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  1. JamesY

    Preamp recommendation for a 2 CH Active Speaker system?

    Trying to setup a "pure" 2 Channel Music System. Here's what I have: A pair of Paradigm Active 40s Sony SCD-555ES (SA-CD and redbook) Denon DVD-1600 (for DVD-Audio/Video,DADs) Technics SL-D2 Turntable (will upgrade in the future, my LP's aren't going anywhere!) What I believe I need...
  2. JamesY

    Where to find "Locking" banana plugs?

    Rewiring my system, and considering finally getting some banana plugs for my receiver end. I need the locking kind though, where the tip spreads at the end. I've dealt with the standard ones before, and they often pop out when the receiver is moved, or rattle free. It doesn't help that my...
  3. JamesY

    ED WOOD DVD, Akira Tin, Black Hawk Down SE extras discs...

    Please read the whole post before responding!:star: I found two (2) extra copies of Ed Wood at my local B&M. When I add the cost of the DVD plus 1st class USPS shipping and packaging, the total comes to $29.56. So... 1) ED Wood: SE [brand new sealed] - $30 shipped (Will ship first class...
  4. JamesY

    FS: (R3)Eyes Wide Shut: Uncensored - Brand New Sealed

    I have one copy of a REGION 3 version of Eyes Wide Shut. It is the Uncensored version, in NTSC, and never opened: brand new sealed. In fact I bought the DVD from yesasia.com - here's the exact link: Eyes Wide Shut: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman: Videos - YesAsia.com Eyes Wide Shut: Uncensored...
  5. JamesY

    "Matrix" multi-platform a/v specs and info?

    Anybody have info on the upcoming specs on the "Enter the Matrix" game? Passing judgement on the game itself (look at other threads for that), I'm trying to determine which version is most ideal. 4:3 or 16:9, 480p/720p, DD PL II/5.1? If you own all the consoles (and a PC, obviously) which...
  6. JamesY

    The Police: "Classics" SACD $11.99, online or B&M

    Don't know if people are aware of this, but BestBuy.com has the new "The Police - Every Breath You Take: The Classics" SACD hybrid listed for $11.99. The listing on the site is just for the "CD" version, but you can read in the fine print that it is the price for the SACD hybrid. Shipping is...
  7. JamesY

    testing...1...2...3....is this thing on?

    blah blah blah, testing,....;) :D adsf :thumbsdown: :eek: asdfa 1/2 :star: :star: :star: :star: :eek: 1/2 :p) :wink:
  8. JamesY

    KOYAANISQATSI/ POWAQQATSI with no inserts?!

    Just picked up the Koyaanisqatsi/Powaqqatsi 2-pack at my local BB, and neither of them had any inserts. I understand that they are not SE's, but usually there is at least chapter listing. Just wanted to know, did this happen to anybody else, or is MGM doing this on purpose?
  9. JamesY

    Beauty and the Beast w/ Free DVD @ Costco.com

    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but Costco.com is offering a free DVD with the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, just like they did with last year's platinum edition Snow White. The selection isn't as great as they were last year though. The choices are The Kid, Life Size, and Mighty Joe...
  10. JamesY

    Anyone have experience with the IXOS 175AV 6 RCA Interconnect?

    Don't want this to turn into a "which cable is better" discussion, but this interconnect provides an interesting "6-in-1" connection for multichannel audio. It's found on IXOS' site, under "Home Theater Cables" if you follow this link: IXOS Cables Common sense tells me to go with individual...
  11. JamesY


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