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    For all Facebook users

    Hi All I have a small favour to ask. Can you log into Facebook and "Like" the "Zagg International (UK & Ireland)" page and then post on the wall that Adrian O'Connor sent you. Its for a competition they are running to win some Zagg gear. Any and all help would be much appreciated!
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    Star Trek Limited Edition Replica Gift Set Bluray for sale

    Looking to sell my unopened Star Trek Replica set. Price will be $150 + actual shipping to where ever it ends up.
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    Battlestar Galactica packaging

    Unfortunately I don't know anyone in the US or Canada - thats why I need help. I could send on the flaps and whatever the return cost of the packaging was to me, I could forward prior to it being sent.
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    Battlestar Galactica packaging

    Hi All Just wondering if someone could help me in getting the replacement covers for the Battlestar Galactica complete series Bluray set. I can't send away as I live in Ireland and there doesn't seem to be any other way to get it. If anyone can help, please let me know. Adrian
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    Nedd some help from someone in the UK

    I did check there but the sets that I was going to get (well 2 of the 5) are only on the lego site! The other 3 are more expensive on amazon... The ones I want to get are : 10195 Republic Dropship 166.35 7751 Ahsokas Starfighter 29.35 7752 Dooku's Solar Sailer 39.15 8015 Assasin...
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    Nedd some help from someone in the UK

    Hi Guys I haven't been posting here for a long time but I'm hoping someone here on the forums will be able to help me. My wife is looking to buy some Star Wars Lego sets for me as a Father's Day/birthday present from the On-line Lego Store, but I'd like to get the sets from the UK website...
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    Need Help finding a job...

    I'm an analyst programmer - COBOL on both IBM Mainframe and Unix. But at the moment I'm working as an Assembly Line operator - not a lot of programming jobs around here at the moment... Yeah, Paddy's Day would definitely be an experience on that side of the pond! :) My wife is looking...
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    Need Help finding a job...

    Hi Guys My wife and I are talking about making a move to the US next year sometime possiblt to Michigan, so I'm hoping somebody out there can help with something! How or where do I go to try and get a job over there? Obviously I'll need to get a green card, but what are my best options...
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    Help with a Palm Pilot

    Hey there - hope someone can help! I have a Tungsten E palmpilot and I need some software that will let me view Word documents on it. Some of these documents have tables in them and some have pictures. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! The cheaper the better! :) Regards...
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    Where did Total Action Universe go to?

    Does anybody know the status of www.totalactionuniverse.com? I have quite a few dvds on order from them, a lot of which have been paid for, but I can't seem to access their website anymore? Does anyone have any info on this?
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    Advanced ACTION FIGURE Discussion

    I'll get some pics taken (of the items I have on shelves anyway! - the rest are in boxes) and try and post them somewhere... Cool Kermit figure - see stuff like that I'd buy but there are NEVER any convention in Ireland - guess there too many green fields or something! ;)
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    Advanced ACTION FIGURE Discussion

    I've got all the Star Wars figures/ships/mail aways/convention exclusives since the line was resurrected in '95. Trust me when I say that doing that was NOT easy as I'm living in Ireland - and we rarely get anything of the new stuff over here. I'm afraid to even consider what I've spent! :)...
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    Little brain teaser

    Wish I could tell you all the answer but he didn't know the answer either! :angry: guess we're all left hanging on this one... I'm gonna strangle him when I see him!
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    Little brain teaser

    Good questions - I took it that it was a certain movie role/character that Sean, then someone else, then Ben played. Has me stumped anyway...
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    Little brain teaser

    Here's a movie related question that my cousin posed to me and I can't figure it out. Can any of you??? Sean played him first, Ben played him most recently, who played him inbetween? At first I thought the Tom Clancy series of films but Connery and Affleck played different characters...
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    Farewell To Farscape

    Farscape ends but Star Trek is still churned out. There is no justice in the world...
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    Remo Williams is coming

    Great news about the release - only hope that its going to be OAR and not butchered... otherwise I won't be spending money on it.
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    Potential Moulin Rouge DTS Problem

    Well I have a load of dts discs that play fine on my pioneer player except for Moulin Rouge, which suffers from lip-sync issues, so maybe it is a disc issue.
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    Just watched the Farscape series finale (no spoilers)

    Unfortunately nobody I know has anything faster than a 56k modem over here in Ireland... We're still way behind in a lot of things! :frowning: The fastest connection I have is here at work but we can't connect to newsgroups due to the proxy - if there was a http or ftp address for the...
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    Just watched the Farscape series finale (no spoilers)

    Can anyone help me??? My cable went down due to weather just before the final Farscape aired and came back on just as the credits were finishing!!!! :frowning: :angry: Did anyone manage to tape it, and if so, could they send me a copy? I'll gladly pay for the tape and shipping costs...
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    The official BLADE RUNNER SE thread. (Check out page 8 and #790.)

    Any news on this release yet?
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    FT - ET Ultimate Gift Box Set

    I managed to get a MM tin but I still have the ET available. I guess any and all offers will be considered now... Also have the following available: Pearl Harbor (4 disc vista series) Peter Pan Star Trek 2 Star Trek 3 Starship Troopers The Crow Gremlins
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    FS/FT Mickey Mouse in Living Color, Sid & Nancy CC, The Martial Arts Collection,

    Patrick First off, will you ship internationally? Secondly, any of these grab you for MM in living Color? E.T. Ultimate box set (still sealed) Pearl Harbor (4 disc vista series) Peter Pan Star Trek 2 Star Trek 3 If not I'd be willing to purchase it.
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    Severe problem with X-Files: Season 6 episode "Triangle"

    Can anyone ask about us poor fools outside the US that have the US boxset and what we can do to get a replacement? Thanks in advance... Adrian
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    FT - ET Ultimate Gift Box Set

    Looking for Walt Disney Treasures - Mickey Mouse in Living Colour
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    Can someone direct me towards the best Star Wars Laserdisc review?

    Being a complete Star Wars nut, I decided to buy something no one I knew would have here in Ireland - the Definitive collection. Well I got it and then decided I might as well get a laserdisc player to watch them, so I did. Then I figured I might as well see & hear them in 5.1, so I got...
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    Remember to watch Farscape tonight

    The cliffhanger aired on bbc2 here last monday week and it too was to be continued. Good show. Hope SciFi get their collective heads out of their rear-ends and treat this show like it deserves.