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  1. Daren Welsh

    Pioneer Elite VSX-35TX dying?

    I had my receiver on today (like any other day) with the TV going. I went outside for a bit and came in to some awful noise. It's hard to describe, but it was garbled noise coming from the speakers and it wasn't constant. It came in spurts. I tried all the various inputs of my receiver. I tried...
  2. Daren Welsh

    Replace/Install self-propel drive belt on Honda mower?

    I've got a Honda self-propelled mower, but the belt that connects the motor to the wheels slipped off (and is now missing after a move). How hard is it to install a new one? I've never done mower maintenance before, so I don't want to get started and then end up making things worse -- the mower...
  3. Daren Welsh

    New house mix and site

    It's time for a shameless plug. I've made a couple posts before when I released a new music mix and had some positive feedback, so I'm back. I just recorded a new mix yesterday and I've posted it on my site Beat Portfolio. You can either download the mp3 or subscribe to the podcast to get the...
  4. Daren Welsh

    Kitchen knife reviews?

    I'm trying to compare a couple knife sets and I haven't found many reviews to help me out: Henckel's Classic series 15-piece set vs. Calphalon Katana 8-piece set I've only found the one review on Amazon for the Katana set. Now I'll admit I'm letting the coolness factor of the...
  5. Daren Welsh

    Grow RPG

    I know I've seen links on here for other games from Eyez Maze. Has anyone tried the latest -- Grow RPG? I'm still trying to figure out the proper order, but figured I could rally up some support from fellow time-wasters.
  6. Daren Welsh

    Live Mixes

    I posted some live mixes on my site. They're techno/house mixes from the past year. Check it -- trance-port.com
  7. Daren Welsh

    This FREAKS me out

    Darth Vader can read your mind!
  8. Daren Welsh

    MSI Mega 865

    Anyone know about the MSI Mega 865? It's a miniATX barebones system that looks perfect for a HTPC. My current HTPC is down and I'm thinking of trying this little system out.
  9. Daren Welsh

    Deciphering Nutrition Data on Microwave Popcorn

    I'm trying to figure out the nutrition data on a bag of popcorn, but it's hard to figure out because of how they present it. They list the data for "unpopped" and "1 cup popped". So is that 1 cup of unpopped (which I'd imagine is the entire bag)? Or is it the amount of unpopped kernels necessary...
  10. Daren Welsh

    Need help finding visual/audio aids for HDTV lesson

    So I changed jobs a couple months ago (when the Shuttle CAU was finally cancelled) and now I'm going to be training crew members (astronauts, ascans, console operators, and other trainers) on EVA stuff. I'm also going to work on console eventually, but for now I'm going through a course on being...
  11. Daren Welsh

    Where to buy non R1 DVDs

    I'm diving headfirst into Asian horror DVDs and I'm learning that it can be difficult to pick which release to buy and from where. Some movies are released in Japan, Korea, and China with (I'm guessing) different features and audio/subtitle options. On top of that, I'm trying my best to not pick...
  12. Daren Welsh

    Pioneer upscaling DVD player at BB

    Sorry I don't have the model number. I even looked on Pioneer's site and couldn't find it. There's a model at BB that claims ability to upconvert to 720p/1080i and it's listed at $179.99. I was going to just get the $100 progressive model, but now this is peaking my interest. I figured I'd...
  13. Daren Welsh

    Juon Movie Series question

    I'd like to watch Juon and the sequels and US remakes, but I'm not sure what all is out there and I haven't yet found a site to spell it all out. There's Juon, then Juon 2 ... then something about "The Grudge". Is that the same as Juon 2, or is that strictly the US remake title?
  14. Daren Welsh

    50 DVD-/+R's for $40 at BB

    At the local BB today, I saw they had the following prices on blanks: Memorex 50-pack 4x DVD-R $40 DVD+R $40 Verbatim 50-pack 4x DVD-R $40 DVD+R $60 At 80 cents per disc ... that's cheaper than I've found online in bulk (like at meritline.com). All of these are after some sort of...
  15. Daren Welsh

    I can see your pectoralis major!

    Article 1 Article 2 Exhibition home page Looks like it's coming to the US.
  16. Daren Welsh

    Funky House mix by Krunk

    I dun did it agin. This time it starts off with some Otis Redding and then jumps into funky house. Nab it at trance-port.com 74 minutes / 112 MB 1. Otis Redding - Your Mini Skirt [Somerset] 2. Rick Garcia - Got Me Love Dancin' [Grassroots] 3. Rick Garcia - Salvation [Grassroots] 4. Rick...
  17. Daren Welsh

    DVD Keep Cases

    I ordered a bunch of DVD-Rs and cases from Meritline a while back and it's time to order some more cases (found cheap DVD-Rs in B&Ms). Now I don't remember the shipping cost being so high from the first time around. For 150 of these cases, it's going to be $20 for shipping. In the long run, that...
  18. Daren Welsh

    New Krunk Mix

    I posted a new 90-minute tech-house mix on trance-port.com. 1. Swag feat. Nesreen - Where I Belong (Ewan & Al's Vocal) [Version] 2. Rocket - EZ Rider [Grayhound] 3. Dubble D feat. Kate Rogers - Multiply (D's Snow Mix) [2020 Vision] 4. Slater Hogan - Acid Brats [So Much Style] 5. Melchior...
  19. Daren Welsh

    Amanda Peet and Arby's

    I was just chowing down on an Arby's roast beef sandwich and I got to thinking about Amanda Peet's chest. I wonder if Big Montana sales went up at Arby's after the release of Saving Silverman. So messy .... :)
  20. Daren Welsh

    50 DVD-/+R's for $50 at BB

    BestBuy has a special this week on Imation DVD-R and DVD+R 50-packs for $50. I'm not sure what speed these burn at, but for a buck-a-piece, I picked up 100.
  21. Daren Welsh

    Kids in the Hall on DVD

    Is this truly only available through Comedy Central, or will it come out in stores later?
  22. Daren Welsh

    Anyone seen "So Close"?

    I was perusing the shelves at BB and recognized a couple faces on the cover for the So Close DVD. Vicki Zhao was in Shaolin Soccer and Karen Mok was in King of Comedy, as well as a cameo in Shaolin Soccer. I bought it on a whim and it turned out to be pretty good.
  23. Daren Welsh

    Modem connection keeper-aliver?

    Great name, don't you think? I'm looking for a program that will keep a modem connection alive. I'm trying to d/l some large files and if I leave the room and let it work, the connection will get cut off, most likely from the ISP. If I stay on the computer and keep browsing this forum every few...
  24. Daren Welsh

    Top Spin freezing

    I got Top Spin shortly after it came out and played it non-stop. I created 3 or 4 characters and everything worked just fine. Then, after getting some experience with the game, I decided to create another character and allocate points a little differently for skills. When I went to the backhand...
  25. Daren Welsh

    Crimson Skies system link -- only 2 per Xbox?

    Had 2xXboxen + 2x65" going last night and after a few hours of Halo, we wanted to try Crimson Skies. It looks like you can only have two people play on one Xbox for system link. This doesn't make sense since you can have 4 people on Live. Am I missing something?
  26. Daren Welsh

    ESPN/Sega NFL 2k4 DD 5.1 bug?

    I heard somewhere (I think it was on G4) that 2k4 has a bug where the game will freeze if you have DD 5.1 enabled. Can anyone verify this?
  27. Daren Welsh

    Xbox Light Gun Games

    Just for kicks, I got HotD3 and the MadCatz light gun today. It actually seems to work fairly well. The only major problem is that it won't "reach" the corners of my TV as well as I would like. So while it doesn't have an ideal 1:1 range, I can calibrate it by pointing to the corner as far as it...
  28. Daren Welsh

    Horizontal anomaly travelling up screen

    Last night, I noticed that the picture isn't perfect on my Mits 65908. There's a horizontal "line" (more like band of deformation) that slowly travels up the screen and then reappears at the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure if this is due to a bad power supply or if something is wrong with the...
  29. Daren Welsh

    Top of RPTV bowing?

    This September will make it two years that I've owned my Mits 65908. I just moved this past weekend and I hired insured movers to protect my precious .... Anyway, while inspecting my stuff after the move, I noticed that the top of my TV has bowed downward about half a centimeter. It's only...
  30. Daren Welsh

    GR: Island Thunder demo at BB for a penny

    I haven't opened it yet, but I think it has one mission from the game coming out next week.