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  1. Kyle W. Findley

    Should I buy Onkyo TXDS797 or Denon 2802?

    Looking for opinions on Onkyo TXDS797 or Denon 2802. I can get a good deal on both units and am going through a debate of which one I want to get. I have listened to both units and am going more towards the Denon 2802. I am not able to do a good test demo of the Onkyo because of the store's...
  2. Kyle W. Findley

    FS: 3 Marantz MA500s & Sony SDP-EP9ES

    For Sale: Set of 3 Marantz MA500 Mono blocks. Will sell to U.S. buyer only. Buyer pays shipping. Will ship items in original boxes. Selling as set only. Makes great Front Channel home theater setup. Asking $425.00 plus shipping for set. Also for sale: Sony SDP-EP9ES Dolby Digital...
  3. Kyle W. Findley

    Receiver or processor? Long

    I am currently looking to upgrade or downgrade, either way you might see it, into a unit that will do DTS-ES and Dolby Prologic II, and would love to have THX EX an option as well. But, for the price range I am looking at I don't think THX EX is an option, unless it a receiver or processor that...
  4. Kyle W. Findley

    Millennium 2.4.6 DTS decoder

    I'm selling a stand-alone Millennium 2.4.6 DTS decoder. It is black. If anyone is interested in this piece contact me at [email protected] Asking price is $125.00. [Edited last by Kyle W. Findley on September 09, 2001 at 03:14 PM]
  5. Kyle W. Findley

    FS: Nightmare on Elm Street Boxed Set

    For Sale: Nightmare on Elm Street Collection Boxed Set. Set in Mint Condition. My asking price is $70.00. Shipping included. Domestic Sale only (United States only, no overseas) Please send all inquiries directly to me at [email protected]