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  1. jack10525

    Suggestions for 60"- 65" LED TV

    I'm looking to replace my 7 year old panasonic 50" plasma. It still works fine but I want a bigger screen. My price range is upto $1300. I've seen alot in the price range but is one better than the other. The Vizio M601d-A3R looks really nice. As does the a Sony KDL-60R550A. There are many more...
  2. jack10525

    Flat Screen for bedroom

    My question is not what brand of tv to buy but what size. I've got a 7 year old Panasonic 50" plasma that I have been wanting to replace for some time. It works great but I want at least a 60". If I buy a new flat screen I would mount the 50" on the wall in the bedroom. The bedroom is pretty...
  3. jack10525

    Recommendations for 60-70" LED Smart TV

    I am looking for suggestions on a 60-70" LED Smart TV. My price range is say 1000-1500. As a reference I found this: Vizio 65" M651D-A2 Theater 3D Smart for $1300. Is this any good? Are there better for the same price? Suggestions please.
  4. jack10525

    60" LED TV Suggestions

    I am looking for suggestions on 60" LED Smart TV's. My budget is say $1000 give or take a couple hundred. I currently have a Panasonic 50" Plasma which works well but I want something bigger.