn't doing the dancing, or tapping at the time, but the sound would not be acceptable. Think of what incredible skill it takes to match your tap sounds to...
  9. GlennF

    Deepdiscount sales

    It is definitely a problem. There are some Warner Archives titles I have been waiting MONTHS for them to get back in stock.
  10. GlennF

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    I have ordered a few times from them and never paid customs or tax - they just show up in the mail. If you order a large amount it might be different, but I usually only order 3 at a time.
  11. GlennF

    Press Release PHE Press Release: Paramount Presents! Ragtime (1981) (Blu-ray)

    Funny, Ronald. I prefer the first half with the many diverse plots happening and for me the movie becomes less interesting when it focuses on the Cagney/Rollins plot. For me, it is the same thing with the musical show.
  12. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review Thoroughly Modern Millie Blu-ray Review

    James Hibbard was in several 60'smusicals including this, BYE BYE BIRDIE, GYPSY,several Elvis films and HELLO DOLLY. He is still very much alive and part of a Facebook group I belong to. He lives in Vancouver, B.C. I believe he is working on a book.
  13. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review Thoroughly Modern Millie Blu-ray Review

    Thanks for looking, Will, but once I put it in the cart it says out of stock. I get the same thing with Ziegfeld Follies, Annie Get Your Gun, Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex and In the Good Old Summertime. Some of the Warners ones have been a couple of months now.
  14. GlennF

    TCM Changing September 1 2021 >

    I have been having the same problem with my cable company here in Toronto.
  15. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review Thoroughly Modern Millie Blu-ray Review

    I'm just jealous that you all have it. Amazon.ca does not have it. DeepDiscount is out of stock. Grrrr!
  16. GlennF

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    It has happened to several films. Always surprises me some of the major titles it happened to like ROYAL WEDDING and 'TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY.
  17. GlennF

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    I have gotten the same "out of stock" notice from Deep Discount for the titles I want for several weeks now as well. There must be a production problem somewhere.
  18. GlennF

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    What makes me think it is a possibility is they are having a Fathom event where they are screening the film this fall. If the master they have is not good enough for a blu-ray then it probably wouldn't be good enough for the Fathom event so a restoration might be happening. Might not be true -...
  19. GlennF

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about...™ My Fair Lady-- in 4k UHD Blu-ray

    Yep. Saw it in Toronto at the York Theatre (now gone). It was an amazing experience!
  20. GlennF

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Yearling – in Blu-ray

    As Darrell mentioned Clarence Brown wanted no make-up. That made the normal control of flesh tones using make-up (which was a very important factor in color photography) not possible. As outlined in the book "Glorious Technicolor" this meant Claude Jarman had to always wear a large straw hat...
  21. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review The Yearling (1946) Blu-ray Review

    This movie has some absolutely stunning colour photography with much of it filmed on location in the back country of Florida. I am very anxiously awaiting this one!
  22. GlennF

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Yearling – in Blu-ray

    The restored scenes Warner Archives have posted are just stunning! This was always a beautiful film to look at - I am anxiously awaiting to see the blu-ray. The scenes when the deer are running in the woods and the bear hunt are both amazing sequences. Can't arrive soon enough.
  23. GlennF

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex – in Blu-ray

    The two sequences Warner Archives have on Youtube show just how beautiful this blu-ray will be. Not my favourite film, but love me that 3-strip technicolour.
  24. GlennF

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    Well, I am very pleased about The Yearling. A very good movie with beautiful, Oscar winning cinematography - much of it filmed on location. From all accounts it was a bitch of a shoot with that technicolour camera. Has some great sequences such as the bear hunt and when Jody runs with the deers...
  25. GlennF

    Warner Archive Announcements Thread

    The clips of Elizabeth and Essex look absolutely stunning! There are two lengthy segments on the Warner Archives Youtube channel.
  26. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review Damn Yankees Blu-ray Review

    Up here in Canada I have used Deep Discount and have found them very reasonable price wise and always ship promptly. They often have 10 or 15 per cent off sales.
  27. GlennF

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Crossfire – in Blu-ray

    Definitely a film that needed a new master. The print they show on TCM is pretty grim.
  28. GlennF

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ Damn Yankees – in Blu-ray

    Wonder why the OCN for this film was in worse shape than PAJAMA GAME?
  29. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review The Harvey Girls Blu-ray Review

    Wow! Just, Wow! I finally got my copy. (The postal sorting station outside Toronto that deals with international mail had a COVID outbreak.) This has never been my favourite musical by a long shot (sorry, to those who feel differently) but it looks amazing. There are some sequences I simply keep...
  30. GlennF

    Blu-ray Review A Tale of Two Cities (1936) Blu-ray Review

    When it snows in those big fluffy flakes here in Toronto I always tell people.."It's MGM snow" and this is the very scene I am thinking about.