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  1. Britton

    Star Trek Season One: "The City on the Edge of Forever"

    There was a noticable problem with the video transfer of this episode when the original Volume 14 came out back in 2000, and according to reports and the HTF reviewer, it has not been corrected for the new Season One boxed set. The video problem is a vertical "jittering" of the image that last...
  2. Britton

    Babylon 5 Season 4 Sound Issues

    Hey, I just got through watching the 6th episode, "Into the Fire" on disc 2 and I noticed the dialogue sounded very muffled. Sometimes I had to strain to make out what the characters were saying. Then during the end credits, heard static coming from my front left speaker. It happened at 43:26...
  3. Britton

    Toy Story: Ultimate Toy Box replacement packaging?

    Does anyone know a number for Buena Vista/Disney that I can call to inquire about the possibility of getting a new plastic slip cover and box for the Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box? I just picked it up today and the plastic is cracked. Has anyone else out there had any luck with getting replacement...
  4. Britton

    Weird Sony 51WS500 problem

    Lately I have noticed a rather strange problem with this set where the hue of the picture starts to flicker between what I have it set to normally to one that looks blueish green. After going back and forth, it eventually stays on the blueish green hued picture. It's almost as if I'm watching...
  5. Britton

    Wega Uneven Brightness Fix: Fact or Myth?

    I was reading on the Yahoo! Wega Boards that there is a knob on the rear of the set, accessible when the back cover is removed, that will adjust the color purity to get rid of the pink bars that can be found on some sets when a white or bright background is displayed. There have been numerous...
  6. Britton

    Pink blotches with Wega

    Hi, I just picked up a KV-27FS13 and I noticed that when the picture is displaying something that is white, I notice some pink blotches on the right and left sides of the screen. They run vertically (almost from top to bottom) and are only visible when the set displays whites. It doesn't bug...