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  1. Tim_Prasuhn

    Films that need DVD Releases with their Original Aspect Ratio, anamorphic if need be!

    Philadelphia Experiment 2, and the original, got a lot of play when I was younger. IMDB says part 2 was shot anamorphic/ 2.35:1. I can believe it, because from what I understand this film was intended for a theatrical release, and filmed accordingly (it even has some decent CGI effects at the...
  2. Tim_Prasuhn

    Films that need DVD Releases with their Original Aspect Ratio, anamorphic if need be!

    For us here in R1 land, off the top of my head (and with some rambling).... MIRACLE MILE (1988) - The current DVD is fullframe. Needs to be 1.85:1. Kurt Fuller's eyes melting out in 16:9 is something I hope to see one day. DROP DEAD FRED (1991) - The current DVD is fullframe. Needs to be...
  3. Tim_Prasuhn

    Will they ever make a special edition dvd for the Neverending Story ???

    I'd buy one... grew up watching this movie, have a fondness for it. the german version apparently runs longer, and doesn't have Giorgio Moroder's synth cheese replacing some VERY good original scoring.... It definetly would be a selling point to include that cut of the film, since it always...
  4. Tim_Prasuhn

    SHOCKED: Movies that don't have special editions yet

    Excalibur definitly...if the longer cut of the film still exists (i've read the script for it...some new sequences, but mostly significant extensions...been while, though, specifics are hazy), bring it on. Seem to recall an SE is coming, but I cant remember whats on it. 2010- c'mon, at least...
  5. Tim_Prasuhn

    Films that you fear may NEVER be released on DVD.

    The Wizard of Speed and Time just a fun, innocent movie...kind of amazing that it works so well (though I may be biased, as a filmmaker i can really relate to it)... not out on DVD i'm guessing because of lack of funds to finish it (mike jittlov, i think, wants to complete the thing before...
  6. Tim_Prasuhn

    Non-Anamorphic DVD's wanted Anamorphically Enhanced

    2010 Pi The Edge Strange Days
  7. Tim_Prasuhn

    The Game, Gattaca, and/or Strange Days?

    Strange Days would be a great, much needed SE... its one of the greatest cyberthrillers no ones seen. A perfect example of hyperkinetic filmmaking that manages to maintain a complex, interesting plot (thank you Jim Cameron) and give us striking visuals. The DVD out now...looks good for...
  8. Tim_Prasuhn

    Nick Rewind Collection

    I really want Rocko's Modern Life. Good, wacky humor, and as far as I can remember, it didn't get stale in the later part of its run. Fresh until the end. AHH! Real Monsters would also be fun to own.
  9. Tim_Prasuhn

    Gladiator: 3-Disc Extended Edition announced for 6/7/05 !

    On at least one of the deleted scenes on the first release (where Commodus defaces a statue of his father with a sword) Ridley Scott stated in his commentary over it that he really shouldn't have cut the scene out, because it was good and not all that long. So we know he was dissatisfied with...
  10. Tim_Prasuhn

    Wim Wenders: Until The End OF The World Directors Cut DVD in US??!

    So, any updates or new information on a R1 release? I'm about ready to break down and buy the Italian version (i've a nice region free, PAL converting DVD player), but i'd wait if I knew an R1 release was on the horizon.
  11. Tim_Prasuhn

    Paramount's missing big three....

    The only show that I really, truely want from Paramount is one of it's nickelodean shows, Rocko's Modern Life, but I doubt its got enough recognition to get a release at the moment. Get Smart would be great on DVD, too.
  12. Tim_Prasuhn

    David Lynch's DUNE--new DVD (merged thread)

    Yeah, i'm still unsure about what this Extended Cut is going to be. Since those repeated shots won't work at all in scope, i'm hoping they've re-edited the TV cut into something that will work as a widescreen feature. If not, then its just going to look silly and embarassing when those shots...
  13. Tim_Prasuhn

    Ren & Stimpy Uncut: Seasons 1 & 2 - Censored bits

    the "Out West" episode's Hanging song is still missing its intended final line. My memory of the exact wording is fuzzy, but its something like "Y'all bring your kids!"
  14. Tim_Prasuhn

    The "Dark Star" DVD restoration petition

    If an agreement cannot be reached between O'Bannon and Carptenter, then.... well... as much as Dan is a cool cool guy, this is really more Carpenter's film, and if I had to choose who would participate in a special edition of Dark Star, it would be John Carpenter. Maybe they can release a...
  15. Tim_Prasuhn

    Classic (pre-1970) Horror & Sci-Fi not on DVD

    The Wizard of Mars, aka The Horrors of the Red Planet, is a movie i've been wanting a DVD of for a long time. It's not often such inept filmmaking can generate such an interesting final product. Almost effective in its badness, sometimes.:D
  16. Tim_Prasuhn

    The "Dark Star" DVD restoration petition

    I'm a big fan of Dark Star, own the current DVD, and would upgrade in a jiffy. My only hope is that the original, longer cut be remastered as well as the Director's Cut. I find it's the version I watch most often, and the version I prefer. Remastering both cuts probably wouldn't be a big...
  17. Tim_Prasuhn

    Ren and Stimpy advance reviews

    Yeah, i'd pick up Season 3 in a flash, just to have the Rens Pecs/An Abe Divided episode, my personal favorite of the entire series (don't tell John K ). Tied for favorite episode is another one from Season 3 The Wilbur Cobb episode where Ren and Stimpy visit him in jail to show him...
  18. Tim_Prasuhn

    Ren and Stimpy advance reviews

    The last line in the song that ends the "Out West" episode is still missing. Went something along the lines of "Y'all bring your kids next time." Not distracting, it's a clean edit, but its annoying when you're looking for it. It's a funny joke, and the more jokes the better...
  19. Tim_Prasuhn

    Paramount has huge plans for 2005!

    Rocko's Modern Life Duckman .....when?
  20. Tim_Prasuhn

    Old Nick Shows

    I'd definitly buy up ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE dvds. Delightfully wacky, surreal show, a good replacement for Ren and Stimpy (though they did overlap by about a year or so, I think). Would consider Pete and Pete.
  21. Tim_Prasuhn

    Woot!! Home Movies: Season 1 on DVD - 11/16!!

    Oh thank God. It's about time. The best show Adult Swim ever aired, or at least the smartest. I'll definitly be picking this up.
  22. Tim_Prasuhn

    Amazon STL: Hitchcock Collection or Warner Film Noir Collection

    -deleted- just noticed date on posts
  23. Tim_Prasuhn

    Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Ren and Stimpy back on dvd.

    Holy Head Implosion Batman! :D This is fantastic news, thanks Paramount. I'm gonna dump my Time-Life DVDs as soon as possible. No use in keeping cut-up, out of order, incomplete editions when something so extensive is coming out. Now lets hope these are fully uncut.
  24. Tim_Prasuhn

    The Value of Criterion

    Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but a lot of people are making good points. Some of Criterion's titles need to be priced at a premium in order for the company to make back its money from the finding/restoration/liscencing of said films. I happily pay 30 or 40 bucks (though with...
  25. Tim_Prasuhn

    List Your TV show DVDs

    Babylon 5: Seasons 1-5 Babylon 5: In The Beginning/ The Gathering Dune (Miniseries) Family Guy: Seasons 1-3 The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus Ren and Stimpy (all 3 discs) The Stand (Miniseries) 24: Seasons 1-2
  26. Tim_Prasuhn

    We need Gummi Bears on DVD...

    I'd buy them in a second. A great show.
  27. Tim_Prasuhn

    Is the longer version of the Adventures of Milo and Otis available?

    Sorry to bring back an old thread, but hey, Why start a new one when you can do this. So, anyone know I could get my hands on the 90 minute version of Milo and Otis? I've been region free for a while. Also, and this is kinda disturbing. IMDB lists the film as 2.35:1 OAR, but the DVD is 1.85:1...
  28. Tim_Prasuhn

    found 1 (maybe 2) OOP titles today

    i'd be interested in the original unaltered Devil's Advocate, depending on cost. Let me know! [email protected] Thanks, Tim
  29. Tim_Prasuhn

    Das Boot: Original Uncut Version 3(?)-disc set - 6/1!

    Paul D G is right. The steadi-cam rig they used to hurtle back and forth through the sub was so loud all dialogue had to be looped (dubbed) in post. The German Dub still matches the lips better, though.
  30. Tim_Prasuhn

    We need a new Lawnmower Man release with the Director

    I'd buy a re-released Director's Cut dvd. I've had the DC on tape for years now, and would gladly upgrade. It's truely a good B movie in the longer form. I've only seen the theatrical cut once, and it was a disgusting experience, as I had only seen the DC prior to that. VERY choppy and rendered...