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  1. Eddy-C

    Save up to 50 percent on every Joss Whedon DVD

    click here Its a shame I bought EVERY LAST ONE of these DVDS when they first came out.
  2. Eddy-C

    Conan in wide-screen now?

    I'm watching Conan and its in widescreen, my friend who I'm talking to has it in wide too. Is this permanent?
  3. Eddy-C

    Early TV renewals

    Since this is more than 1 show, I didn't feel like posting the same story in 4 different places. http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,271|94555|1|,00.html LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) As April began last year, ABC had fallen into a distance fourth place in most ratings measurements...
  4. Eddy-C

    laugh tracks in 60's toons

    Does anyone know why they put laugh tracks in Flintstones and other toons from that era? Surely people didn't think there was a live audience? Were they trying to make it feel like a sitcom?
  5. Eddy-C

    independence day question

    I'm looking to buy ID4 and contact on DVD(yes..I don't own them.) and there seems to be alot of versions of ID4. Which is the best version? No jokes about the quality of the film! I just want to know which has the best audio, video, and extras. Thanks!
  6. Eddy-C


    There was this show on UPN back in 2002 for only half a season called "Haunted", it starred Matthew Fox(of Lost and Party of Five). I only saw a few episodes but what I saw was good. Do you think with LOST being a big hit, they'll release this on DVD?
  7. Eddy-C

    spider-man on fox

    Its on right now. and in pan and scan(yuck). Are they simulcasting it in HD?
  8. Eddy-C

    Is this why the Spider-man "Venom Saga" one disc was canceled?

    http://superherohype.com/news.php?id=2169 Its a article about Marvel trying to strip Disney of its character copyrights.
  9. Eddy-C

    Angel season 5 (MERGED THREAD)

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=2380 Disc 1: "Conviction" (Part 1) - Commentary by Writer/Director Joss Whedon "Just Rewards" (Part 2) "Unleashed" "Hell Bound" Featurette: "Hey Kids! It's Smile Time!" Disc 2: "Life of the Party" "The Cautionary Tale of...
  10. Eddy-C

    what is this movie that I can't remember?

    back in the late 90's, there was a movie about New York turning into a police state. I wanted to see it when it first came out but never did. Does anyone know what that movie is? I'm asking because I just remembered it exists and am interested in seeing it.(again)
  11. Eddy-C

    IGN reviews Daredevil Director's Cut

    http://dvd.ign.com/articles/559/559295p1.html Who else is picking this up? I never bought the first Daredevil DVD(only rented it) so I'll probably pick this up around the time the new movie opens.
  12. Eddy-C

    ABC changing the running time of several shows

    http://www.thefutoncritic.com/cgi/go...gi?action=home 'desperate housewives' to run 61 minutes 'boston legal' to run 59 minutes 'lost' to run 61 minutes 'the bachelor' to run 61 minutes 'wife swap' to run 58 minutes This is probably why my DVR missed the last minute of Lost a...
  13. Eddy-C

    Wonderfalls DVD cover art

    check it out
  14. Eddy-C

    that 70's show 10/6/04

    I haven't watched this show in a few years for no real reason, I just did. But since I have a DVR I decided to tune in tonight. Um, when and why did the red-head go blonde? I almost didn't recognize her. And Hyde's dad is black?
  15. Eddy-C

    Angel Season 5

    Over on tvshowsondvd, Gord has the date at February 2005.
  16. Eddy-C

    some bonus features details from Alias Season 3 web site

    Buena Vista has up this web site about the DVD set http://video.movies.go.com/aliasseason3/flash.html It has up what I guess will be the final selections of extras under "DVD bonus features". "The Animated Alias:Tribunal" The site describes this as from Sydney's lost 2 years. I guess it...
  17. Eddy-C

    novice question about superbit

    Hi I'm not really a expert on DVD audio or anything like that so I'm wondering do I need a special DVD player to be able to play superbit dvd's?
  18. Eddy-C

    Angel season 4 DVD set (CONSOLIDATED THREAD)

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=1756 has the cover art and DVD specs. You can pre-order it at Amazon.com now I don't like the pic they used for David, but I didn't like his weight much that season either.
  19. Eddy-C

    Wonderfalls comes to DVD on december 7th, 2004!

    I saw a article about it onaint it cool news.
  20. Eddy-C

    Wonderfalls might come to DVD

    http://www.savewonderfalls.com/ May 25, 2004 - Victory? We've got some very good news for everyone who's been campaigning their asses off for the past month -- it looks like we're going to get those DVDs! Tim Minear posted this on a messageboard today: "Okay, some tiny good news --...
  21. Eddy-C

    Buffy Season 7 coming out earlier than expected?

    My friend just got themselves a copy of the R1 Buffy Season 6 DVD,they told me that the insert says that Season 7 comes out in October 2004. Isn't that a little early? Still its great that we'll have all the seasons by the end of the year. Now if someone could convince Fox to release Angel...
  22. Eddy-C

    looking for a cheap multi region DVD player

    I've been wanting to buy some DVDs from Europe for a while now,but don't know any good DVD players that won't mess up within a few months. I was thinking of getting Philips DVD727 Progressive-Scan DVD Player because it seems fairly easy to use, but after reading a few of the reviews,I noticed...