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    Help please? NAD 758 v3 and Apple TV

    long time no talk! I am at my wits end with this receiver. I’ve had problems before but have always been able to fix it. I was on my Apple TV until around 1am last night. Sat down tonight and no audio. I restarted my Apple TV, no change. Checked settings on the tv and the receiver and...
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    Anyone heard the new Buchardt Audio bookshelves?

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    ok this scared the hell out of me. I'm experiencing near complete video dropout the next day. Has happened 3 times in a row now. Here's what I'm using: Denton 3312 Pioneer Kuro 5010 Chromecast v2 (newly replaces v1 which died a month ago. Apple tv3 Switched my internet provider a month ago...
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    -sigh- Yes, a sound bar.

    My parents refuse to put speakers all over their room Room is gigantic. Over 20 feet square and they sit as far from the tv as possible. I'd like to do something for them in this room. Surely after several years of bashing sound bars on this forum and elsewhere the technology has improved...
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    The Grinder

    This was just silly. On so many levels. And normally I like silly. Not today. One more shot. Man this season is weak
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    Same chair, different ass. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    So finally the Daily Show is back and they haven't skipped a beat. Thankfully the writing team is mostly intact and format as yet unchained. I thought he was lost with the interview but Kevin hart might not have been the best choice for his first one. Curious to see what the future holds for...
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    So who is preordering the Nexus 6P?

    5.7" QHD AMOLED Snapdragon 810 octa core processor, 3gb ram 3450 mah battery Up to 128gb storage plus sd card optional 12.3/5MP cameras. F2.0 aperture, Pixels on sensor nearly twice as large as iPhone 6s, optical image stabilization, 4K video, Super fast fingerprint sensor, nfc, sub-c and...
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    I liked it. Thought the pacing was overboard for one ep. No way they keep that up. I don't buy the twin twist. This is the fbi. Clearly not something they would get away with. I had high hopes and it delivered enough to keep me tuned in next week. I was disappointed by the conversation in...
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    4k verge article

    As Ron posted the article below, Does the same apply to computers? I've been eyeing that 5k iMac but if 4k isn't ready yet I can save myself some cash. What are your thoughts after buying your 4k iMacs? Thx! http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/2/9243941/first-click-don-t-buy-that-new-4k-tv
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    What kind of alarm clock do you guys use?

    Do you guys have one of those ihome things that dock your phone, or something similar?
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    Masterchef junior, a cooking show for kids

    Caught this with a friend tonight who absolutely loves it. This stuff can't be for real, can it? Does anyone here watch? It has to be staged somehow.
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    What are some of your favorite IFTTT recipes?

    I've been playing with this app a little more as I get comfortable with it. I wish the app had more channels quite honestly but here are a few of mine:If there's a new ny times article in any section, then send to pocketIf there's updates to nhl or nfl from ESPN, then send to pocketIf there is a...
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    Nexus x specs released

    9to5 Google is what I consider a fairly reliable rumour site and they just posted the specs for the nexus x phone5.92-inch screen, QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 of 498 PPI, a 3,200 mAh battery, a 13 MP camera on the back, and a 2 MP front camera.Looks good to me. I'll at least give it a go...
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    Would you be buying the 12.9" iPad that's rumoured for next March?

    Would you be buying the 12.9" iPad that's rumoured for next March?
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    You know, I usually don't care for shows where the protagonist either remembers or observes something or figures out a complex problem in their head because I think it's all a little too convenient or worse, lazy writing. And while I was hoping for a better origin story, I have to say this show...
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    The universe

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    Is anyone watching this show? Off to a fun start, but I find the lead characters observation skills a bit creepy with the Russian girl on the train, not to mention the entire occupation. Who is that guy who's after him? And what does he want to do with Henry? Or does he have the same...
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    Phillips hue lighting?

    Does anyone here use Phillips hue lighting? Or a similar controllable system? How does it work? I see the starter pack is $200 which only includes bulbs. Do they work in regular sockets? What applications have you put it to in your homes? I know Phillips once made a sunrise alarm clock. Is...
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    Are there any true Kuro killers out yet?

    I have a 5020 which is not top of line kuro but still good. I am pondering going bigger. Is there anything out there that beats it? Keeping in mind were a long way away from 4k content? Thanks!
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    I am done with reality tv.

    I'll admit it. I was sucked in. And while I will still watch amazing race, I am dropping reality tv from my schedule. It is of absolutely no value whatsoever. I don't learn anything, it's not entertaining and there is so much time wasted before and after commercials with teasers and catch ups...
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    Horrible Youtube lag - am I missing something?

    so I've been watching a lot of Youtube lately. it seems like I get the spinning wheel of lag way too often. I have a fairly new macbook pro 2013, plenty of ram 4GB, and I don't think I should be getting lag to this extent. I use safari and chrome, clear my cache regularly, I read about this...
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    I'm using Android and I LOVE it! but I hate it.

    I never used my iPhone 4s. Well I used it, but only for necessary communication. I hadn't bought a new iPhone in the fall because I thought it was too similar and wanted to wait for the 6. But I also wanted a bigger screen, and was curious about Android after hearing from so many people that...
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    Did Anybody see this after How I Met Your Mother Monday night? I was still glossing over the finale of HIMYM to be quite honest but did give it a watch. I suppose this is the show CBS has elected to "replace" HIMYM. So how did it do for you? For me, I'm not a fan of Zoe Lister-Jones, and so I...
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    Apple should make an Apple Receiver.

    After thinking about how unintuitive our receivers are, and how the product line has not really changed much in the last 10 years in terms of usability and modern-ness, I decided I would love it if Apple would release a receiver either themselves or partner with a leading manufacturer to design...
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    I'm an apple guy

    have been for more than 10 years. I have a library of about 7,000 songs, at least half were bought on iTunes. DRM free. I have an iPad full of apps. I rarely pay more than 99 cents for apps because they come on sale so often. I buy apple gift cards whenever they are discounted. I am constantly...
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    Apple TV?

    Just curious if Ron or anyone have an Apple TV and how the quality is, have they got it up to 1080p as yet? or is that only with the next release? I notice that Canadians can now rent movies and TV shows which we never could before. SD is $5. I'm assuming HD is a buck more. What is the...
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    Sick and ducking tired of "media not available in your region"

    Surfing the internet used to be a joy... there were so many things you can do... up until a year or two ago. I am now getting blocked whenever I want to go to CBS, NBC, ABC, Hulu, and other sites to view media. iTunes Canada STILL doesn't have regular tv shows available yet... this is...
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    The Perfect Desktop?

    I think I have found the perfect desktop combination - FINALLY! After trying and then returning multiple times trying to find the best keyboard and mouse combination, I have got something I actually like. and I thought I'd let everyone know. I ended up buying just the Logitech WAVE...
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    Just got my new iPod Touch!!

    I have a few questions: 1. Speaker doesn't seem to work. I have selected speaker and have selected "both" in the Sound Effects menu. is there anything else I would need to do to get that working? I have the most up to date software installed, by the way. Is my unit perhaps just a dud? 2...