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  1. CoreyII

    John Carpenter's Halloween on the big screen

    If this information has already been posted before, then I apologize. Halloween, John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic will be shown on the big screen nationwide on the dates of October 30 and 31. For more info go to www.bigscreenboxoffice.com I'm very excited about this, for I have...
  2. CoreyII

    George P. Cosmatos dies.

    The director of Rambo:First Blood Pt. 2, Cobra, and Tombstone died of lung cancer at the age of 64. I don't know what many of you thought about his work, but I especially liked Rambo 2 and Tombstone. Cobra was also a fun flick to watch. I went back about 30 days on the forum and didn't see...
  3. CoreyII

    Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD 2002.

    Hey I was at my local Tower Video Store this past Thursday and I saw sign stating that the Indy trilogy will be available in 2002. Does anyone else know about this info, is it just speculation, some kind rumor thats about to be squashed by Lucasfilm or can I really expect that other "Holy...