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  1. Jens Raethel

    Spielbergs TAKEN on DVD?

    I did a search on TAKEN but couldnt find anything. Is TAKEN going to be released on dvd? If so, when?
  2. Jens Raethel

    when the heck is Six Feet Under season 2 coming out? (MERGED THREAD)

    I did a search but didnt find any info on the matter. When can we expect to find the second season on the shelfs?
  3. Jens Raethel

    All my "Overviews" in DVD Profiler are gone!!

    I was browsing my DVD Profiler and suddenly I notized that all the "Overviews" for every movie is gone!! What has happend, and what can I do about it?
  4. Jens Raethel

    Will I be able to play DVD Audio discs with my Yamaha DSP-A1?

    Will I be able to play DVD Audio discs with my Yamaha DSP-A1? Thank´s/ Jens
  5. Jens Raethel

    Any new Christmas movies this year?

    Its maybe little early, but are there coming any new christmas movies this year to DVD?
  6. Jens Raethel

    Notorious - Criterion Collection

    Have you seen the Notorious - Criterion Collection DVD? Is it worth buying? Thanks, Jens
  7. Jens Raethel

    Why do you seldom see nude people in american movies?

    In sweden even tv series for children or comercials may have naked bodies. It's not unusual for a guy to show his whole package on TV. So what? Aren't we all nekkid under our clothes?
  8. Jens Raethel

    Why do americans allways keep their shoes on inside the house?

    When I see american TV shows, people allways have shoes on inside the house/apartment, they even put their shoes up on the sofa! Are you all (americans) doing that at home to? I live in Sweden, and here almost everybody takes their shoes of at home or when we are visiting others. I think its...
  9. Jens Raethel

    What do I feed my sturgeon?

    I have a pond, and I just got this sturgeon. Its a fish that never comes up to surface, what do I feed this little creature? The problem is, my Kois are eating everything I throw in the pond so fast, Im afraid he wont get anything to eat.... I want him to grow real big, fast!! I read that...
  10. Jens Raethel

    Who has seen the movie Shiri?

    Im thinking of buying it, but have no idea if its worth buying. Have you seen it?
  11. Jens Raethel

    DVD Profiler, what to do with LD collection?

    DVD Profiler is a great software! But how do you keep track of your LD´s? I have hundreds of them and I don´t really know how to catalog these.. Any thoughts?
  12. Jens Raethel

    Bedini Dual-Beam Ultraclarifier! Is this a joke?

    What do you think of this pruduct? Link Removed
  13. Jens Raethel

    What would you change on my web site?

    Im new to this and could need some ideas/ critics. What would you do? What´s good/bad? Thank´s, jens
  14. Jens Raethel

    How many English Bulldog owners are in this forum?

    My English Bulldog Max is just great! Do you have a bully? Here´s a link: Max The Bulldog
  15. Jens Raethel

    How can I make my own Movie Tickets?

    I would love to have my own movie tickets with my logo on. Is there a software for this? Have you any experience with this?
  16. Jens Raethel

    Am I the only one who doesn´t care about the Olympics?

    I couldn´t care less! Im problably going to be thrown out of the forum now....:D
  17. Jens Raethel

    Were can I find DVD tracker the software?

    Im not interested in the DVD tracker on the web. I got DVD tracker here at the forum acouple of years ago in the download section...Were can I get this program now? Thank´s, jens
  18. Jens Raethel

    Is there a That 70´s Show DVD?

    I can´t find any info on that... Thank´s, jens
  19. Jens Raethel

    what software should I use to keep track on my DVD´s and Laserdisk´s?

    I have been using DVD tracker for a long time, but since I bought a new computer, and tryed to move the program to it, it wont work.. Now my question. Is there a program that works both with dvd´s and laserdisc´s? Will DVD profiler work? Thank´s for any advice you could share..
  20. Jens Raethel

    Do you like IKEA?

    Do you like IKEA? As being a swede I have to ask this! Do you shop allot there? What about the furniture names?
  21. Jens Raethel

    My new HT site is up...

    I have finally made a better site, I think!:) Tell me what you think. Link Removed
  22. Jens Raethel

    Who in this forum hasn´t seen LOTR yet?

    I haven´t, and I don´t know if I want too.... Am I the only one who doesnt care that much?
  23. Jens Raethel

    My widscreen Evolution disc is in Pan Scan!!

    I bought the widscreen Evolution DVD, poped it in the player and to my surprice it was the Pan scan version! Even on the disc it self it says 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widscreen! Has anybody had the same problem?
  24. Jens Raethel

    GPS for Palm

    I own a Palm m505 and I would like to know if there´s a GPS module for this model. I cant find any info of such a thing... jens
  25. Jens Raethel

    My projector lamp just blew up!

    The lamp should hold 2000 hours. I have problably used it 300 hour´s top! Will the warranty cover the replacement? I bought the Projector in May this year.Sanyo-PLV-30. I´m depressed.... :frowning: Please give me back my YANG!
  26. Jens Raethel

    Were can I get a FREE firewall?

    Is there a free firewall at all? Firewall at all...I crack my self up!:D Thank´s , Jens
  27. Jens Raethel

    What´s up withTripod?

    Is the site down? I havent been able to log on for 3 days now! anybody knows whats going on? Jens
  28. Jens Raethel

    SSX Tricky with DTS!

    I just bought SSX Tricky for Playstation 2 and the sound is amazing in the DTS mode! Maybee this is old news for you guys, but I didnt know there were games that used DTS! Are there any other games out there using DD or DTS? jens