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  1. Rick Radford

    dts LFE question

    Thanks, Lewis. I recall this being mentioned a long time ago, but had forgotten about it. I was thinking the last time I saw this addressed the consensus was to leave both DD and DTS trim set to the default (in the case of the 989, 0). Guess I'll hafta play a bit with it and see what I find.
  2. Rick Radford

    dts LFE question

    So the answer to the original question is: "The consensus is that there is no consensus." Have I got it right? :)
  3. Rick Radford

    DLP component vs DVI

  4. Rick Radford

    Best HDTV for videogame/DVD playing and watching?

    Ian, You will likely have screen burn problems with the RPTV and your usage. Check into the current Samsung DLP and Phillips LCoS (reflective technolgies with no burn-in problems). The price ain't cheap, but I think these are the coming things to watch for. Check out the Sammy with a...
  5. Rick Radford

    Been out of the loop for a while.....Need a new DVD Player

    Here's a list of DVD players with and without the chroma upsampling error. You'll find Toshiba in the list WITH the CUE. This may or may not be important to you. Check the link for more info.
  6. Rick Radford

    Been out of the loop for a while.....Need a new DVD Player

    I picked up a Samsung P231 at BB the other day. I had a $75 gift card so it only cost me $15. The Toshiba SD3900 was $10 more, but both were PS and I believe both use the same Zoran deinterlacer. Playing around with the Samsung P231, I cannot tell any difference between 480i and 480p mode...
  7. Rick Radford

    Been out of the loop for a while.....Need a new DVD Player

    Let me tag along here too. I want an inexpensive but decent standby player. I got back from vacation to find my 2 year old Panny RP91 inop so it's in the shop. It's been there 2 weeks now and may be there for a long time while they figure out what's wrong with it. Replacing the main board...
  8. Rick Radford

    Just Ordered My Axiom's : )

    Albert, A most interesting experience about your CC. I have an Axiom setup with M60Ti/VP100/M3Ti/SVS 20-39CS+. Although I am generally happy with the VP100 as a center channel, there are times when I feel that it has somewhat of a pinched or tinny sound. That may be a funcion of location (on...
  9. Rick Radford

    *****dvd Player Will Not Turn On******

    Chris, I had the same thing happen to my 23 month old Panny RP91 about a week ago. I'd left it unplugged for about 8 days while on vacation, came home and hooked up the system, and everything powered up but the DVD player. I finally got it to power up long enough to put a DVD in, but then it...
  10. Rick Radford

    32" HD vs. 32" Analog: Which is Best for DBS and/or Cable

    I don't get to visit here as much as I'd like these days. My experience with both a JVC 32260 and a Hitachi 32UDX10S in a side-by-side comparison in my home.. comparing both DVD and analog cable is that the Hitachi had a much better picture. I expected problems with the analog cable, but was...
  11. Rick Radford

    Hitachi 36udx10s question......Can the Scan Velocity Modulation be shut off ?

    Well this is good to know. I had wondered about this myself. I just put in a DVD and used the Component Set menu to switch back and forth between HDTV and SDTV/DVD settings. (it was in the SDTV/DVD by default). I could not tell any difference in PQ between the two with a DVD in. I could only...
  12. Rick Radford

    Hitachi 32" HDTV 32UBX10S for $999

    Dennis, That's an excellent price. I picked up one last October for 1199 (100 off the regular price) and felt I got a reasonable deal. I've watched the prices since then, and haven't seen the price come back down to that level. So this set for 999 is a really sweet deal. Nice PQ with analog...
  13. Rick Radford

    "16:9" and "4:3" - Just HOW Do You Say It?!

    Ah yes, picking nits.. well, a 2x4 actually measures 1.5 x 3.5 according to my tape measure. Still, that's a pretty fur piece from a parsec. ;) But your point is valid. I agree that 2 x 4 is 2 BY 4 and represents a unit of measure while 16:9 is an aspect ratio. Although I prefer 16 TO 9 I have...
  14. Rick Radford

    VIRUS attack

    Jason, >I checked my mail with outlook express and noticed some weird topics with HTF in them so not knowing what they were I figured I would just right click them and hit delete. I didnt realized that right clicking a piece of mail would somehow preview it< I use OE and NAV as well. I also...
  15. Rick Radford

    "16:9" and "4:3" - Just HOW Do You Say It?!

    I guess it depends on your viewing distance. ;)
  16. Rick Radford

    Axiom M50 vs M60 review

    >your description of the M50s as a tad softer< I just provided a link to info. I did not participate in the M50/M60 comparison. I've not even heard the M50. That being said, I like my M60s. ;)
  17. Rick Radford

    Help build my system...budget $ 8,000

    Mark, Since you've been a member here for 6 months or so, you may have already done a fair amount of research. If so, forgive the duplication below. What size room will your HT be? That may well affect your choice of TV (viewing distance) and sound.. ie, will you be looking for tower or...
  18. Rick Radford


    I have 129 movies in my active queue. Of those, only 25 are not available now. I just put the VLW and LW at the top of the queue and enjoy the ones I get until the VeryLongWaits and the LongWaits ship. No problem! Good to know about the new distribution centers. I just emailed Netflix to find...
  19. Rick Radford

    Problem With Cookies

    Parker, After going weeks without a cookie/HTF problem, my system just started acting up again. (losing my ID while within a session). I think I'll try your suggestion above. Edit: If 20 minutes of browsing HTF is enough of a test, I'd have to say that the above fix works for my Opera 6.01...
  20. Rick Radford

    "16:9" and "4:3" - Just HOW Do You Say It?!

    >Isn't a parsec a measurement of time?< Actually, a parsec is a distance measurement. Merriam-Webster defines it as: "a unit of measure for interstellar space equal to the distance to an object having a parallax of one second or to 3.26 light-years" Han Solo sorta misspoke there, methinks...
  21. Rick Radford

    Panny RP-91 v250 Firmware??

    John, That's the way it's done. Convoluted.. but it works. You'll see the info on the display of the player.
  22. Rick Radford

    JVC D-Series

    This is an old thread! Update: I bought an Hitachi 32UDX10S last October and have been enjoying it ever since. I ran it side-by-side with the JVC for a week. I was concerned about the digital set's PQ with analog cable. Turns out the PQ on the Hitachi was much better than the JVC... as were...
  23. Rick Radford

    Axiom M50 vs M60 review

    For anyone interested, there is a user review up on the Axiom board regarding the M50 vs M60. Click here.
  24. Rick Radford

    BFD EQ with ETF - sub-mains integration

    Iirc, ETF has to use MLS signals and cannot use a test tone CD. I don't know why.. but that's what I recall the author of the program telling me. Ah yes.. here's the quote: "You must use the ETF test signal CD with the ETF program. It is much better for this type of measurement than any test...
  25. Rick Radford

    Flagship receivers = Overpriced??

    > Look at it this way - would you rather have a Denon 5800 or a Denon 3802 + Bryston 5B-ST for a $1000 cheaper?< Good question! But in all fairness, you are comparing new receivers vs used amps. Put a used flagship receiver into the equation and the price difference may be much different. With...
  26. Rick Radford

    Flagship receivers = Overpriced??

    >what reason is there to buy one when less costly alternatives are available with the same or better performance and added flexibility< In the case of Onkyo 989 and Integra 9.1, upgradeability would be one answer. You might argue that the upgrade path may not be absolute (and I'm sure you're...
  27. Rick Radford

    Another BFD success story...

    Sounds like you did nice work, John. OOC, did you investigate : http://purebits.com/ (Purebits RTA) or http://www.trueaudio.com/truerta.htm (True audio RTA)? I haven't looked into them for a long time and am curious if they work well and are a comparable option for ETF/Praxis/Spectra.
  28. Rick Radford

    SPL for Subs re: Video Essentials

    Harold, Ok, I looked it up in my OM. Onkyo calls it Late Night mode (not midnite). And it does work strictly with DD material. Here's Onkyo's description: "... When this parameter is set to "High" or "Low," the dynamic range of the sound is narrowed down to allow you to easily hear minute...
  29. Rick Radford

    Argh...(logged out again)

    George, >I do. It almost never works. < Hmm. I was having consistent problems with this too.. and for quite a while. I found that I'd try to post and get an error screen saying I needed to log in. Then, I'd enter my UID/PW, get the lost thread msg, then back up 3 screens (iirc) which got me...
  30. Rick Radford

    SPL for Subs re: Video Essentials

    >the Dolby Digital dynamic range compression feature.< I think that's called Midnite mode.. or something like that on my Onkyo 989. I've always wondered whether it should be set to max or min (no mid setting).. and now I see it should be min. The OM has little to say about this feature. ;)...