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  1. Dheiner

    Could I hear some recommendations, please?

    I have upgraditis. I just got a new Yammy 3070, and have an SVS PC4000 on the way. I want to replace my current speakers, with, I think, a 5.1.2 system. Budget,:$2-5K (US) Anyone want to share their thoughts?
  2. Dheiner

    Sports viewing

    I would like to hear the opinion of anyone who can compare OLED to "QLED" regarding viewing fast sports. {(If this is out of place, mods, of course, feel free to move it.) Not like you need MY permission....}
  3. Dheiner

    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Second Series)

    Is no one else watching this masterpiece? I find it fascinating! The performances are exquisite, the dialog is perfect, the pace is incredible. And the PLOT! Oh my God the plot!!! Now if I could just figure out WHAT THE FUNK IS HAPPENING!!!!! (Just kidding. I LOVE this!!!)
  4. Dheiner

    2017-18 NFL Thread

    I guess now is as good a time as any to start a new thread for this year. As a conversation starter, which team do you think had the worst draft last month?
  5. Dheiner

    Survivor 34-CBS

    I've been looking forward to this for a while, and they did not disappoint. Sandra seems to have not lost her touch. I really expected her to go last night, right up until Jeff read the votes. I was very happy with both boots. The second one, in particular! I loved how he went out as a...
  6. Dheiner

    Big Brother 17 - Well, well, well.... It must be summer!

    So far So good. Except for Audrey, I hate none of them, and I think that that is her plan!
  7. Dheiner

    Survivor Season 29 San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water

    Coming in Late September. Here is a cast revealing article: http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/08/27/survivor-san-juan-del-sur-cast-twists-revealed/
  8. Dheiner

    Surviving Jack

    Is anybody else watching this? I caught the first one almost by accident, but, I find that it's pretty good. I particularly enjoy the guy (Christopher Meloni) playing the dad.
  9. Dheiner

    2014 NFL Season

    I didn't see another thread, so I figured I'd start one. Scott, I heard that the Lions were looking at drafting the best WR available to pair with Megatron. Are they bringing Matt back so they can tap into his vast experience with high pick WRs?
  10. Dheiner

    Lou Reed

    RIP Lou Reed. He will be missed.
  11. Dheiner

    Suggestions for a new display, please?

    Hey guys. I'm looking for some specific advice. In a standard living room, viewing distance 9-13 feet,semi-controlled lighting, I want to up-size my 55" Mits rear projector CRT. I watch DVR'd cable, Blu Ray and DVD movies, some games, and quite a bit of sports, mostly NFL and NCAA...
  12. Dheiner

    RPTV video problem

    I have an first gen mits hd RPTV monitor, and I'm processing sound and picture through a Boston Acoustics (think Outlaw) A/V receiver, routing all video to the TV via component cables. Just recently, my picture has begun to "dissappear" behind what looks somewhat like a comb, progressing rapidly...
  13. Dheiner

    Space Pioneers

    Space Pioneers? Where do I sign up? Anybody else interested? Virgle: The Adventure of Many Lifetimes ;) (April first?)
  14. Dheiner

    Rome Season II

    II weeks from tonight! Iannarils XIV. Anyone else looking forward to this?
  15. Dheiner

    Threads not showing up

    Can anyone explain to me why some threads do not show up in the listing of threads. In particular, when I am actually logged in, I can only find the Sopranos thread if I do a search for "sopranos". It never shows in the listing, regardless of whether there is a new post or not. When I log in as...
  16. Dheiner

    Movie Tournament: Westerns!!!

    Post moved to page 2.
  17. Dheiner

    JarJar treatment

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, but.... Given the digital re-working someone did to create the JarJar-less Episode I, which other characters/actors would you like to see removed/replaced from which films? My request would be to replace Sofia Coppola (as Mary Corleone) with ANYONE!