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  1. StephenK

    Possibly really stupid question about speaker wiring....

    Hey all, So we moved into a new apt with speaker wiring already built into the walls by the last owner. And I have 2 questions... There is one speaker cable with a single red / single black that connects to 2 different speakers in the wall in the office. If I connect the red/black to the...
  2. StephenK

    Is there an HT receiver that passes video/audio while turned off?

    Hey all, Need some help. We bought a new place where the previous owner had buried cable from the "component cabinet area" to the wall mounted display. Unfortunately, for some reason, he (or his installer) chose to only run a DVI and a set of component cables to the TV. I guess he thought he'd...
  3. StephenK

    Kindle owners, need your help..

    Hello all, I have a parent who has vision problems and reading regular books are next to impossible for her for longer than 5 minutes at a time. I initially thought the Kindle would be a great idea due to it's variable text size. However, I read that the largest text size is only equivalent...
  4. StephenK

    Need Help/Question on speeding ticket Plea bargain

    Hey all, So, after 10+ years of spotless driving, I got a speeding ticket. I was cited for going 74 in a 50 on the Palisades Parkway in New Jersey. I'm a New York licensed driver. This would be a 4 point infraction. So I contacted a few law firms that all said they could plea bargain this...
  5. StephenK

    ET life possibly found, albeit microbia

    How cool would this be if proven true: http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/science...ain/index.html
  6. StephenK

    Need Hard Disk Partitioning help

    Hey all, So I have a 2nd hard drive that already has 70gigs of Games on it. (Mostly Mame). I have another 60gigs free on it that I would like to partition as a separate drive and then password protect. Is there a good app out there that will let me partition the drive without...
  7. StephenK

    Pls Identify this movie quote

    It goes something like: "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, boy". Can't for the life of me remember where it's from. Thanks
  8. StephenK

    Help!, I'm allergic to my G/F's Cat

    Hey all, So the short story is, my girlfriend's moving in with me soon, and I'm mildly allergic to her cat. After a few hours, I'm usually very congested, with post nasal drip and fairly frequent sneezing. So working with the assumption that the cat and G/F are a package deal, (can't make...
  9. StephenK

    Need some feedback on JAMO and MCM

    Hey all, Can anyone give me feedback on these two companies. A friend is having a whole system installed and asked if the equipment is any good. Since I have no knowledge of either company, I figured I'd ask here. The list is as follows: 2 Jamo 661K4 Flush mount speakers $450 2 Jamo...
  10. StephenK

    Have to choose 720p or 1080i cable box...need help

    Hey all, I'm going to get an HD TV, specifically the Sony 42WE610, which accepts 1080i and 720p (as well as 1480i and 480p). The question is, Time Warner wants to know which cable box I want. Evidently they have 2 different boxes that output either/or but not both. I have no idea how to...
  11. StephenK

    How can I test if something is a mouse dropping?

    Hey all, Weird question, I know. I saw a mouse 1 week ago in my apt and since then, I've been a little freaked out. I set out glue traps all around the radiator unit, which is where I saw it come out of, and go back into, and no luck. I figured it was running basically throughout the...
  12. StephenK

    Selling my car privately, what do I need to know?

    Hey all, Holy crap, I listed my car on yahoo, cars.com & autotrader.com 2 days ago and I think I have a buyer already! Anyway, I've never done this before (selling a car privately). I went to the DMV site to get their procedures but it's written poorly. Can anyone walk me through the...
  13. StephenK

    Best way to sell my car online?

    Hey all, I need to get rid of my car, (moving to a bigger place and can't afford to do both). I listed it on Yahoo classifieds, but I'm not getting enough "eyeballs". Anyone have any ideas how to get the widest exposure? I'm in NYC btw. Cars.com charges $35 and autotrader.com charges $45...
  14. StephenK

    How do I extract audio files from DVD?

    I'm looking for a good way to extract (digitally), some audio from one of my DVD musicals. Ultimately, I'd like to mp3 them, but, I'll go through steps. Does anyone have a relatively easy way of doing this? I hope to save only a few songs and not extract the entire audio file from the whole DVD...
  15. StephenK

    Best place to buy foreign dvds?

    Hey all, Need some suggestions for online stores that sell foreign DVD's, specifically, UK & Japan. I know of Amazon UK, any else? Thanks Steve
  16. StephenK

    Pls Identify this Kansas Song

    I'm looking for any info on the following song that I'm almost positive is by Kansas. It was released as a single I think in the early 80's. The first line is something like: "Well I had a dream that turned to dust, what I thought was love, must've been lust" The chorus consists of the...
  17. StephenK

    Need help...name this music video

    I've been trying to find the name of a band (heavy metal/alternative) that did a video, about 3 to 5 years ago. The key things I remember are, it's all puppetry, filmed using stop motion, and it's very creepy. There's this little wooden puppet guy in some sort of "meat" factory. One scene has...
  18. StephenK

    DVD+RW/+R vs DVD-RW/-R ????

    Can someone explain the real world differences between these 2 formats? I know that DVD+ is backed by Dell and others while DVD- is backed by Apple and others. Are there any compatibility issues with either format and DVD players? Issue is, I'm thinking about buying a Dell, which only has...
  19. StephenK

    NV/Las Vegas residents, need info pls

    Hello all, My friends and I are planning a Vegas trip, the first time for all of us, and as a part of this trip, we want to take a drive out into the desert away from all civilization. Somewhere where there's just sand everywhere you look. Also want to do this at night. Can you suggest...
  20. StephenK

    Need HP Lovecraft Suggestions

    Ok folks, I know there's a few Lovecraft fans out there.... I'm trying to read Lovecraft and need a good place to start. Would it be best to read them in the order they were written, or is there a better way? Thanks Steve