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  1. Rodney

    Where is After Hours (1985) in Blu?

    I was going through my DVDs and Blu-rays and noticed the DVD for After Hours, and I thought to myself, why haven't I replaced it with the blu-ray, only to discover there still is no blu-ray to replace it with. What is taking Warner Brothers so long for this release?
  2. Rodney

    Mackintosh and T.J. on Blu-ray

    I had no idea this 1975 film was coming out until I happened to see it in the Blu-ray/4K UHD Pre-Order Listing! thread for a May 18, 2021 release. I'm so glad to see this becoming available. First Day Purchase for me! GOOD NEWS! ROY ROGERS IS BACK! In his triumphant final film role, Roy...
  3. Rodney

    "These Go To Eleven." MacOS Big Sur

    Apple announced a few days ago that Big Sur Public Beta is available for download. Thought I would start a new thread about this MacOS and see if anyone has installed it and have any initial thoughts about it. I'm really hoping for a better, stable MacOS than Catalina has been. I was one of...
  4. Mike Wallace is here (2019)

    Title: Mike Wallace is here Genre: Documentary Director: Avi Belkin Cast: Mike Wallace Release: 2019-07-26 Runtime: 94 Plot: For over half a century, 60 Minutes' fearsome newsman Mike Wallace went head-to-head with the world's most influential figures. Relying exclusively on...
  5. Rodney

    Bosch Season 4

    Bosch Season 4 is available on Amazon Prime. Woo-hoo!!! I watched the first episode last night, and I think this is going to be a good season! Things are setup well, and Bosch is making friends within the department as usual :). I wonder how many loose ends they will wrap up this season. I...
  6. Rodney

    RetroFan - Quarterly Magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing

    TwoMorrows Publishing's new quarterly magazine on 1960s, ’70s, & ’80s pop culture features celebrity columnists from all areas of fandom: Toys, comics, horror and monsters, television, and film—we cover it all in RetroFan! Issue #1 will scratch you right where you itch, with: An all-new...
  7. Rodney

    Johnny Mathis’ Complete Columbia Box Set

    This lavish 68-CD box, due on December 8 just in time for the holidays, features: 62 original Columbia albums that have been remastered (13 of which are available on CD for the very first time – and many more of which have never appeared on CD in the United States) plus Mathis' news album; Two...
  8. Rodney

    Only the Brave (2017)

    Surprised not to find a thread on this one. I watched the trailer in front of Blade Runner 2049 and it looked pretty good. I had not heard about the Granite Mountain Hotshots prior to this. I'm still deciding if I watch this in the theater or wait for home theater release.
  9. Rodney

    any plans for SEVEN DAYS?

    With Timeless having been saved for a second season, it seems someone is missing a great opportunity to bring out this time-travel series.
  10. Rodney

    Noir Alley on TCM

    I thought there was a thread on this, but I just did a search and I couldn't find any. It is great that Noir Alley is back after a month hiatus. I hope TCM keeps this show as an ongoing feature. I am really enjoying Eddie "The Czar of Noir" Muller's opening and closing commentaries on these...
  11. Rodney

    Another Legend leaves us... June Foray

    I just read on Leonard Maltin's site that June Foray passed away yesterday. Sad. I know I am just being selfish but I want more than just 99 years for her on this world.
  12. Rodney

    Bill Dana RIP

    We lost another great one. This past weekend I actually used the line "My name, Jose Jimenez" http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bill-dana-dead-jose-jimenez-903436
  13. Rodney

    Safari 10 issues?

    For the last week or so I have noticed that the front page isn't looking proper using Safari. Today when I checked out Mike's Weekly RoundUp, the formatting was different and the first picture was half cut. I then looked using Chrome and everything looked normal and proper. It doesn't seem to...
  14. Rodney

    Best Buy Exclusives

    Maybe i missed the announcement, but what's the deal with these Best Buy Exclusives? Are there more than just these three blu-rays for October 4th? It Came From Outer Space (3D) The Ghost and Mr. Chicken October Sky
  15. Rodney

    October Sky - Blu Ray

    When I went to Best Buy to pre-order It Came From Outer Space 3D I found out that October Sky is also available for pre-order with the same October 4th release date. This makes three films on blu-ray (Ghost and Mr. Chicken being the 3rd) that appear to be exclusive to Best Buy. It appears that...
  16. Rodney

    Christmas album reissues

    As someone born in the mid-sixties, i have a certain idea in my head what Christmas music should sound like. Certain albums were played by my parents during my childhood; it is a pleasure to be able to go back in time through playing some of those tracks and re-live that childhood wonder and...
  17. Rodney

    Long Duel (1967) Region Free version available?

    I recently found out a friend of mine has a relative who was in this movie, and i would like to get it for him as a present. The problem is he doesn't have a region-free DVD player, so I am wondering if there is a version of this available that would play on a region 1 DVD player. I own a few...
  18. Rodney

    Ads on IOS app

    I'm a supporter but I am still seeing ads when using the app. Is there something I need to change on my end?
  19. Rodney

    Universal - Where is the Don Knotts Classics Blu-Ray Collection?

    It has been almost 11 years since you released the following films on DVD: How to Frame A Figg The Love God? The Ghost and Mr. Chicken The Reluctant Astronaut The Shakiest Gun in the West [/list]When can we expect a Blu-ray set? The DVD are nice, but an HD release of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken...
  20. Rodney

    Any chance "The New Leave It to Beaver" will be released?

    With the passing of Frank Bank this past week, I am hoping that someone releases this series before more of the cast is gone, and we don't have the opportunity to get some great commentary material. It ran for 4 seasons, so I would be surprised if a company could not make money releasing this...
  21. Rodney

    Blu-Ray with Sony KP-61HS20 and 1:33.1 Content

    I received the Sony BDP-S550 for Christmas, and I am amazed by the quality and even more by the sound! I do have a question, however. When I am showing Academy standard movies like Casablanca or The Day the Earth Stood Still, they are shown as windowboxed on my television, (which is 4x3 with...
  22. Rodney

    Kevin Brownlow Documentaries - WHEN???

    Does anyone have any idea when we will be able to get any of the following GREAT documentaries? HOLLYWOOD BUSTER KEATON: A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW HAROLD LLOYD: THE THIRD GENIUS I know the Buster Keaton doc is available in the UK, but when will it be available in the states? The DVD format...
  23. Rodney

    Foyle's War - Set 4

    I don't see any information on Foyle's war here, but I just saw that they are releasing set 4 on July 17, 2007. Set in England during the second World War, Michael Kitchen is excellent as Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. If you haven't caught this show, get the three other...
  24. Rodney

    Complete Harvey Toons Collection

    Does anyone have any info on this? It is slated to come out October 3rd. Here is the cover art:
  25. Rodney

    Buy Beyond Tomorrow VCI, NOT Beyond Christmas FOX

    I just received Fox's Beyond Christmas, and I am terribly disappointed. I had previously purchased VCI Entertainments Beyond Tomorrow and expected Fox's release to be restored. Nothing of the sort. BC is a terrible print, with many scratches and dark scenes, while BT is a much cleaner print, and...
  26. Rodney

    Father Murphy Season 1

    I just read on Image Entertainment's website that they are releasing the first season of Father Murphy on October 26th. I hope they are complete and uncut. Does anyone else have any other information?
  27. Rodney

    "My Three Sons" Season Sets - WHEN?

    I would love to see My Three Sons season sets available. Anyone have any information for this series? (And yes, I did do a search before posting)
  28. Rodney

    Disney's Savage Sam - Aspect Ratio?

    I see that Savage Sam is coming out on Tuesday (4/22/03). I have read elsewhere that it is P&S, but was wondering if anyone knew if this was open matte, or maybe (one could hope!) OAR? If it is open matte, I won't mind purchasing it, 'cause I can create the proper matte. I cannot add to the...
  29. Rodney

    Thanksgiving Bet - 1st DVD with Animated Menus

    Fellow HTF'ers, please settle a bet: Which DVD had the first animated menus? I say it was Austin Powers, New Line's Platinum Series. That was the first time I recall seeing them back in 1997. I have someone who disagrees, but doesn't recall what dvd was first (I think I win the bet just...
  30. Rodney

    New Line - Please Release MAN OF THE CENTURY

    I would love to own this film. It is a very funny, true Independent Film done in Black & White. I saw it in San Francisco, and wish that it was available on DVD with a commentary by Writer/Director Adam Abraham and co-Writer Gibson Frazier, who also starred in the movie. Believe you me, having...