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  1. Andy_MT

    Fox Executive's prediction on Blu-ray!

    Fox's Dunn Bullish On DVD and Blu-ray http://www.hive4media.com/index.cfm?sec_id=2 really ? i got the impression it was the other way around.
  2. Andy_MT

    Columbia : Please stop releasing DVDs with faulty audio

    the following DVDs share a comon fault : anger management identity tears of the sun in quiet scenes, the center channel of the audio produces an annoying crackling effect during dialogue. ok, so it's probably there during the louder scenes, but for obvious reasons it's not audible...
  3. Andy_MT

    Studios start to weigh in on high-def DVD

    not really new news, just signs that hd-dvd is being pushed forward. although the bit at the end about those working on red-laser compression algorithms saying "we can get a pretty good picture at a bit rate of 5MB" is a worry. looks like DVHS has got a chance afterall. article can be found...
  4. Andy_MT

    NEW LINE : Fans to record commentaries

    i saw this posted over at the "rotten tomatoes" forum : EVENING HERALD 31st JULY 2002 DVD proprieters New Line Cinema have announced their ambition for allowing fans of certain movies to record their own 'commentary track' for their favourite movie on Dvd. Sound designer Russel Edwards...
  5. Andy_MT

    Any DVHS screenshots out there ?

    i've been reading about this technology for such a long time now, but have been unable to find one screenshot on the internet showing it off in all it's glory. would anyone be willing to post some shots or know of anywhere where i could find any ? please, please, please, please :) thx!
  6. Andy_MT

    Columbia - Enigma & The Swarm spec revisions

    from DVD file :
  7. Andy_MT


    does anyone know if gremlins (being released 21 AUG) is remastered or has same transfer as '97 issue? thought there were plans for it to go out as an SE as well. however, it doesn't look like it's going to be P&S, so it's not all bad.
  8. Andy_MT

    BEETLEJUICE SE? (merged thread)

    has anyone heard of any plans for a SE ? i could've sworn it was supposed to be surfacing sometime soon.
  9. Andy_MT

    Any petitions to stop edge enhancement ???

    i've just been reading the WidescreenReview.com review of Forrest Gump. Once again, it looks as if excessive edge enhancement has been enforced by those chimps at paramount (not that paramount is the only studio that partakes in this madness). is it just me or are the majority of video...