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  1. Anthony Hom

    The Drumbeat for a Verizon / Apple partnership is getting louder

    The traffic should be better on Verizon, since you cannot use the phone service and data network simultaneously. You can do that on the ATT network, but AFAIK, Verizon still has this limitation.
  2. Anthony Hom

    PSP and Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Its been a few years since this thread was started, but now the memory sticks are getting up there in the 8 and 16GB range. The question I have: is there a upper memory limit on a PSP? I have used 8GB Pro Duo sticks so far, but have not bought any 16GB sticks. Can they use the 16GB stick, or do...
  3. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    They were not working with the original stereo masters, Capitol had duplicate masters, one that might be another generation down, and also had reverb added and duophonic stereo in some cases. I believe they fall under those albums legacy US catalog, but the UK catalog is a different model...
  4. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    That would be a noble thing to do, remixes alongside the original mixes. but the recording studios are not so noble, as are the publishing companies. They would probably insist that both sets of same songs be charged as twice the royalties. It would lend further proof as to why the mono and...
  5. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    The real differences come out between Sgt. Pepper and the White Album. The rest of the Albums from Revolver on back may have a benefit of not hearing some tracks that are wide stereo with vocals right, instruments left, etc. Here is a rough breakdown of the Sgt. Pepper mono tracks and how they...
  6. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    Ron, The mono set is missing Abbey Road and Let It Be because by that time, all mixing of The Beatles recordings were finally done in stereo only. The final mixing sessions were all stereo, no mono anymore. Yellow Submarine had a mono version, but it was just a fold-down of the stereo, so its...
  7. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    Carlos, Oh, no problem I love discussing this situation and your points are clear and valid. You are at least having a civilized discussion of this which I appreciate. Not like others who find the need to threadcrap everything. I hope my points were not too harsh, I wanted to be articulate and...
  8. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    While it would be a noble idea for both Paul and George Martin to go back into the studio and wade through hundreds of hours of recordings to create the exact takes and overdubs for every Beatles recording, I doubt that would happen. Paul is still a creative force in his mind, he is not at the...
  9. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    Originally Posted by EricW [url=/forum/thread/284896/beatles-in-mono/360#post_3608525]1:07 (PM/Blue Album, not LIB) After the words "For though they may be parted," there is a whisper, possibly "Stop, John/It". Rumour has it that it's "Excuse me", as a result of John having just parted.
  10. Anthony Hom

    Beatles in Mono.

    At 25 seconds there is an oddity:
  11. Anthony Hom

    Steve Hoffman Site hijacked

    Ah, a direct link to the server, not using the domain name. Thanks for the help.
  12. Anthony Hom

    Steve Hoffman Site hijacked

    Anyone here read the Steve Hoffman music forum? I think it's been hijacked. http://www.stevehoffman.tv/ unless he moved it and not told anybody where it is. Hopefully someone here has the news on what is happening that site.
  13. Anthony Hom

    Scott Atwell Star Trek Discussion thread (Series and Films)

    Wouldn't there be a 4th period, the alternate timeline in Yesterday's Enterprise? Or would you consider that the same time period as regular TNG?
  14. Anthony Hom

    The 'DIE HARD' appreciation thread.

    Theo getting punched out by Argyle was perfect. Here was this smart nerdy computer guy who was so cocky (you didn't just bring me along for my good looks) only to get his in the end with a simple punch by a kid just as small as him.
  15. Anthony Hom

    Weird Al Yankovic Appreciation and News Thread

    A fitting tribute would be making a polka medley of MJ songs.
  16. Anthony Hom

    2010 BD

    I wondered that, too. That is assuming that after Dave re-entered Discovery, he remotely brought his pod back into the bay, which he took out again later, is the one left in there in the right position? Or did he take the other pod?
  17. Anthony Hom

    Life on Mars (US) season 1

    No one has ever discussed how the end of the series fits in with the beginning of the series. So based on the start and end shows, he is actually an astronaut dreaming he is a cop in the present time who gets into hit by a car and dreams within the dream that he is now a cop in the 70s. Just...
  18. Anthony Hom

    I am getting tired of the jumpy camera shot...

    Blame NYPD Blue.
  19. Anthony Hom

    Saturday Morning TV from 60's and 70's by Warner Bros

    I would get this for Atom Ant, Secret Squirrel. Are these T&J show the newer ones where they work together and not fight each other? I agree, I don't recall Marine Boy being Saturday morning, it was syndicated on weekday afternoons, just like Speed Racer, Astro Boy, Kimba and the other anime...
  20. Anthony Hom

    Simpsons Season 20 (New HD Intro)

    Some things noted on "How the test was won" episode: The insurance company envelope has the address "Balloon Payment Blvd." The banner on the school with Miss Caldecott is now Mr. Newbury is a reference to the two literary awards for children's books.
  21. Anthony Hom

    Simpsons Season 20 (New HD Intro)

    The new couch gag for How The Test Was Won was another long one, but a nice homage to classic sitcoms over the years. I must say the story for the show was not very original. Weren't the bullies and Bart hidden away before?
  22. Anthony Hom

    Simpsons Season 20 (New HD Intro)

    Because apart from American Idol, these are the only two shows in the Fox line-up that actually have a steady audience. The rest aren't even a blip on the ratings board. Plus, what was said above, the worldwide numbers for the Simpsons are huge. Like the 138th episode said, it will continue so...
  23. Anthony Hom

    The Godfather Paramount Logo

    I am also disappointed with changing of the Transamerica United Artists Logo on the early James Bond films and replaced it with the new United Artists-MGM logo. They probably wanted to not advertise for Transamerica, I always associated the Transamerica UA with those films. They might have...
  24. Anthony Hom

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 9 (mild early season spoilers)

    I agree, great comments, Joe. The walk through the lab was the best Grissom ending to have. For a character like Grissom, to walk through the lab smiling, my thoughts were, he's happy, he can leave and it can function without him (and he can safely take credit for that). The "best student"...
  25. Anthony Hom

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 9 (mild early season spoilers)

    The Grissom element aside, this episode had many elements familiar to Silence of the Lambs. (I'm not saying its the same story!!) Elements such as finding a serial killer and using a serial killer already in prison to help them figure out the new one (he was no Hannibal, but this is TV). And...
  26. Anthony Hom

    Lots of 80's sitcoms..Where's Mr. Belvedere?

    It's a shame that Golden Girls is on DVD, but no Empty Nest. Anything holding it back besides fear of sales? I wouldn't mind even if they just did Season 1.
  27. Anthony Hom

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Odd Couple: The Final Season

    In Our fathers, did they cut out that whole charleston dance routine at the speakeasy, or is it there? I would not be surprised if that was excised.
  28. Anthony Hom

    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: The Odd Couple: The Final Season

    The "singing in the rain" sequence cut is a disappointment, as is the throat operation episode with "together" when they hop around tied up in the chairs, priceless joke! BTW, did they cut out Oscar singing "mona lisa" like Nat King Cole? and what about "buckle down winsocki" did they even cut...
  29. Anthony Hom

    When do Warner Home Video are trying to release more classic Hanna-Barbera Titles

    Would like to see the Pirates of Dark Water on DVD. One of the last H-B cartoons not aimed specifically at kids.