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  1. Luis A

    What do you use to clean you HT gear?

    Duster? Lint free cloth? Endust for electronics? Nothing? Thought I'd put it in this section incase anyone new to HT had questions on how to clean their gear on a day to day or week to week basis. For me I use the Billy Bags duster every morning before I turn it on. It gets every spec of...
  2. Luis A

    Looking for better Component Video Cables than Monster's M1000V, any suggestions?

    Well, I have decided to upgrade my component video cables from Monster's M1000V to something superior. That's if there is anything. ;) Anyway, I'm looking for some recommendations on component video cables that exceed the ones I have. The only ones I have considered so far are the Audio Quest...
  3. Luis A

    Any new Progresive Scan DVD Mega-changers in the works?

    Well, I have finally decided to get a DVD progressive scan mega-changer b/c my DVD library is getting so large. Currently all I know of is Kenwood's DV-5900M, and Sony's DVP-CX875P that are out, but I haven't heard anything good on the Sony. Does anyone know of any other progressive scan...
  4. Luis A

    Monster Cable AVS2000 "MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT"

    I received my AVS2000 fiday night, and thought I'd post my recent experience with it. I had listened to my system for several hours before I recieved my AVS2000 so that I would be able to tell if there was a difference. OH YEAH! Huge difference. I first started with BT: Rare & Remixed, and...
  5. Luis A

    Buena Vista - Atlantis specs

    Heres the link to check it out. :) http://dvdfile.com/software/dvd-video/index.html I'll pick it up for the kids. L
  6. Luis A

    Yamaha and Martin Logan question

    A friend of mine wants to pick up the ML Scenario/Cinema/Script package on to go with his Yamaha RXV2095 receiver. Now he has some concerns regarding the Yamha being able to power the MLs. I assured him it isn't an issue, but he's still a little paranoid. I told Mark ( my buddy) I know for a...
  7. Luis A

    THX pulls custom Shrek trailer

    I saw this @ DVD Review. http://www.dvdreview.com/html/news.html A Shrek THX trailer would have been awesome, oh well.
  8. Luis A

    Progressive dvd megachanger question

    Anybody know if something like this is in the works? I'm a little surprised that Sony or Pioneer has not come out with one yet. I only have a couple hundred titles, but a nice 300+ progressive changer would be nice. :) L
  9. Luis A

    Buying dvd online

    I'm going to start ordering my dvd's online since I absolutely hate driving to BB (even though I get a disc. there) to pick these up. Does anybody have any suggestions of who to go with and who to avoid? Any info would be great. Thanks, L
  10. Luis A

    Crimson Tide DTS Laserdisc

    I could have kicked my best friends you know what tonight when he told me his 4 year old son got ahold of this laserdisc that I let him borrow. Sure enough, it's ruined. I know it's gonna be near impossible to find a replacement, but I thought I'd check with you guy's first. 1st - Does anyone...
  11. Luis A

    Moulin Rouge dvd

    Just fyi,the digital bits is reporting a Dec. 18th street date.It's also supposed to have a DTS track!I'm sooooo happy! :) L
  12. Luis A

    The Trial of Billy Jack ?

    A friend of mine is in search of this on dvd.I know this is the sequel to Billy Jack (which is on dvd in pan & scan ) but she has had no luck finding widescreen versions of both films.I hope someone here will be able to help.Thanks in advance. :) L P.S.It's a Warner Bros. title.