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  1. PatB

    Superbowl Ads?

    Anyone posting them this year? (HD hint hint :D) We poor Canadians don't get to share the fun.
  2. PatB

    Ipod Question.

    Hi, I have a 40GB ipod (the latest generation) and for some reason I can't stop my songs from shuffling. I set it to shuffle from the main menu, not from the settings menu but I don't know if that makes a difference or not. If any one knows how to un-shuffle my ipod I'd really appreciate the...
  3. PatB

    Ist Time Visit to Santa Monica.

    I'm going to Santa Monica for the first time this weekend and I'm wondering what I should see/do. I've read some other posts on the subject and the pier seems to be the one thing everyone mentions but I'm hoping there's more than that. If I'm looking to do some shopping, dvds, a digital camera...
  4. PatB

    Could someone explain HP to me?

    If the HP Ipod, is just an ipod, and it sells for the same price as an ipod, what benefit does HP get out of this?
  5. PatB

    Anyone know anything about Canadian Customs?

    Hi, I'm living in Toronto I was interested in trying to mail order some PC parts from the U.S (what selection, what prices!) and I know that there is the issue with currency but I was wondering if I would have a hassle dealing with customs. I've heard various things about electronics or...
  6. PatB

    Anyone watching the Jones/Tarver fight tonight? (Now with the result - spoilers)

    I hope this is a good one, it' pricey enough. I thought the first one was a Jones win no question, close, but a win nonetheless. Tarver is walking around talking about having fulfilled his dreams and all: He lost the fight!! That's what sports+ego is coming to these days. Boxing is still a...
  7. PatB

    Pc game installation question.

    I'm about to make some changes to my PC but I don't want to lose all my progress in Tiger Woods 2004. If I have to reinstall the game is there any way I can pick up where I left off or do I have to develop my golfer from scratch?
  8. PatB

    Deleting leads to freezes?

    I'm running into freezes whenever I try to delete files. I usually shift+delete just to save a step but I kept experiencing freezes when I would delete a large file or multiple files. So I tried going through the recycle bin hoping that it would make a difference. No luck. My first try after the...
  9. PatB

    Does (screen) Size Matter?

    I haven't been to the movies in a long time. Almost a year I think. I don't have an elaborate home theater setup, just a DVD player a 21" trinitron and some speakers but I don't know what I'm missing. Or if I'm missing anything. The first time I saw the "Shawshank Redemption", "The Sweet...
  10. PatB


    Anyone else have trouble loading this site (gamespot.com)? I used to be able to load it on my dad's laptop but no luck here. I'm running win 98SE but my computer it pretty decent and I can't figure this out. None of the pictures load and when I try to scroll down the screen goes all crazy. Is...
  11. PatB

    Can you mix Ram?

    I wanted to add another 256 MB to my PC and I just wanted to be sure about something: Right now I have 256MB of PC-2700 Samsung Ram. I know that the new module also has to be PC-2700 but my question is, does it also have to be Samsung? I was looking at the prices of Crucial, Kingston, Corsair...
  12. PatB

    Anyone own an ipod?

    I was contemplating buying one of these or another such MP3 player, although I'm leaning towards this one b/c of the size of the hard drive. My biggest concern and one that I can't seem to get an answer to is whether or not the ipod has a resume feature. What I mean is, in the middle of a track...
  13. PatB

    Anyone here using Tera news?

    I've been trying to use this as my news server and it's been acting crazy. The last few weeks it's been super slow and then for two days the speed picked up and everything was fine. Then, for the last two days, the 92% completion of posts has been cut down to about 10%! I don't know what's going...
  14. PatB

    Can someone help me with my math homework?

    I'm trying to help someone with this problem but I can't seem to break it, I'm not cheating or anything so it's all on the up and up. 12y^3-6y^2-42y+28=0 Solve for y. (I don't know if this is the proper way to type this but for example the first part is 12 "y" cubed.)
  15. PatB

    What does "Word" mean?

    Am I the only one who doesn't know what "Word up" or "Word" means?
  16. PatB

    New to Photography.

    My Dad surprised me by giving me his old camera, a Minolta Dynax 5000i. I know nothing about cameras or photography but I'm very eager to learn. Anyone here have any experience or know any sites that can help out someone in my position? I'm going to do a search on google as usual but there are...
  17. PatB

    Noise Cancelling Headphones.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any experiences (positive or negative) with these and if anyone can make any recommendations. I'm facing the next few months with construction across the street from me and I'm on the verge of cracking up. I don't know if something like this could be a solution...
  18. PatB

    Should I trade my PS2 for an X-Box?

    I can get a second hand x-box for a pretty cheap price if I trade in my P2s, and I'm wondering if I should do it. I really like Splinter Cell type games and I know it's better on the X-box. I don't know what the forecast for upcoming games is like but does anyone know if it favors sony or MS...
  19. PatB

    What's does Showtime Have Against Canada??

    I don't get this one at all. I was trying to get some info on the Tyson fight this weekend so I tried to get access to the Showtime website. When I did, there was a message saying that the website was only intended for people to access from the United States!! Has anyone ever been blocked...
  20. PatB

    Should I go to XP?

    I'm running Win 98SE right now. Everything works smoothly 90% of the time. I have 256 DDR RAM and a P4 1.7. Do I do it? Do I leap into the 21st century like everyone else or do I stick with what's working? What should I expect and look out for if I make this change. I'm bad with decisions so...
  21. PatB

    Nirvana Question.

    I'm a huge Nirvana fan, I was recently reminded of how much I love them when I heard their new single a few months ago. I had always heard that they were heavily by The Pixies and that were certain songs of the Pixies that were considered almost blueprints for songs like "Teen Spirit". I...
  22. PatB

    New Screen Savers.

    I've been using the default Win 98 screensavers but I'm bored bored bored. Anyone using something interesting on their PC's that they wouldn't mind sharing?
  23. PatB

    PS2 Online Gaming Question.

    My ISP has a bandwith amount, 10GB combined upload and download. I was wondering if I ever track down a PS2 adaptor if playing online will count against this limit and if so how long before say, 1GB is used up during gaming? Thanks
  24. PatB

    IGN Question.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in the way IGN.com looks. I couldn't access it earlier and then when I did it loaded funny and looked like they changed the look of it, the fonts and all. Is this a problem with my browser or the site. If anyone has noticed any difference...
  25. PatB

    I Want an X-Box!

    I was standing in my local video game store and was amazed by the number of good games there are out there for the X-box. I read in the Financial Times that MS is losing 120$ on each sale (This is just something I read, no attacks please), and I was wondering if any word of another price drop is...
  26. PatB

    Nobody playing Red Faction 2?

    I picked it up last week and I love it. It's a pretty straight forward shooter but a very well done one nonetheless. It's a nice feeling to go running around shooting stuff up at the end of the day, (in a video game of course, I don't want to start something here). I've only found one level that...
  27. PatB


    I was at a discount DVD store in Manhattan over the weekend and saw a DVD of the new Pacino film in the display case. It wasn't supposed to come out until the 17th. Does this type of thing happen often or was this just a fluke? I almost picked it up but I didn't want to get stuck with a bootleg...
  28. PatB

    RAM Type Question.

    I just read on CNET that "P4 systems based on Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) don't perform nearly as well as their RDRAM counterparts". The system that I was just about to buy has 256 MB of DDR RAM. Is DDR RAM ideal for a P4 CPU or will I run into the same problems that you find with SDRAM? Is DDR Ram...
  29. PatB

    Help me get the Rams out of St. Louis.

    I'm just about to start a Franchise in Madden 2003 and I want to go with the Rams but I hate the idea of playing half my games (or more) in a dome. Is there any way to change a teams stadium type for the franchise mode? I tried create a team but it's not quite the same to have Al Michaels...
  30. PatB

    Windows XP accounts.

    Just wondering if anyone knows just how separate and secure different login accounts on Win XP are. Mine is password protected from the rest of the users on my PC but I was just curious if anyone knows HOW private my personal files and downloads are from others. It seems that the history, and...