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  1. pfar

    Rear speakers - bluetooth or other option?

    Hi all. Due to my living situation the last couple of years I have only been running two tower speakers and a center channel. The room isn't ideal for side and rear speakers, mainly due to wiring. I am highly considering an alternative to a traditional wire based speaker for my rear speakers...
  2. pfar

    Any good Black Friday deals?

    Hey all. I currently have a Pioneer vsx-1023-k that I am looking to replace. Something with more power and Atmos
  3. pfar

    LG OLED and HDMI 2.1

    I am really considering buying a 65" OLED from LG that is currently on sale. This one: OLED65B7A However, I know that HDMI 2.1 will be released soon. I am unsure if this TV has it. If it doesn't, should I hold off on buying until next year? I know the new HDMI will get a big increase in...
  4. pfar

    Looking for a new sub

    I currently have a 12" Klipsch sub that points towards the floor. I have noticed that it doesn't have the same punch that it used to and it vibrates quite a bit. My budget is around $1,500 - 2,000 for a new sub. I had an email sent to me the other day recommending a sub. Here is the link...
  5. pfar

    Time for an upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have been getting the bug lately to upgrade my home theater setup. Over the last ten years I have basically pieced and patched the system together. This time around I am wanting my system to work well together and purchase it systematically to be get exactly what I am looking...
  6. pfar

    Keep my pioneer 1023 or sell

    I recently just purchased a pioneer 1023. It is still new in the box. My past receiver was a pioneer 1017. It worked well for me and never had a problem. Now my question is should I sell the 1023 or just keep it and wait to upgrade to something better?
  7. pfar

    Best tower speakers for $500 or under

    Hey guys, I am looking to add a pair of tower speakers to my set up. Right now I have a pioneer vsx-1123, the klipsch quintet lll for my speakers and a klipsch 12" sub. I'm not sure how much longer I am going to be keeping the klipsch speakers, so a different brand is definitely open. I want...
  8. pfar

    Good 4 ohm receiver

    I am thinking about getting axiom m80 speakers and I know that they require a 4 ohm load and my current receiver isn't capable of that load. So I was thinking about just getting a seperate amplifier for those two speakers, but my current receiver is outdated in my opinion. Then I thought about...
  9. pfar

    What's a good 4 ohm capable reciever

    I am in the market of getting new speakers and most of the kind I like are 4 ohm. Now my reciever I have now is about 4 years old and I think it can go to 6 ohm. Its a pioneer vsx 1017... So I wanted to get the new reciever so it's up to date and able to play the new speakers I want. Now when I...
  10. pfar

    Paradigm monitor 11's

    I listened to a pair of paradigm monitors at a local home theater store and liked the sound. They weren't the 11's, but the sound was great. So I'm sure the 11's would be even better. They are 8 ohm speakers with a sensitivity of 93 dB. From what I have learned here that is good. In your...
  11. pfar

    Which brand is better

    I'm looking to upgrade my reciever, I have a Pioneer 1017 right now. So it's about 4 years old. It has treated me well except the two back channels went out (unless I did something wrong when setting it up, but that's for another day). Now I am basically going to be choosing between pioneer and...
  12. pfar


    My tv doeesn't have an output hdmi port. So I have to run a cable from my reciever to tv for the audio. This is fine in most cases except when I change the input on the recievers. So if I wanted to watch a blu ray and then play my xbox after I have to pull the reciever out and switch the inputs...
  13. pfar

    No hdmi inputs on tv

    I have a 50" plasma Samsung tv. I was wondering if there was a kit or anything to be able to add an hdmi output Thanks
  14. pfar

    Speaker Suggestion

    For the last 4 years, the speakers I've had are Klipsch quintet III system with a Klipsch 12" sub. I'm really not feeling these speakers anymore. I've had to get them warranted two times already and I'm not crazy with the sound or how loud they get. I want some speakers with a powerful/warm...
  15. pfar

    Do I need a new reciever or just tune mine better?

    First off, I have a Pioneer VSX-1017txv-k reciever. I bought this about 3 years ago. It has always seemed decent, but now it just seems like I need more. To give some more background I have for speakers klipsch quintet III system with klipsch 12" sub. One thing about the reciever I really don't...
  16. pfar

    Question about upgrading speakers

    Currently I have the klipsch quintet III speaker set. It is just a smaller center channel and 4 satelite speakers. I also have a 12 inch klipsch sub. A couple of months ago my 4 satelite speakers woofer blew so I'm thinking I might need to upgrade and get some better more powerful speakers. The...
  17. pfar

    Problem with pioneer vsx-1017txv-k

    First off if I put this in the wrong spot sorry and for my lack of terms, first time poster. Well my problem is that the receiver won't play the mid audio sounds. It worked fine for about a year or so. Then a few months ago it started doing this. What could be the issue and would it be...