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  1. Jens Raethel

    4400 Season 2 in May!

    I cant wait for this one! Thanks for the info.:)
  2. Jens Raethel

    Futronix Dimmer

    I have the Futronix P100 in my theater and it´s been working fine for 5 years now. :)
  3. Jens Raethel

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Monk Season 1 ER Season 2 Smallville Season 2 Dead Zone Season 2 Northern Exposure Season 1 Six Feet Under Season 2 But I have no idea when I will be able to watch them all:frowning:
  4. Jens Raethel

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Starsky & Hutch

    Thanks for the review! Im going to give this a try.:)
  5. Jens Raethel

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Secret Window

    Great review! I just ordered the DVD!:)
  6. Jens Raethel

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    I just got, Six Feet Under Season 2.
  7. Jens Raethel

    HEAT is available in DTS DVD!

    Thanks for reminding me about the LD version of HEAT. I had forgotten about the great DD 5.1 soundtrack.:)
  8. Jens Raethel

    Kill Bill vol. 1 Japanese Version: Tell me about it

    I can recomend the japanes boxset, it has alot of fun stuff in it.:)
  9. Jens Raethel

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    I jut got CSI season 2
  10. Jens Raethel

    Contacting Design by Bond

    I just read on his site that there had been problems sending him e-mail. But it should work now. Try again. :)
  11. Jens Raethel

    Things I wish I would have done differently in my project

    I wish I could get my lazy but off the recliner and build the hushbox ive been planning for a couple of years now!:frowning: All thats really missing is the front of the hushbox...man Im lazy.. :b
  12. Jens Raethel

    Lets see everyone's cars and other TOYS

    Khoa Tran: The wheels you see on the photo are for the winter tyres. I will offcourse get some 17/18 in wheels for summer driving.. Aurel Savin: Iff you look closely you find the door handles.. A little hint..;) A look from behind..
  13. Jens Raethel

    Lets see everyone's cars and other TOYS

    What beautiful cars you all drive!:emoji_thumbsup: This is my 2 month old Alfa Romeo.
  14. Jens Raethel

    Does the car brand Alfa Romeo sell in the US?

    Juan: Its winter, the icebears are still running around on the streets here.;) But when the spring comes I promise I will get better rims.
  15. Jens Raethel

    Does the car brand Alfa Romeo sell in the US?

    I just got my first Alfa, and I am really pleased with it. Its a great car to drive.
  16. Jens Raethel

    Directors What DVD is in your player right now?

    Once Upon a Time In The West
  17. Jens Raethel

    FIREFLY DVD Discussion Thread (Merged)

    Ok, but why is the show cancelled? If its so good? Or am I wrong...?
  18. Jens Raethel

    FIREFLY DVD Discussion Thread (Merged)

    Should I buy the Firefly dvd even if I never seen an episode before? I love Scifi, is it worth a blind buy?:)
  19. Jens Raethel

    how to create flickering starlight effect?

    I installed fiberoptics in my HT. It is an incredible eyecatcher. A colorwheel infront of the lamp makes the stars twinkle.
  20. Jens Raethel

    Smallville Season 2!

    NO! I want it NOW!!:frowning:
  21. Jens Raethel

    Starship Troopers Superbit - New reference disc

    Is it worth upgrading from the LaserDisc?:b
  22. Jens Raethel

    A Robert Harris Bits Extra - Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit

    Im a bit confused, what version should I buy? The 2 disc set or the superbit version?:frowning: What would you do?
  23. Jens Raethel

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Hunted

    Thanks for the review, I think I will try it out..
  24. Jens Raethel

    Alias: Season 2 Officially Announced for 12/2

    Is it a good serie? I havnt seen it.
  25. Jens Raethel

    My Theater is finally done.!!

    Really nice! Belive me, I know its difficult to take photos in a theater.. But Im sure it will work if you take the 500W lamp.
  26. Jens Raethel

    PHONE BOOTH worth a blind buy?Im

    I really liked it to..Its worth to check out.:emoji_thumbsup:
  27. Jens Raethel

    OK, now let's talk about "MAY"! ( w/A psychological decathlon that you'll appreciate)

    Scott: After I had read your review, I had to order the dvd. Thanks in advance, I trust you on this one!:)
  28. Jens Raethel

    You've been waiting for this! Take a CHRISTMAS VACATION...16x9 style!

    Great! Thats about time!!:)