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  1. AnthonyC

    How to play 4:3 on widescreen TV?

    I just recently upgraded to HD but as TV-DVD fans can attest, there's still a very sizable amount of titles that are meant to be seen in 4:3, yet the DVDs display in the full widescreen, stretching the image and making it less clear.   Is there a way to make your TV and/or DVD "smart" so it...
  2. AnthonyC

    New--Free!--Alice in Chains song "A Looking in View"

    AIC are set to release their first new album in over a decade (and first with William DuVall on vocals), and the song "A Looking in View" is available for free download at aliceinchains.com (you provide your email address). You can also listen to it streaming on the site. It's pretty epic, and...
  3. AnthonyC

    Soundgarden Reunion in 2010?

    According to the singer of Shinedown, it looks like things are building up for a Soundgarden reunion next summer. It's great news if true, as long as Cornell doesn't try and push them into the Timbaland direction. :P Seriously though, this is where Cornell is at his best, and Soundgarden was...
  4. AnthonyC

    Jimmy Chamberlin Leaves Smashing Pumpkins

    Smashing Pumpkins dot com | jimmy chamberlin leaves smashing pumpkins So yeah, that came out of nowhere especially considering how they were both "As long as we're together, it's Smashing Pumpkins" and "We're in this till we die." And now Billy's the only remaining original member. Granted, I...
  5. AnthonyC

    Survivor: Tocantins

    The new season starts tomorrow, same bat time, same bat place. Jeff Probst insists that this is one of the best and most likable casts ever and of course you can see them all at CBS.com. First impressions are supposed to play a major role throughout the entire game, and the players will vote...
  6. AnthonyC

    Scott Weiland - Happy in Galoshes

    I'm a big Stone Temple Pilots fan but I was reluctant to pick up Scott Weiland's second solo album that was just released today because I thought his first solo release, 12 Bar Blues, was awful. But Best Buy offered a deluxe edition for $17 that includes an entire extra disc of songs (the...
  7. AnthonyC

    Cosby Show complete series

    I stopped buying after season 4 so I'm definitely looking forward to this--but what I really wanna know is if we're finally going to get season 1 unedited. There isn't a single dud episode in that first season and I'd love to get a chance to see them in their original versions.
  8. AnthonyC

    Sara Bareilles - Careful Confessions?

    Back when "Love Song" was the iTunes free download, I immediately went ahead and ordered the full CD from Amazon. It took a while to grow on me, but now I think it's fantastic and for a few weeks I've been trying to track down a copy of the album she released before getting signed to a major...
  9. AnthonyC

    Office spin-off premieres after the Super Bowl

    Not thrilled with this idea at all, especially since the quality of the original has gone down a bit, but I guess I'll give it a chance... Live from NBCs Infront (Take 5): A New Thursday Night Sitcom - TV Decoder - Media & Television - New York Times Blog
  10. AnthonyC

    Scott Weiland says STP reunion "in the coming months"

    Scene in the Tropics Between this and No Doubt having a new album, 2008's shaping up to be an awesome year for music for me. What's next? John Lennon and George Harrison come back from the dead for a Beatles reunion? James Iha rejoins the Smashing Pumpkins? Eh, I guess John and George is...
  11. AnthonyC

    The Mole: It's Coming Back!

    ABC bringing back 'The Mole' - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety This is one of the all-time greatest reality concepts and the two non-celebrity seasons were both absolutely fantastic. Obviously we won't be seeing Anderson Cooper back, but you can't have your cake and eat it too...
  12. AnthonyC

    Survivor: Micronesia (Fans vs. Faves) Premieres 2/7/08

    Entertainment Weekly has revealed the 10 rookies and 10 favorites who will be playing in the upcoming season of Survivor (premieres 2/7). I have to say, I wanted to root for the fans with maybe one or two past favorites but I'm not too impressed by the fans--seems like the same old models and...
  13. AnthonyC

    Celebrity Apprentice

    Apprentice has obviously been going downhill for years now, and with tonight's premiere of a "celebrity" edition, it's probably gonna go down even further. Still, I'll be watching. Anyone else?
  14. AnthonyC

    CD "chipping"?

    I've had this on at least one other disc (Best of INXS), and it was probably even worse there, but this recent example is making me ask...what's the deal with this? I recently bought the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, and while disc 1 plays perfectly, a couple of...
  15. AnthonyC

    Bonus Disc Bonanza

    Let's be frank here: I, like many others, hate bonus discs. But unfortunately, it doesn't look like they're going away anytime soon. And since I know I'm not the only completist on the forum by a long shot, I figured we might as well have an index for TV DVD sets that included a bonus disc at a...
  16. AnthonyC

    Survivor: China

    The new cast is up at CBS.com. Each of the 16 contestants (thank God they went back to 16!) has an interview video too. Not really a big fan of having a WWE wrestler in the mix--the show has never had a shortage of models/aspiring actors in the last few seasons, but that's a bit...
  17. AnthonyC

    Firefox cache help

    I just recently got the most recent version of Firefox ( and it's working fine except for one critical issue: the cache. I had my old version of Firefox set to not have any cache, mainly because at HTF and other forums, having any cache doesn't take away the New Posts icon next to...
  18. AnthonyC

    Velvet Revolver - Libertad (July 3)

    Who else is looking forward to this? I wasn't a huge fan of their first record--I loved "Slither" and a few other songs, but most of it was meh. But I've been hearing great things about this one so I'll definitely be picking this up. I'm a big STP fan, and Axl's vocals are the only thing...
  19. AnthonyC

    Andy Barker, PI?

    This wasn't a fantastic show by any means, but I enjoyed it and would pick up a DVD release. The six episodes could easily fit on a single disc, and I'm sure that Andy Richter and maybe even Conan O'Brien could do a commentary or two. I guess they're in no hurry considering how poorly the...
  20. AnthonyC

    Fox Customer Service Phone Number?

    This can be locked once the answer is posted, but I can't find a customer service phone number for Fox anywhere. I'm trying to get a disc replaced in a set that I received as a gift a while back, and while I found an email address, I sent my question over three weeks ago and haven't gotten a...
  21. AnthonyC

    The Amazing Race All Stars HTF Challenge

    Welcome to The Amazing Race 11 HTF Challenge. Like in previous challenges, each person will get to pick one team who they think will win The Amazing Race. Then pick three teams who you think will round out the final four teams, and these three teams will not be exclusive per participant, meaning...
  22. AnthonyC

    Survivor: Fiji HTF Challenge

    Welcome to The Survivor: Fiji HTF Challenge. Following the rules of the past few challenges, each person will get to pick one castaway for sole survivor. Each castaway can only be picked once for sole survivor and that pick will be first come, first serve. Then pick three castaways who you think...
  23. AnthonyC

    Survivor: Fiji

    CBS announced today that the next season of Survivor debuts on February 8. The cast announcement is this Friday (1/12). I'm still curious if that 19th contestant is a man or a woman...or both.
  24. AnthonyC

    The Amazing Race 11: All-Stars

    The ad said February for All Stars, hopefully earlier in the month. I'm really looking forward to this one (even though past All Stars have proven to be somewhat disappointing)...
  25. AnthonyC

    King of Queens S7 - final set?

    http://tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6580 I'm a little confused--isn't the show about to enter its ninth and final season? Is the seventh the last one they're planning to release on DVD or something?
  26. AnthonyC

    Survivor: Cook Islands

    I actually got up for The Early Show this time to check out confirmation of what may be the most tasteless thing this show has ever done: no, not the division by race, but the fact that they went back to 20 contestants! It should be 16 every season. As for the race thing, I would prefer a...
  27. AnthonyC

    Who else hates bonus discs?

    As a consumer, I've always disliked the practice of exclusives only available at a single retailer. It just seemed unfair since not everyone lives near that specific store or the store in question may not price competitively since they have something extra to offer. When it comes to bonus discs...
  28. AnthonyC

    The Amazing Race 10

    Believe it or not, despite the premiere not happening for another two months or so, the entire cast has already been announced by Zap2It. Anyone else think that the Tom/Terry team was chosen just for their names? :D
  29. AnthonyC

    Treasure Hunters

    Couldn't find a thread for this, so if there is one, you can lock this. Anyone else catch the premiere of Treasure Hunters tonight? I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I was expecting a complete knock-off of The Amazing Race, but it wasn't really. The twist of having the teams not know...
  30. AnthonyC

    Cosby Show S2--uncut?

    While I know UrbanWorks promised the original NBC versions for the second season set, they promised them for the first season too and didn't deliver. Can anyone confirm if the second release has all uncut episodes?