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  1. Chris Sherman

    New Parts Express Dayton Audio Elite Subs Designed By HSU

    I got my new Parts Express catalog yesterday and was astonished to find their new line of Dayton Audio Elite subwoofers Designed by Dr. Hsu! They look to be excellent value in three sizes (HSU8) 8" 100 watt 30hz $198, (HSU10) 10"150watt 25hz $292 , and (HSU12) 12" 20hz 250 watt $389. They are...
  2. Chris Sherman

    For Sale SVS CS-2531 subwoofer, Onix XLS Sub, Energy Connoiseur C5 speakers

    I have a perfect shape SVS CS 2531 sub for sale new $379, sell for $175, also and Onix XLS Sub black 8" powered sub with 150 watt amp,often sold out at AV123, new $244 shipped, sell for $100 plus shipping, great small sub. Lastly a pair of Energy C5 connoiseur floorstanding speakers excellent...
  3. Chris Sherman

    Pair of Onix XL-S Black Speakers $150.00

    I have a mint pair of black Onix X-ls speakers . Original cloth packing bags and double box shipping cartons . These were $219 plus $39 shipping 4 months old. Not a scratch on them . Read the reviews on these highly rated speakers, 7 cabinet braces, Peerless drivers, high quality crossover...
  4. Chris Sherman

    Wharfedale diamond 9.6 floorstanding speakers

    One pair Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 speakers black . 42" tall curved non parallel sides , Two 8" Kevlar woofers one ported , one with phaseplug, one 2" soft dome tweeter one 1" soft dome tweeter. Great review in the current The Absolute Sound magazine. Regular $1000 pair, very minor shipping damage...
  5. Chris Sherman

    Epos EL3 bookshelf speakers final price reduction.

    These are $299.00 new, rated 5 stars What Hi Fi , Budget component of the year. Cherry finish 1" aluminum dome Epos tweeter. 5" butyl rubber surround heavy aluminum basket. Purchased from Audio Advisor. Currently back ordered there at least ten days. Grab these for $179.00 , $20.00 shipping to...
  6. Chris Sherman

    Epos EL3 speakers for sale Cherry finish $199

    I have a pair of Epos EL3 bookshelf speakers. They are as new condition . I've had them just over one month. These sell for $299.00 new , I'll take $189.00 plus $20.00 shipping to lower 48 states. I prefer Paypal. Email me at [email protected] if interested
  7. Chris Sherman

    Onkyo Receivers for sale $175 and $200

    I have two Onkyo 5.1 receivers I'd like to sell, a TXDS656 and a TXDS676 both $800.00 list originally. The 676 has dts the 656 is DD only but has the inputs for a dvd player w/ a dts decoder, so you could add dts cheaply. They are very well built , in my opinion better than the new Onkyo's. They...
  8. Chris Sherman

    WTB Old Hafler amps

    I'm looking for old Hafler amps. Let me know what you have and what you want for it. Thanks, Chris Sherman
  9. Chris Sherman

    New Harman Kardon PA 2000 Amplifier

    I just received this amp from One Call yesterday. I opened the box and hooked it up to verify everything works , it does. I have decided I don't really need it and will sell for $189.00 plus $10.00 shipping to lower 48. This includes all paperwork including receipt and unfilled warranty card...
  10. Chris Sherman

    Wtb Hafler Amp Dh-200 Or Dh220

    I am looking for a DH200 or DH220 in working condition .
  11. Chris Sherman

    Question for amplifier/electronics experts

    I just replaced the power switch in my Hafler SE240 power amp. The original switch had a ceramic disc capacitor soldered across the lugs of the switch. What purpose does the cap serve? Secondly I pulled up the manuals for the Hafler XL280 and DH120 they both specify the cap at .005Uf the one on...
  12. Chris Sherman

    Monster cable Surge protectors

    One brand new PC1000 surge protector/ line conditioner 8 outlets, Stage 2 clean power line conditioning, looks exactly like the HTS 1000 w/the same specs. Retail $150.00 sell for $59.00+$8.00 shippng to lower 48. Comes with all original papers , warranty card free monster coax cable and phone...
  13. Chris Sherman

    Proton AA 1150 stereo power amp.

    I have an excellent condition Proton AA 1150 stereo power amp for sale. It is a dual mono construction with seperate transformers , caps, output devices etc. in one chassis . It features Protons' dynamic power on demand with a full 7 db. of headroom so it can put out in excess of 200 watts when...
  14. Chris Sherman

    X files Box sets Seasons 1-5 $50ea

    X files seasons 1-5 $50.00 ea . $5.00 shipping like new perfect . Not the Chinese knock offs.
  15. Chris Sherman

    Sopranos Seasons 1 and 2 New sealed

    Sopranos DVD box sets new. Seasons 1&2 $40.00 each plus add $5.00 Shipping. Paypal or money order. $75.00 for both with $5.00 shipping. My paypal id is [email protected]
  16. Chris Sherman

    Port for SVS 25-31CS sub

    If you had your SVS 25-31cs sub tuned to 22hz and you would like to hear it tuned to 25hz for maximum output. I am selling an original SVS 25-31CS port. $15.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Paypal or money order.
  17. Chris Sherman

    Toshiba SD-1200 dvd player

    Toshiba SD-1200 dvd with colorstream component outs. DD and DTS. Excellent condition ,much better than those el cheapo bargain units with names you've never heard of. $45.00 shipped to lower 48 states . Paypal or money order.
  18. Chris Sherman

    Audiosource Amp 5.1 Monoblock $75.00 Shipped

    I have am audiosouce 5.1 monoblock amp 100watts into 4ohms. I have used it to drive an SVS CS sub with great results . It has a large torroidal transformer with discrete ouput devices and oversized capacitors. This amp is 2 ohm stable and did a better job of driving my sub than a more expensive...
  19. Chris Sherman

    Outlaw 750 amp $699.00 Marantz prepro $399.00

    I need to sell a couple of items . The first is an Outlaw model 750 5x165 watt power amplifier w/ original packaging and manual in immaculate condition $699.00 + shipping. The second is a brand new Marantz model AV560 preamp/processor with DD and DTS two weeks old with receipt and 3 year...
  20. Chris Sherman

    Pioneer CLD -503 AC3 modded and my entire LD collection $200.00

    For sale Pioneer CLD-503 lasedisc player in excellent condition. The player has had the AC3 ( Dolby Digital) modification , (coaxial digital output) , dual side play , separate trays for laserdiscs and cd's. I have original box , remote control, and owners manual. I will include my remaining...
  21. Chris Sherman

    New AMC 2100 power amplifier $199.00

    I have a brand new AMC 2100 2 channel amp. I will sell for $199.00 . They list for $499.00 but typically sell for about $250.00 online at Sound City and others , probably the best buy in a 2 channel amp under $300.00 read the reviews at audioreview.com . 150 watts per channel dynamic power into...
  22. Chris Sherman

    Great deal on Sound Dynamics RTS-5 floorstanding speakers $199.00 pr. free shipping

    Audio Advisor is clearing out these terrific floorstanders . Originally $450 pr. now $199 free shipping . These babies weigh 34 lbs each. I just ordered a pair for my bedroom . I have RTS-3's in my office and R-515's ,THC-2 center channel and THR-BP1 bipolar surrounds in my living room. Sound...
  23. Chris Sherman

    Fidek FPA-400 watt amp $179

    I sold one of my SVS subs and am going to use a marantz MA-500 mono block to power my single remaining sub. So I don't really need a two channel amp . This amp is 2 x 200watts per channel into 4 ohms , THD 0.05% , rack mount with carry handles, gold plated binding posts , thermal and output...
  24. Chris Sherman

    SVS 25-31CSi sub $279

    I would like to sell one of my 25-31CSi subs. I would prefer local sale if possible. Sub has latest improved standard driver , 1.5" thick birch end caps , and the improved thicker, polymer coated tubing, as well as improved upgraded grill. Asking price of $279.00 . New ones are $379.00 and B-...
  25. Chris Sherman

    Pioneer stereo receiver and BIC speakers $50.00 ea.

    I have a black, Pioneer SX-201 100 watt receiver works perfect . Original box, manual and accessories. Sell for $50 + $10.00 shipping . I also have a of pair of black, BIC V52SI bookshelf speakers, less than 1 month old $50.00 + $10.00 shipping, these retail for $199 a pair .
  26. Chris Sherman

    BIC V52SI Bookshelf speakers New $50.00 Shipped

    BIC Venturi V52si , 5 1/4 rubber surround long throw woofer , 1/2 polyamide dome tweeter, magnetically shielded. List price $199.00 pr. Top rated by consumer reports for many years . Check the reviews on www.audioreview.com Sound quality and bass are incredible for the price. Believe me you...
  27. Chris Sherman

    Sony Mod-RF1 Demodulator New $95.00

    New in box Sony RF Demodulator $95.00 + $9.00 priority mail shipping to U.S. only . Email me at [email protected] if interested. Paypal is best for me. Money orders ok too.
  28. Chris Sherman

    SVS 25-31 CS Latest version $275.00 local sale

    I have two SVS 25-31CS subs They are approximately 4 and 6 months old respectively. They both have the new improved standard drivers, 1.5" thick laminated birch end caps, and 50% thicker, improved stronger tubing with the black polymer coating .They are overkill in my small home theater/living...
  29. Chris Sherman

    Svs 25-31 Cs $225.00 !!!

    For sale one SVS 25-31 CS subwoofer manufactured 3-12-01 with remainder of three year warranty left. I just paid $30.00 to upgrade to the newer improved grill system . Local sale only prefer not to ship . I am located in Richmond VA. This sub originally sold for $400.00 . Subwoofer is in...
  30. Chris Sherman

    Total Action Universe Question

    Does anyone know what shipping method these guys use? I'm anxiously awaiting my X -files Season 5 box set.