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  1. John Kilroy

    Do you remember...?

    Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I logged on here at the HTF, and my have we grown! I joined in 1997, and have some great memories of this place! DO you remember: -Buying that first Toshiba DVD player for $599? -The title of your first DVD? -When HTF had one forum? And...
  2. John Kilroy

    How many HTFers does it take to change a light bulb?

    How many HTFers does it take a change a light bulb? Answer: 1438 1 to change the light bulb and to post to the board that the light bulb has been changed. 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently. 27 to point...
  3. John Kilroy

    Xbox price drop for holidays

    I am in Sweden right now, and I am hearing that MS dropped the price of the Clone Wars bundle in Japan to the equivalent of USD 159. Any confirmation on that side of the pond re: Japan or US price drop?
  4. John Kilroy

    Microsoft granted US patent for "interactive entertainment"

    Microsoft granted US patent for "interactive entertainment" Has Redmond locked up rights to movies on demand? Alexander Wolfe - EmbeddedWatch.com Complete article including patent drawings May 31--If your company is thinking about delivering interactive video-on-demand...
  5. John Kilroy

    "Xbox, Meet GTA. GTA, this is Xox."

    In Take-Two Interactive's conference call with analysts early this week the company said that its exclusivity contract with Sony Computer Entertainment America has been amended and, additionally, executives strongly hinted that a version of Grand Theft Auto may come to Xbox. During the Q&A...
  6. John Kilroy

    Question about Samsung 3096

    I bought the referenced television "open box" without the remote. One thing that really annoys me is the way I have to select component inputs. I programmed a universal remote for this tv, and when I switch inputs, it toggles between av1, av2, svideo, etc., but no component. The audio feed from...
  7. John Kilroy

    PS2, Xbox price drop to $179

    Sony is also offering a $199 "online enabled" bundle that includes a broadband or dialup adapter. MS Press Release: Add one more reason to buy an Xbox video game system today: a new, lower price. Effective immediately, the world's most powerful video game system will retail for $179.99 in...
  8. John Kilroy

    NFL 2k3 Live multiplayer?

    I just bought NFL 2k3, and have been trying to play on Xbox Live. Is there a way that three people (in three separate locations) can play, say two on one team (as QB and receiver) and one on the other team? I don't know if this is impossible or I just haven't figured it out. Thanks.
  9. John Kilroy

    Please help diagnose my RPTV

    I have a Philips Magnavox 60" RPTV that I purchased in 1997. It has always given good service, and I keep it calibrated using the service menu and test disks like Video Essentials. I recently moved, and now that I am operating the television in the new house, several guests have commented that...
  10. John Kilroy

    December Sales Numbers for Consoles

    From NPD: Top 10 PS2 Games: ------------------------ 1) Vice City 1,581,519 2) Dragon Ball: Z:Budokai 787,173 3) Madden NFL 2003 678,412 4) LOTR: Two Towers 554,050 5) Bond 007: Nightfire 488,858 6) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 483,954 7) Mortal Kombat 459,076 8) Kingdom Hearts...
  11. John Kilroy

    50 Reasons why Halo Sucks

    Halo Sucks 18. Homage or Theft? I The character of Cortana is similar to the AI named Durandal from the Marathon series. Can't Bungie come up with its own ideas instead of stealing those of others? 19. Homage or Theft? II The Flood is based on the voracious corporate conglomerate AOL...
  12. John Kilroy

    Running Ethernet in the walls

    I am building a house, and am running CAT5e to a few locations before the drywall goes up. The runs are about 50 feet, and about 9 feet of each run is parallel to a 120v power cable. Do power cable cables have a very big impact on performance? If so what is the effect? Thanks for your thoughts.
  13. John Kilroy

    Amazing Xbox bundle - JSRF, SGT2002, Halo and Splinter Cell

    Microsanta Christmas is coming early in the UK. Microsoft is bundling Jet Set Radio Future, Sega GT 2002, Halo and Splinter Cell with an Xbox for 199 pounds. Will we see this in the USA?
  14. John Kilroy

    Rare has Xbox 2 dev kits?

    Rare takes receipt of first Xbox 2? 5th Nov 2002 spong.com/x?art=3967 Insider rumblings...make compelling case. We have received word that UK-based Rare has already assumed ownership of one of the first batch of Xbox 2 development kits. Talk from those close to the Warwickshire studio...
  15. John Kilroy

    Metal Gear Solid 3 is Xbox exclusive?

    Has anyone heard that MGS3 is exclusive to Xbox, or has an exculsivity window? From computersandvideogames.com: METAL GEAR SOLID 3 XBOX "EXCLUSIVE"? Clearly no-one is safe from Big Bill's cash as sources suggest Microsoft's console will be the first to receive the next version in...
  16. John Kilroy

    Are you ready for Microsoft to remotely scan your Xbox?

    You might want to click here if you're a beta tester. "Microsoft has backtracked on an earlier pledge not to use its Xbox Live online gaming service to crack down on modified chips which enable the console to run copied game discs and unlicensed software. A 14-page user agreement and privacy...
  17. John Kilroy

    Microsoft to show "new" Xbox in August - and apply pricing screwdrivers

    Did anyone see yesterday's WSJ with that article regarding Microsoft's new project codenamed Freon? This is the product that reportedly combines an Xbox and a PVR. Today I see this article:http://www.theinquirer.net/02070207.htm citing a Taiwanese newspaper reporting that Microsoft will...
  18. John Kilroy

    The biggest videogame collection ever?

    This auction on ebay lists a video game collection with hundreds, no thousands of items. From Atari 2600 to PS2 and Xbox, plus PC/Mac gaming equipment, plus all kinds of software and accessories. It sold for $9700. It is the biggest I have ever seen. 85 oversized boxes of videogaming history
  19. John Kilroy

    Microsoft to sell next-gen Xbox in 2006

    Microsoft to Sell New Video-Game Console in 2006, Nikkei Says By Lily Nonomiya search.bloomberg.com/fgcg...SqTWljcm9z Tokyo, June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp, the maker of the Xbox video-game console, will release a new game machine with enhanced internet-access capabilities in 2006...
  20. John Kilroy

    Press Release: Microsoft will now publish games for Nintendo

    And now, in the Things You Never Thought You Would See Category... CALABASAS HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 2002--THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI - News) and Microsoft today announced an exclusive, worldwide Game Boy Advance publishing agreement. Under the agreement, THQ will publish several...
  21. John Kilroy

    Press Release: Microsoft will now publish games for Nintendo

    CALABASAS HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 2002--THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI - News) and Microsoft today announced an exclusive, worldwide Game Boy Advance publishing agreement. Under the agreement, THQ will publish several of Microsoft Game Studios' top-selling Xbox and PC game properties on...
  22. John Kilroy

    Xbox/UltimateTV Hybrid Microsoft's Xbox losses, and more

    "Microsoft takes heavy losses on the Xbox Beating Sony and Nintendo in the gaming console market is apparently worth billions to the software giant. By Dean Takahashi June 24, 2002 Microsoft executives are predicting heavy losses related to the Xbox video game console, but the company...
  23. John Kilroy

    Nintendo Shifts Focus from Consoles to Games

    Reading between the lines one could infer that the GameCube will be their last console. From USA Today: Nintendo plans to expand its share of the video game market by focusing on making better games rather than on building increasingly powerful game players, its new president said...
  24. John Kilroy

    Rallisport Challenge is beautiful, immersive and addictive

    So I'm driving along, fast, and I fishtail as I'm going into a hairpin turn. The sides of the track are lined with standing placards that say "Michelin," "Moto," and so forth. I hit a couple of them. Two get pushed off to the side of my car, and the other one just disappears. I finish the race...
  25. John Kilroy

    Halo Review at you-know-where

    If you were to somehow Link Removed , you may see a bargain-price Halo review very similar to a review available as part of a certain pay-to-read gaming site. John Kilroy ------------------ Link Removed
  26. John Kilroy

    SSX Tricky DTS is 4.1 (no center channel)

    A poster who apparently is playing the game on a decent system is reporting pretty negatively on the sound: "There is no sound information in the center channel at all, not to menion there is very little LFE effects under 55Hz (I checked) so to say I was let down a bit is an understatement...
  27. John Kilroy

    TOSLink output on Xbox?

    EDIT - 10/29 ---- Well, thanks for all the input, folks, I've ordered the 30 foot optical cable with TOSLink connectors from the source I listed below. If I found anything has gone awry, I'll post a follow up. Thanks again. -- Original message: Can anyone verify what kind of optical output...
  28. John Kilroy

    Optical cable length?

    I'll need to run the optical out from my Xbox about thirty feet to my processor. Is there a maximum recommended run length for optical DD5.1 data? Can anyone recommend a brand of cable this length that won't cost an arm and a leg? Thanks, John Kilroy ------------------ Link Removed
  29. John Kilroy

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  30. John Kilroy

    Where to pre-order X-Box?

    I'd like to pre-order the X-Box tomorrow, but I have never pre-ordered a game system before. Apparently a lot of you have, and I'd like input on where to pre-order. When you pre-order, does that mean you are assured to get a system on release day? Or is it more a matter of each store getting a...