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  1. Michael Pakula

    Duke Nukem The Movie

    If they made the game Duke Nukem 3D into a movie who do you think should star in it and who would be the best to direct it?. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger would be great in the movie with James Cameron directing. -Mike
  2. Michael Pakula

    Will the airport X-Ray damage my XBOX?

    I will be going to Saratoga Springs,NY at the end of October and will be flying to the Albany,NY since that is the closest airport but here's the thing I would like to bring my XBOX since the hotel I will be staying at offers Free Broadband Internet Access So I would like to play some online...
  3. Michael Pakula

    Saved By The Bell: TCY - Packaging is so much better!

    I picked up my copy today and agree with everyone here on how nice this release looks compared to the previous two releases. I wish they would release the "Good Morning Mrs Bliss" series and the two saved by the bell movies. Does anyone happen to know where I can find a list order for seasons...
  4. Michael Pakula

    Video Game Bilingual Packaging

    It started with dvds and now just today when I bought my copy of ESPN NHL 2K5 I looked at the back when I got home and it had Bilingual packaging. I hope this won't become a standard thing now too with video games. I will keep my canadian version for now but I really hate how everything is...
  5. Michael Pakula

    Toronto International Film Festival online film list

    Here is my list so far for this years film fest. Im trying to avoid all the big films this year as they always seem to get released right after the festival ends. I also don't have that much free time this year too so I will only see the most nessary films. The website for the Toronto Film...
  6. Michael Pakula

    The A-Team Season 2?

    When could we expect a release for The A-Team season 2?. I noticed Quantum Leap Season 2 will be released in October so could this mean The A-Team Season 2 will be out around the same time?. -Mike
  7. Michael Pakula

    My wallet is going to die this Fall!!

    Here is my list of the upcoming releases that I will be picking up. September 1. Jersey Girl - September 7 2. Clerks: Special Edition - September 7 3. Rounders Special Edition - September 7 4. Red Heat: Special Edition - September 7 5. The Simpsons: Gone Wild - September 14 6. Star Wars...
  8. Michael Pakula

    Jerry Lewis on DVD - NEW UPDATE 7/11

    I would like to see a dvd release of the controversial The Day The Clown Cried. It may be a terrible and offensive film but we should at least be able to see it. -Mike
  9. Michael Pakula

    HTF REVIEW: The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

    I will be picking this up when it comes out. Can anyone confirm if the controversial Quebec segment from the Toronto Shows is on this DVD?. -Mike
  10. Michael Pakula

    HTF REVIEW: Late Night With Conan O’Brien: 10th Anniversary Special

    I will be picking this up along with Triumph when it comes out. I wish though they would release Late Night With Conan O Brien year by year on dvd. It would be great to have all the shows of conan on DVD but I doubt they would release entire seasons. It would probally be to costly and their...
  11. Michael Pakula

    Has MGM turned bilingual?

    This is a terrible new policy the studio's have decided to follow when it comes to releasing dvds. I agree with everyone here about releasing two different versions. They just lost another customer. It used to be so fun to just go into a store and pick up all the new releases but they way things...
  12. Michael Pakula

    Pee Wee's Big Adventure

    I recently picked up Big Top Pee on DVD and would like to get Pee Wee's Big Adventure too but I noticed there are two different covers. Does one of the two covers come in a keepcase or is it a snapper like the old release?. -Mike
  13. Michael Pakula

    Dawson's Creek Season 4

    I was just on tvshowsondvd.com and they had an announcement for Dawson's Creek Season 4 which will be released on October 5th. This was a pretty fast release since season 3 just came out last month. The fourth season will again have new music selected by the executive producer. I will be picking...
  14. Michael Pakula

    Red Heat Special Edition

    I was on the digital bits browsing the upcoming covers and noticed that there is a special edition coming out for Red Heat. I don't remember hearing about this one. I will pick it up either way for the new transfer alone. Here is the details below and the cover art listed on amazon's site. It...
  15. Michael Pakula

    "Alliance Atlantis to Make ALL their Films Canadian Friendly with new format."(Spoof)

    It's been two years now since the last post on this thread. I bought the Miramax version but I would like to rent the Alliance Atlanis version now just to see the edited scene. This is one of the best articles I read in a while. I was actually looking for a thread on Jersey Girl but noticed this...
  16. Michael Pakula

    Bowling for Columbine - 2 disc set!?!?

    I picked this up recently and got the 1 disc version but than I returned it after being defective. When I went back to Circuit City I noticed that my new copy of the Bowling For Columbine dvd was a bit heavier than the other one. Does anyone here happen to know why they made two versions...
  17. Michael Pakula

    MGM -- quietly downgrading special editions

    I picked up Bowling For Columbine recently at Circuit City and my copy was a flipper does this mean its the downgraded version?. I never actually tried out the disc because I had to return it due to a big dent on the cover I didn't notice prior to opening it. The copy I have now is a 2 disc...
  18. Michael Pakula

    ESPN NBA 2K5 for $19.99

    I was checking out ebgames website and I noticed the game's price has been changed to $19.99. This is a great new trend from ESPN and I hope ESPN College Hoops will get a price drop now. -Mike
  19. Michael Pakula

    NCAA Football 2005!

    This is one great game but for some reason I can't find any of the Ivy League schools on the game. Isn't the game sopposed to have all the Division 1 schools on here?. I would love to play Yale but Im having a hard time finding it on the list. There is only like 20 or 30 schools on there. I mean...
  20. Michael Pakula

    DOOM III: Gold news & Half Life 2 min req.

    I will be getting the PC version since it's a milestone in video game history even though my computer can't handle it. The XBOX version also has a exclusive online co-op mode so thats one more reason to get it too. The XBOX version will be coming out on October 4. -Mike
  21. Michael Pakula

    Quantum Leap - Season 2 on 10/26!

    I will definitely pick this up when it when its released. I wonder when The A-Team Season 2 will be announced. -Mike
  22. Michael Pakula

    Michael Moore's "The Big One" DVD release

    I was on DVD File just now and here are the details for the upcoming release. I will definitely pick this up. "And although Disney elected not to release Michael Moore's uber-controversial Fahrenheit 9/11, they will give The Big One a spin on DVD on September 28th. This "funny but...
  23. Michael Pakula

    Worst Actor Names

    Here are some awful actor names. Beyonce Knowles Cedric The Entertainer DMX Ice Cube Ja Rule Queen Latifah The Rock -Mike
  24. Michael Pakula

    Attention Canadian Shoppers

    I was at HMV and they have the Special Edition Rocky Series Boxset for only $29.99. It was like $59.99 before so this is a great deal. -Mike
  25. Michael Pakula

    Circuit City, FYE, and Media Play Best Prices?

    I would probally go to best buy but its been my experience that they don't always have everything in stock and I even heard there's a feature where you can only pick up certain titles in the store by buying them online. So this wouldn't help me at all so I thought I would just play it safe and...
  26. Michael Pakula

    Futureshop having Big Sale on TV on DVD (Canada Only)

    If anyone is from Toronto here could you confirm if any of the stores have the King Of The Hill Season 1 set in stock anywhere?. I never got around to getting the first season but I have the second season so go figure. This would be a perfect oppurtunity to pick it up now. -Mike
  27. Michael Pakula

    Circuit City, FYE, and Media Play Best Prices?

    I will be going to Cheektowaga, NY around the end of the month to pick up some dvds on my ever growing bilingual packing list. So I would like to know which one of these retailers has the best prices?. The retailers that are in the area include Circuit City, FYE, and Media Play. -Mike
  28. Michael Pakula

    Autographed DVD thread

    Almost Famous signed by Kyle Gass Saving Silverman signed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass -Mike
  29. Michael Pakula

    New York Minute- The Olsen Twins finally come of age...or something...

    Im sure Harvard,Yale,and Princeton whould still reject them since they would be an outright embarrasment to the campus rather than a self-promotion for the schools. Its also a known fact that perfect grades and scores don't mean automatic acceptance into an Ivy League school at all but rather an...
  30. Michael Pakula

    New York Minute- The Olsen Twins finally come of age...or something...

    Im suprised they even got into NYU not just one of them but both, as NYU is a very selective and competitive school. I always thought they would be more suited for community college or one of those vocational schools you always hear about on tv like Devry University, American Intercontial...