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  1. Wvtvguy

    Flickering area on Vizio

    I have a 4K Vizio I bought a few years ago. No complaints but today, I noticed a faint flickering on the left side. It’s a rectangular shape the brightens briefly and drops to normal. When I put up a static image, I can see the dark rectangular area. I’m wonder if the pixels are dying. Any thoughts?
  2. Wvtvguy

    SWAT Complete series

    I just picked up this Mill Creek set. I had vague memories of the show from childhood and bought season 1 a few years ago. Nothing groundbreaking but a nice show. A nostalgia trip. I bought this complete set because season 2 was pretty expensive. I’ve only taken a casual look at the set but...
  3. Wvtvguy

    Children's Art Instruction show from the 70's

    This may be a tough one. I remember a children's art show that aired in the 70's & 80's and find anything about it. I feel like it aired on PBS as the segments seemed short. I would guess it was 15 minutes long. We didn't have that many channels so it had to be PBS. I always called it "The...
  4. Wvtvguy

    70's TV Movie question

    This is....a pretty awkward & disgusting question to ask. I was a child in the 70's. I often played in the background while my mother watched tv. Every so often I'd look up. I remember a person, I think a man, being in a courtroom. I think it was a courtroom. All I remember is seeing the person...
  5. Wvtvguy


    I had never heard of this show but after I bought the 70's cop shows I was familiar with, I decided to pick this up. I'd seen some clips on YouTube & was intrigued. Absolutely loved what I've watched so far! I know there's only one season so I'm taking my time. For those that have seen the rest...
  6. Wvtvguy

    Receiver impact?

    I'm in the learning stages so bear with me. I know it's important to put money toward quality speakers & good CD player. How important is the receiver? Will music sound better depending on the receiver? I'm mostly interested in a dedicated music system rather than home theater right now.
  7. Wvtvguy

    Sub for music only?

    I've only recently been looking into audio equipment so I apologize if I say something ignorant. I have the Pioneer BS22 speakers & they sound pretty good to me. They're set up in a fairly small room & provide plenty of sound for my needs. However, there's always the itch to improve. Would a...
  8. Wvtvguy

    Saving my Plasma & other options.

    Excuse my babble in advance. Possessor of limited knowledge here. After years of sd TV, I finally had the cash to buy a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma (tc-p42c2) in 2010. Maybe not the best tv out there but very pleasing to my eyes. Best I've ever owned! The other day it just shut down. I guess...
  9. Wvtvguy

    Remington Steele on DVD

    I'm pretty late to discuss this show. All the threads I checked have been archived. Anyway, I've recently started buying this show. I came in around season 3 back in the 80's & really enjoyed the series. I remember hearing the name & knowing it was a detective show & thinking it would be more...
  10. Wvtvguy

    Recommended Films from the 70's?

    I've always loved the films of the 70's. I was a child then so part of it is nostalgia. Mostly it's because of the quality of work being done. Slightly smaller scale & more personal. I've seen most of the big name movies like Godfather, French Connection & Taxi Driver. Lately I've discovered...
  11. Wvtvguy

    The Candidate 1972

    I'm on a 70's kick & am looking to build a collection of movies. I've never seen "The Candidate" starring Robert Redford but hear good things about it. I noticed there's no widescreen. Anyone have any knowledge about that? Also, any opinions on the movie itself?
  12. Wvtvguy

    Classic Sports events?

    Unlikely I know but I would love old sports events to be released. NBA games, football games, boxing matches. There's a bootleg market out there for many events but I'd love official releases. Things like Ali fights I'd love on DVD!