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  1. Brent Avery

    International Lawman 1971

    Looks like this has been released in Germany, one individual on another forum mentioned it looked good for what it is worth. I just ordered this gem from Grooves for a very low price - check them out while they have it in stock. Anyone who knows of this film realizes just what a great...
  2. Brent Avery

    International Colossus - The Forbin Project, Released April 29 in Germany

    If it was already posted I missed it - released April 29 in Germany as a widescreen "Limited Edition " by Ostalgica it appears to be based on an older master from Universal but after viewing a few screen caps online decided to purchase a copy through Grooves.and hopefully it will not take too...
  3. Brent Avery

    More Musicals on blu

    I just finished watching Paramount's Darling Lili and thought it was a pretty good film overall and of course some great singing by Julie Andrews. Which led me to wonder if it will ever get a release to blu ray, along with some other musicals such as Finian's Rainbow, On A Clear Day You Can See...
  4. Brent Avery

    Zeppelin (1971) Any chance?

    After purchasing and enjoying The Hindenburg (1975) from a Koch Media German release I wonder if there is a remote chance we might someday have this film see the light of day on blu ray. I usually always enjoy Micheal York and of course with not very many WW1 movies out there, especially...
  5. Brent Avery

    International Pre '90's catalog on blu ray - A comprehensive Region B & C list

    Apparently this was more or less attempted at the same time Brandon started his list for Region A films on blu ray. This compilation will take some time to become current but I hope to keep it going and any additional information or help is welcome as I am certain that I will miss titles. An...
  6. Brent Avery

    International Airport '75, '77 and '80 this July

    Seems Elephant Films will be releasing the remaining three Airport films on blu ray in France on July 8. - I guess time will tell how good they will look and whether this might mean a U.S. release before the year ends.
  7. Brent Avery

    International Custer Of The West 1967

    I noticed this was just released in France, anyone here buying this? The non anamorphic dvd is long over due for an upgrade so if this blu ray looks good I will be getting it. Not sure yet if there are enforced subtitles - hope not! A bit of a guilty pleasure of mine - not really a bad Western...
  8. Brent Avery

    International The Train coming from Arrow UK

    It appears Arrow will be releasing this on May 11 with some good extras as well as a reversible cover showing the original poster art. I already have the Twilight Time version but will most likely purchase this one for the extras. It may be region locked though.
  9. Brent Avery

    Time After Time On Blu?

    O.K., with all of the positive reviews and the many who obviously love this film = including myself - is there any indication that Warners will bring this gem out as one of their Archive titles as I doubt it would receive a standard release, although one can always hope. Isn't Warners working...
  10. Brent Avery

    International Moby Dick ( 1956 )

    I just ordered this from Australia where it was just released ( July 2 ), no information or reviews but I guess I will find out when it arrives. Cost was just under 13.00 but the shipping was a bit expensive. Thought I would mention it for those interested, it is part of the " Hollywood Gold...
  11. Brent Avery

    International Lord Jim French Release

    I just noticed that this is coming out on July 2 from Wild Side as a dvd/ blu ray combo in the proper 2:20 oar and wonder if perhaps either Sony or Twilight Time might be releasing it here in the near future which would be great news.
  12. Brent Avery

    Far And Away (1992)

    I just checked the disc - the back cover says 2:35 but viewed on my lcd tv it looks to be the proper 2:20 but will be viewing it on a 2:35 screen Saturday to confirm. The audio is listed as 5.1 dts hd and the disc is a bd 50 with bitrate over 30 and usually around 35 - 38 mbs. It looks good so...
  13. Brent Avery

    International 55 Days At Peking / Circus World U.K. Release April 7

    Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing these two titles on blu ray - wonder if a U.S. announcement will follow? Hopefully they will both look good as well. If Circus World is at least as good as the current French version there is some hope.
  14. Brent Avery

    International German Releases In March - Prime Cut etc.

    For those with Region free players like myself there are a few good titles coming out during Feb. / March in Germany: Coogan's Bluff ( 1968 ) Koch Media Feb.20 Man Without A Star ( 1955 ) Alive Feb.28 Backlash ( 1956 ) Alive Feb.28 The Revengers ( 1972 ) Explosive...
  15. Brent Avery

    The Long Goodbye ( 1973 ) Region B

    U.K.s Arrow Video just released this Robert Altman film onto blu ray - after reading a good number of reviews I think it is worth picking up. Any thoughts? It is region locked although I have a multi region player thankfully.
  16. Brent Avery

    The Tarnished Angels ( 1957 )

    I somehow missed this release by Eureka Entertainment. Directed by Douglas Sirks and starring Robert Stack, Rock Hudson and Dorthy Malone a recent review gives the Video of this black & white 2:35 film high marks. It also comes with a 40 page booklet and some very good supplements. It is Region...
  17. Brent Avery

    A time To Love and a Time To Die ( 1958 )

    I noticed this Douglas Sirk film is being released by Eureka Entertainment on September 23 in the U.K. I am a sucker for older films in the CinemaScope format and the reviews seem favourable, plus I had never heard of this film until now. It also appears to come with some interesting supplements...
  18. Brent Avery

    Pre digital special effects

    A fascinating site I had bookmarked for sometime and recently visited prompted me to mention it here for those that may not be aware of it. Some very good history as well as excellent images on matt paintings and the artists who painted them. It is called " Matte Shot - a tribute to Golden Era...
  19. Brent Avery

    The Car ( 1977 ) U.K. Release

    Coming out from Arrow video on July 15 for those interested. One of those somewhat chessy '70's films that I enjoy watching. A recent review gave the video high marks and it does come with some extra features as well.
  20. Brent Avery

    War And Peace

    It appears Paramount will be releasing this film on blu ray in France on September 11 for those interested. I have a region free player so if it turns out to be a good transfer will definitely order a copy at some point.
  21. Brent Avery

    Billy Liar 50th Anniversary

    I just ordered this from England and will report on the transfer and whether it is region free for those interested in this film when it arrives. Good to see more films such as this out on blu ray.
  22. Brent Avery

    Joe Kidd & Rooster Cogburn

    Anyone looking to purchase these two Region B films might like to know that Rooster Cogburn looks good, not outstanding, but acceptable overall, with Joe Kidd looking much better than the dvd. Colors, black levels and detail are quite nice and it does not look "processed" from what I can see...
  23. Brent Avery

    Why I have a Region B player.

    I have no doubt some of these titles will make an appearance to North Ameica one day but I have found myself purchasing more blu ray titles from England, France and Germany: Silent Running Death Hunt Mr. Majestyk Soldier Blue Long Hot Summer Lonely Are The Brave The Scalphunters Billy Liar My...
  24. Brent Avery

    Shout At The Devil

    I have read that there is a more complete version of this film - running a bit under 150 minutes - that was aired in the past on the MGM HD channel. Since I am pretty sure all of those so far released on video have been the shorter 114 minute version I wonder if we will see something on blu ray...
  25. Brent Avery

    Sept./Oct. Releases from FOX/MGM GERMANY

    I came across a few releases coming out from Germany on Bluray.com. No idea on whether they will be Region B locked and also curious if Twilight Time might release some of those Fox titles outside of Rains Of Ranchipur. I will be keeping tabs on some of them regarding video quality. Prices look...
  26. Brent Avery

    The Hudsucker Proxy

    On the ever so slightest chance that Warner's might release this film on blu ray during their 90th anniversary. One of my favorites.
  27. Brent Avery

    More Blu-rays from Olive Films

    Someone over at Blu ray.com listed four new titles: Tales That Witness Madness The Spirit Is Willing Night Of The Grizzly The Hangman There was also a link to IMDB that listed all of the films Olive has licensed from Paramount and among others I am hoping The Court Martial Of...
  28. Brent Avery

    The one that started them all - 1972 "The Posideon Adventure" coming to Blu-ray

    The news from a poster over at Blu ray.com is that Fox did a good job on the transfer and it looks and sounds pretty good. I'm sure others will confirm this once they have viewed their copies. Living in Canada I will most likely check for a seller on ebay.
  29. Brent Avery

    Garden Of Evil - April 24, France

    Apparently Garden Of Evil, Warlock, Broken Lance and Broken Arrow are being released in France. If they turn out to be worthwhile transfers I may look into them pending some reviews on whether they have forced subs. Good excuse to have my player set up to play Region B. I wonder if they will get...
  30. Brent Avery

    Hour Of The Gun

    There was a thread here earlier about this title and some others released in Australia - the image quality was mentioned as being pretty good. It is also region free. Anyone here have this and care to comment? I just ordered a copy and am looking forward to watching it.