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  1. Kami

    Alien vs. Predator 2 in the works

    I am as surprised as you are. I'm expecting it to be total crap, then I might be able to enjoy it this time. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/news/c...entryid=285685 Aiming for an August 2007 release. I guess hitting rock bottom for both franchises wasn't enough. Now they have to dig.
  2. Kami

    SVS 20-39PCi vs. PB12�ISD - is the only difference aesthetic?

    Same price, same amp and driver... so when there is no "WAF" to worry about, what should I get? PB12-ISD 20-39PCi At this point I was almost going to toss a coin because I can't decide, but I thought I'd ask around first. The room isn't very big... around 9 x 18 feet if I remember...
  3. Kami

    *** Official *** Xbox 360 REVIEW Thread

    http://www.halomovienews.com/xbox360.php I'm on cloud 9!! Administrative Note: I've decided to create two threads regarding the XBOX 360 here in hardwareAn official discussion threadAn official REVIEW thread (this one) After a bit of thought I realized that a lot of people will be getting...
  4. Kami

    Halo and Halo 2 to run in 720p on the Xbox 360

    Yes, both games. With anti-aliasing also. Check http://www.bungie.net :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  5. Kami

    Halo script leaked and reviewed - "it rocks"

    Check it out! http://www.halomovienews.com This isn't another Resident Evil or Doom we have here... :D
  6. Kami

    HALO: The Movie - Executive Produced by Peter Jackson, effects by Weta.

    That's right...Bungie has announced that the Halo film will be executive produced by Peter Jackson and all of the physical and digital effects, props, costumes, etc. will be done by none other than Weta. I am so happy I can't see straight. My favorite video game franchise, and my favorite...
  7. Kami

    Unreal Championship 2 for Xbox - underrated?

    I did a search and didn't find any topics on this game? Anyway I just picked up a used copy and damn this game is fun. It's like a cross between Unreal and Ninja Gaiden. The action is fast-paced and fun and doesn't get boring. Being able to use melee weapons sure is awesome. And unlike the...
  8. Kami

    Any interest in a Toshiba 50h82 (50" widescreen hdtv) in southern ontario?

    I am located in Guelph and have one of these for sale. It's a little over a year old and is in perfect condition and has been calibrated the whole time. It was never in torch mode and there is no burn in. I am looking for $800 Canadian for it and you will have to get a truck or something and...
  9. Kami

    Recommend me a good RPG like KOTOR

    I'm looking for a good RPG to play. I've beaten KOTOR 4 times now and love it, but I think I've experienced everything there is to experience in that game. It has to be on PC or XBox. Open to any and all suggestions! p.s. I got about 1/3 the way through neverwinter nights but it really...
  10. Kami

    Where to buy Japan Region 2 release of "Hero"?

    After doing some reading, it looks like the R2 is the way to go. I play off a HTPC so region code isn't a concern. The only site I could find with the R2 for sale was $37 US...is it cheaper anywhere else? You can get the R0 for $9.99 on ebay! Thanks in advance.
  11. Kami

    FS: Toshiba SD-3900 progressive scan DVD player + 6' component cables

    removed, goes to ebay
  12. Kami

    Sideshow/Weta LOTR Collectibles

    This is an offshoot of discussion in the official Return of the King thread. Some of our discussions about these things took the thread off track for other people. Anyway...first things first.... There is also a rotating flash gallery on the product page here...
  13. Kami

    Is this possible? Dual monitor setup and Component TV out all running simultaneously?

    I really need this for video editing. DUal monitor setup for obvious reasons but I want component output to run it to a HDTV monitor for real time previewing. Would a setup like this work? -ATI Radeon 9700 or 9800 Pro with ATI DVI-to component adapter (VGA output would be monitor #1, DVI...
  14. Kami

    Halo 2 rumor...release on Nov. 28 (black friday)????

    Interesting... http://games.thedgn.com/index.php?pa...AlohUFeHEf.php Edit: EBGames it seems is also running a promotion right now...trade 4 games and get Halo 2 for $9.99. Why would they be doing this so early? Here's the link: http://games.thedgn.com/index.php?pa...ZFIMuJspbK.php...
  15. Kami

    True Crime or GTA Double Pack for Xbox?

    2 awesome games coming out on the same day...doh! I would get both but I have to save money for the new LOTR: Return of the King game on the 6th. The latest article on IGN makes true crime sound good http://xbox.ign.com/articles/456/456150p1.html I've played both GTA3 and GTA:VC on the...
  16. Kami

    My movie room (pics)

    Finally put up a site for my little setup. I'm a LOTR nut as you can tell. This is also my bedroom :laugh: I live in a house with 2 room mates and I would never trust my stuff in the living room. http://www.adamkoebel.com/lotrcovers/ht/myht.html I put up one pic of the backlighting I...
  17. Kami

    Otogi help

    How do you kill the boss on level 4? Do all the other demons have to be destroyed first? I destroyed the pillars too. Whenever I hit the boss it seems like I get jolted back. I've sat there for like 15 minutes killing demons though so I guess they respawn. Help!
  18. Kami

    Does home depot sell Plexi-glass? And cut it for you?

    Edit: Brain fart! I mean PLEXIGLASS If not them, anyone else? I have no idea where to look really. It is for home made poster frames if you are wondering...cause I can't afford the outrageous prices of most of them out there. I am in Canada too...I've already searched the HTF and seen all...
  19. Kami

    Will OXM replace your disc if you're not a subscriber?

    My September Official Xbox Magazine disc is defective. It's not a problem with my xbox because old OXM discs and all my games work. On their site the form is only for subscribers...has anyone who bought the magazine got a replacement? How do you go about doing it? I was looking forward to...
  20. Kami

    GTA Vice City problem...where do i pick up my next mission?

    I am playing the PC version and am stuck right now....there are no places on the map for me to go to besides my estate and 2 other save game points (plus gun shops, tool shops and paint shops). The stats section says I am only 27% completed! any ideas?
  21. Kami

    GTA: Vice City for PC....huge improvement over GTA3 for PC

    No more stuttering, no more missing textures. The engine for the PC version is very solid now. My computer will run it 1280x1024 no problems (AthlonXP 1800, GF4 ti4200). Also something to note for HTPC users...it seems they have built in a lot of front projector native resolutions in the game...
  22. Kami

    New jaw-dropping DOOM 3 screenshot (plus interview)

    [SIZE=2]Simply amazing http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/do...19.html?page=1 The interview is here: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/do...w_6026019.html
  23. Kami

    Some info on LOTR: The Return of the King game

  24. Kami

    FS: Many DVDs, some Xbox games - deals!

    All prices are in US dollars and include shipping to the lower 48 states and canada. Please note I can only accept money orders, no paypal. I'm +1 at DVDTalk and here's my heatware and eBay --------------- UPDATE Reduced price on the package deal. All 15 of these DVDs for only...
  25. Kami

    WTB: Component video cables

    I can't afford expensive monster cables or anything (unless you're selling it cheap)...looking for something more along the lines of Acoustic Research or something in that price range. 6 Feet long minimum. Actually looking for two sets if possible but one is OK. Please email or private...
  26. Kami

    Microsoft promotes ATI as nVidia Xbox2 replacement

    [SIZE=2]Found this today... http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=7204
  27. Kami

    How many of you are running Xbox Live with ICS instead of a Router?

    Well, I heard you can use internet connection sharing with 2 network cards in your computer. You connect a crossover cable from one network card to the xbox. Since I have an extra NIC lying around, buying a crossover cable would be a hell of a lot cheaper than a router! Anyone here running a...
  28. Kami

    Xbox 2 to be called Xbox Next, and an "Xbox Lite"

    [SIZE=2]Surprised this wasn't posted yet. From IGN http://xbox.ign.com/articles/381/381343p1.html
  29. Kami

    Wreckless for Xbox...why did it get such high scores???

    9.0 at IGN? 9.1 from OXM? What the hell were they thinking? I saw this at the store for a price I couldn't refuse so I figured... "two 9+ scores...it's probably worth it." What a waste of time and money! I was bored and frustrated after 10 minutes. Some of the graphics look great but I can't...