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    Pete's Dragon problem...

    I bought this movie about a year ago (see this thread: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...t=petes+dragon ). My daughter never got into it at the time but loves it now - but it hangs during one of the songs. Laura is singing atop a lighthouse about her lost love then the screen freezes...
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    Behind Enemy Lines pushed back?

    This title was due out on Tuesday IIRC, but me etailer has the date down as 4/23 (hey, I did the American format!) Does this sound right? Mark
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    Quandry. DVD or VHS Tom & Jerry...

    My wife just saw ads on TV for Tom & Jerry volumes 1 and 2 available for £7.99 each on VHS. I hate pouring money into a dying (dead?) format. I could import Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases on DVD for circa £11. It's for my daughter (3 in May), my wife prefers to use VHS for it's pop in and...
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    HOLY POOP! This makes Fast and the Furious look like a Sunday drive!!!

    http://drive.to/ish It's incredibly scary what some people do on public roads... But what a rush! "Top secret 200mph+ Skyline" made me almost snort coffee out of my nose. The word I think I was looking for was "FUCK!" "2 very very quick Nissan Skylines racing" is also a bit of an eye...
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    Can get Fujitsu 4213 Plasma cheap. Anyone have a review.

    A colleague has been offered a used version of the above for a grand and can't find any independent info. He wants to know how much of a bargain it is. Opinions? Mark
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    Movie music - Schindler's List vs Enemy at the Gates

    I'm sitting here at work listening to someone's classical compilation album and the theme from Schindler's List is playing. Now, I've only seen the film once, when it was first released at the cinema, but the music sounded very familiar. Then I got it - I have the soundtrack to Enemy at the...
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    Has my friend ended up with a bootleg?

    A coleague here bid for and won an R1 Mummy Returns on ebay. He brought it into work for me to check out and it had a DTS banner. "But R1 didn't get DTS" says I. "Oh." says he. Upon closer inspection, it appears he's got a region free NTSC version. Was this ever a legit release? If so...
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    Multi-region DVD-ROM question....

    I know, I know - this has probably been asked a million times already, but a search didn't help... With Star Wars having compelled me to shell out for QT5 Pro (I'm actually glad I did it eventually - no more dicking around in caches) I'm gonna buy a DVD-ROM drive today in preparation for the...
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    Face/Off DVD - opinions please.

    You know, I love it when this happens: My wife and I were watching a biography of Nic Cage last night and she asked "Have we got Face/Off on DVD?" Reading between the lines, that's what's called authorisation to buy another disc! Thanks in advance for your input, guys. Mark
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    Like F1? This is FUNNY!!

    Link Removed at work, which was embarrasing. Don't have coffee in your mouth when you start it up... Apologies in advance if this is old hat, but I had to share. Mark
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    e-tailers that advertise early delivery - what's the legal stance?

    I think my last post got deleted - probably because it had too much info. I'll keep the question a little more subtle this time! :) I have ordered a fairly anticipated DVD from on online retailer that boasts the title as being in stock and shipping. They are not even remotely subtle about it...
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    Lake Placid - How's the Disc?

    I think this is a great good-time flick. How does it fare on DVD? Cheers, Mark
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    Toddler friendly movies with Dragons - suggestions?

    My 2 and a half year old girl loves dragons. I have no idea where she gets it from. Anyway, I bought Dragonheart for her (I watch with her and skip through the movie to Draco sequences), but I'm pretty bored with it. What else is out there of a gentle nature. I saw Pete's Dragon when I was a...
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    REL Strata III - Good for music, how about movies?

    I want to upgrade my entry level sub (a Yamaha YST-SW90) to something a bit more accomplished. I was going to take my time over this while I saved my money but I have a limited time chance of a cheap Strata III - almost half price for a 7 month old pre-owned model - and it feels like too good a...
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    Goonies - RCE?

    My usual supplier of R1 product has an RCE warning for this title: I can understand the reasons behind RCE, but it doesn't work. All it means is that I have to buy a RCE friendly player or use a clumsy workaround on my current setup. I just...
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    Did anyone in Europe send in their D2R1 JP DVD?

    I emailed DVD Empire (where I got my original DTS Jurassic Park) to ask if they'd exchange but got no reply. I have not tried Universal as yet because I'm guessing they will not want to deal with consumers outside of R1. I'd love to get my hands on a D2R2 copy to find out what all the fuss is...