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  1. Sean Moon

    PSP owner, needs usb drivers for win98 ASAP!

    I am poor and have an old computer with Windows 98. I am trying to connect my psp to the computer through usb but am unable to have it detect. Reading things it says I need a file called usbstor.sys to work. I have downloaded this file, but dont know where to put it or anything. HELP! ASAP!
  2. Sean Moon

    HTPC question

    I am wanting to upgrade my desktop to something up to date, and was wanting to use the parts from my current computer to throw together a MP3/Internet/Photo viewer PC to put downstairs with my HD set. My computer is an old Athlon 750Mhz processor, 384MB of RAM, GeForce 3 64mb video card. I...
  3. Sean Moon

    System Skins-anyone use these before?

    http://www.decalgirl.com/browse.cfm/2,158.htm A site I found while looking through some gaming forums. I have been itching recently for a custom cases for all my systems, but am hesitant to dismantle them. I did it with my old Playstation and Dreamcast, but all the newer systems just frighten...
  4. Sean Moon

    Ratchet and Clank:Up Your Arsenal....quite possibly Game of the Year

    My god this game is good. I had never played the older ones, but the reviews on this one made me take notice. I picked it up a few weeks ago and cant put it down. One of the most fun and hilarious games I have played. And with THE greatest weapon ever in a video game: THE QUACK O MATIC! Sure...
  5. Sean Moon

    24 season 3

    Surprised by the lack of talk for 24 season 3 on the forum. I just picked my set up today and was shocked at one of the things in the special features. During the promo for season 4, which was filmed just for the dvd release to bridge the two seasons, Kiefer drops the F-Bomb in one of the...
  6. Sean Moon

    Nintendo DS has a new look

    http://pocketmedia.ign.com/pocket/im...8064915452.jpg HOT! That is all I have to say. This now looks like a slick, sexy machine. And the name NINTENDO DS is now the offical, no longer code, name for the system. Now lets see some innovative games for this puppy!
  7. Sean Moon

    Help! My Receiver Is Possessed!

    A few months ago while watching ROTK, my Pioneer vsxd811s receiver acted a bit strange. During a part of the film, when my friend and I were getting REALLY into the movie, all of a sudden the volume raised about 10 levels. It freaked us out, but we just said we willed it so, joking about it...
  8. Sean Moon

    Directors Moon's Screenshot Contest

    I was inspired by George Kaplan,Cameron Y and Mark Bk and their screenshot contests and decided to give one a try. As this is my first attempt at it, some pointers or advice along the way will help me. I had another thread getting ideas on what to do and will try implementing them, so far...
  9. Sean Moon

    Directors Is there enough room for another screenshot contest?

    I have been hooked on Cameron and George's screenshot contests lately and when watching my movies lately I think to myself "that would be cool to use in a contest." So what do people think, is there enough room on here for me to start my own little screenshot thread? Or is two enough for all of...
  10. Sean Moon

    New E250p, somewhat disappointed and need advice.

    I am upgrading from an old 8in Kenwood HTIB sub that has treated me right for four years now. It was a great sub, powerful and great sound. I got the new JBL E250P tonight, and it is a beast of power compared to the Kenwood, but it does not seem as boomy or powerful as the kenwood. It seems...
  11. Sean Moon

    Alienware Media Center

    Anyone taken a look at Alienware's Media Center PCs? http://www.alienware.com/product_det...de=SKU-DEFAULT would something like this be a good HTPC? It seems to be tailor made for stuff like that in a sleek, sexy package. Thoughts?
  12. Sean Moon

    NEW Logitech Wireless controllers for XBOX and PS2! FINALLY!

    http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/pr...CONTENTID=8157 http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/pr...CONTENTID=8182 Finally looks like we will be getting some realisticly sized wireless controllers that are first party approved! Its about time too. These look like big improvements from the pictures...
  13. Sean Moon

    Any newer model players with format correction/scaling?

    I was wondering if any new models out there do the format correction/scaling much like the Panny RP91 or JVC XV75GD? I have the JVC player and love the format correction for 4x3 and non anamorphic material, as my TV locks into full mode when getting a progressive scan signal, and am wondering if...
  14. Sean Moon

    Just witnessed the Mitsubishi LCoS in action.....

    I was out to see a friend tonight and to waste time I went into a NOW Audio Video in the area. In one of the large rooms upstairs they had this beast of a TV in there. I grabbed the clerk and asked what was going on with it. It was the 82in Mitsubishi LCoS tv. Amazing to look at and it stood...
  15. Sean Moon

    Final Fantasy Anthology for PSOne now Greatest Hits

    I was at work today and we got in Final Fantasy Anthology for PSOne as a greatest hits title. I remember how elusive this title has been for the last few years, much like Tactics was. I am laughing now because I sold my copy of Anthology only two weeks ago to an EB and got $35 trade in for it...
  16. Sean Moon

    Black Hawk Down Music question

    I was watching the supplements on the Black Hawk Down Deluxe Edition again today, and while watching some of the trailers, there is this amazing piece of music played on some of them. It is a womans voice singing with drums playing in the back. I cant think of how else to describe it. It is...
  17. Sean Moon

    24 Season 3 speculation(spoilers abound if necessary)

    Well, didnt see any other active threads about this, and anyone correct me if I am wrong, but I just want to get a good discussion going about the upcoming season three of 24. Seeing the preview for the third season, it almost looks like they are trying to work in a replacement for Jack on...
  18. Sean Moon

    Philips DVDR985 Problem

    I just bought this player tonight open box from Best Buy. It was an amazing deal on this player, even though it was a year old. Now I hook it up and everything is all fine, except I dont have the remote, which I am going to order from Philps. My problem is that the progressive picture on it is...
  19. Sean Moon

    What is on Paramounts August slate?

    Well, I was just thinking back to those years where near the end of August/Sept we got a great catalog release from Paramount. First it was Braveheart, then Forrest Gump. Last year we got Grease(sure it was end of Sept, but close) and Saturday Night Fever soon after. With Indiana Jones coming...
  20. Sean Moon

    System Select Pro-anyone know anything about this thing?

    http://www.ebgames.com/ebx/categorie...p?pf_id=234823 I found that on EBs website. It looks sleek and sexy, but the price has me wondering. It does switching between 7 sources, but the specs dont list the inputs it will switch. Looking at the price, I am led to believe it does component...
  21. Sean Moon

    How to clean PT47WX49 screen

    I have had my Panny 47in for about a year now, and since moving a month ago I notice some streaks on my screen. I tried wiping down the screen with a soft cloth, even one time a moist cloth, but the streaks remain. It almost looks like a squirt gun was taken to my screen one night by the cat as...
  22. Sean Moon

    how much weight can a Panny pt47wx49 hold?

    I have a pannt pt47wx49, have had it for about a year now and rest my center channel on top of it. I have a Pionner center 3 way that weighs a good ammt, but not too sure how much. I am thinking of getting a new center, mainly the JBL s Series 3 way, which weighes 15lbs from the specs. Is that...
  23. Sean Moon

    Which new players offer scaling

    I have had a JVC 75GD for about a year now and love it. The DVD-A is nice, but I rarely use it and the progressive picture is great on my Panny 47wx49. The main reason I went with this player though was its price and offering the scaling of non anamorphic material, since my tv locks into full...
  24. Sean Moon

    New Line Cinema appreciation

    I was going through all my old DVDs recently, checking how well some of the older ones hold up to the current releases transfer and sound wise. After comparing a lot of old ones I realized something...New Line a few years ago put out better product than most other studios have in their entire...
  25. Sean Moon

    Hal Hartley

    Where are all the Hal Hartley films on DVD? I saw an old copy of Trust I had sitting around my house and decided to watch it. Forgot how much I liked this mans movies. Any clues as to when we might be seeing his films on DVD? Films like Trust, Amateur, and Henry Fool?
  26. Sean Moon

    The PS5 is unveiled, sorta

    http://www.theonion.com/onion3847/gh...as_future.html I love the onion. Hilarious article about the PS5!
  27. Sean Moon

    Looking for new Sub...advice

    I was looking at the JBL subs this weekend. AM thinking of upgrading my sub from my 10" Kenwood. IT has served me well over the years, but have the itch to upgrade. Am questioning between the JBL PB10 or PB12. Are these good subs? Or would you go with a Cervin Vega?
  28. Sean Moon

    THPS 4 online servers

    Any other HTFers playing this game on PS2 online. I have been online all day and most of the time the people playing are rude and jerks, insulting your every word. Also it seems that every server that isnt full is running a king of the hill game, which I loath. Any CIVIL servers out there...
  29. Sean Moon

    THPS 4 on PS2, is it 480p?

    I moved my preorder on THPS 4 to the PS2 version the other day because of the online play(I initially thought I could live without it, but reading the online modes available, I couldnt resist.) Sure, when I gave up the Xbox version I gave up 480p(my TV doesnt support 720p) and 5.1, as well as...
  30. Sean Moon

    Does anyone else watch The-N?

    My girlfriend and I stumbled across this new network a few months ago while channel surfing. It was running repeats of Daria and we tuned in. It is a network aimed at middle school/freshman students. The daytime it shows old Nick stuff, mostly the educational stuff. At night it shows some cool...