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  1. TommyL

    Dali Helicon 400's Arrive with Authority!

    Many haven't heard of this company out of Denmark, and those who have have probably commented on the "unreal craftsmanship" of these speakers, and smooth flowing sounds coming out of them. I have kicked off a good 50 hours on the speakers now, and have been utterly impressed with the sound of...
  2. TommyL

    FS--->Grand Theft Auto BUNDLE Xbox

    vice city hasn't even been opened...just don't have time to play this. 35 + actual shipping.
  3. TommyL

    Paradigm Studio 40's Perfect condition!

    I have one pair of Black Lam. Paradigm studio 40's (V2) in perfect shape. Smoke free environment. I have the original boxes, manuals, and qrap plastic they came in! I am upgrading to a floorstanding speaker, and can get the new mains right away. I will have the 20's and CC available sometime in...
  4. TommyL

    Wicked cables component cable 6'

    I have 1- 6' component cable videoflex wrapped with canare ends for sale. Cable is in great condition, and works fine! (I'm switching slowly to DVI, hence me selling it) Pictures available upon request ([email protected] ) 30.00 USD + shipping. Thanks for looking!
  5. TommyL

    Xbox House cleaning....

    Hi all..I have some xbox games that I just don't play anymore...(I am a 64 rated ebayer fyi) ncaa football 2003--> 10.00 Pro race driver ---> SOLD morrowind--->10.00 ghost recon ---> SOLD madden 2003----10.00 Tiger Woods 2003 golf---> 18.00 Shipping 5 bucks(each) multiples obviously get a...
  6. TommyL

    Zenith DTV 1080 HDTV receiver mint cond.

    Hi all. I am cleaning house, and am selling the hard to find Zenith 1080 high def receiver. It has been takin care of very well as I am the original purchaser of the unit. It has never been serviced and is a great HD receiver...sleek look with amazing results. You can see it on my homepage or I...
  7. TommyL

    Xbox Madden 2004 for sale +

    Complete with everything included. 40.00 I do have others for sale or trade email me [email protected] with any questions. I am a 60+ rated good ebay seller fyi.
  8. TommyL

    Carada Screen Review! If your thinking screens, read first!

    Hi all! I am finally able to write my review of Carada...the company and the screen. I am not affiliated with Carada in any way, as I am writing a review solely on my thoughts and impressions of the owner, Davis Giles, and the product he sold me (104" Carada Classic Cinema White 1.0 Gain...
  9. TommyL

    True Crime : streets of LA Xbox

    Here it is..a 720p game that looks sweet, and plays very well! I've played the heck out of it! 40 bucks and its all yours..everything is obviously in good shape as it has just been released 5 days ago. You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. thanks!
  10. TommyL

    Moving things around for FP...now cables are trouble..

    I have redone my family room, and have looked into how in the world am I going to get cabling to the FP (which will be on a stand 16-22 feet back, undecided because I haven't figured out my exact screen size..waiting for FP to come) but am left with a few options...and someone must have run into...
  11. TommyL

    Anyone cranked up the SVS animation just for kicks?

    this---> http://www.svsubwoofers.com/animation.htm Even with my little klipsch 4.1 computer surround system, it still brings a chuckle outta me lol...
  12. TommyL

    panny 300 ..which screen and then some...

    Hi All! I know CEDIA is just around the corner, but I am trying to get my ducks in a row and have made up my mind that the panny 300 is my top choice right now to demo and hopefully purchase(barring something better for the buck coming out). Questions---> I currently have my rptv at 10' from the...
  13. TommyL

    Lexicon mc-8 / dvd-a question....

    Finally received my rhino audio cables, and am anxious to get some dvd goin, but I have hit a snag in the Lex...I have analog cables(6) going from the denon 1600 to the audio inputs in the middle of the Lex (6 spots dotted line) but can't seem to find the proper setting to unleash the music..I...
  14. TommyL

    Projector hunt...

    Well, the search is on...I am looking for a projector, and a screen for my HT. I will be using this for dvd's and Xbox mostly...very little directv. Any thoughts on what would suit me best both in projector and screen...and suggestions on who is great to deal with? A photo of my current room...
  15. TommyL

    Lexicon mc-8 test tones...

    HI all...Just curious as to if you have used both avia and the internals for setup on the Lex(I currently have mine set at 75 db using internal..sub is about 79/80....which do you prefer? Going a bit deeper, when you set calibrations for say logic 7 FILM mode, does this transfer to ALL the other...
  16. TommyL

    Should I get 12 gauge wire to replace 16 gauge?

    Hi all..I currently use 16 gauge monster for my speaker wire...I have 3 short runs(8 feet or less) and 2 longer runs(12 feet and 20 feet) Is it going to make a difference in sound quality both in music/HT? My system is here--> http://home.mchsi.com/~toml/wsb/html...tos.html-.html thanks...
  17. TommyL

    Santa is HERE! Lex/ sherbourn combo HT w/pics

    Well, it was EARLY:) I finally pulled the plug and bought in...and man, what a difference in sound. Let me know what ya think( now to fix the wiring grrr...)...I'd like to thank Arthur Vino, ChadLB, Ben, Chas, M. Ipp and the rest of you for the help in HT...so Thank you. Website(made quickly one...
  18. TommyL

    100000 ---> the next step !

    Posts...hats off to the owner, mods, and everyone that is a part of it...The help,a nd thoughts have been MUCH appreciated in building a Home theater!!
  19. TommyL

    Lex mc -1 ..will I be blown away?

    I'm having a tough time making the call on one of these...I use a marantz sr8200 right now..(studio 40's/20's/B4+ svs sub/ denon 1600 dvd player) I use it mostly for Home theater..but music is important...will a combo like sherbourn 5/5120 / lexicon mc-1 blow away my marantz, or not? I hate to...
  20. TommyL

    Anyone using rhino audio interconnects?

    Hi all...just setup my dvd-a player(and bought my first dvd-a!), and am ready to buy some audio interconnects...Rhino seems to be popular...is 50 bucks a pair overpriced? Has anyone compared these to any other maker? (setup is marantz sr8200 and denon 1600) fyi...thanks much...tl
  21. TommyL

    amp suggestion needed...

    Good evening all...I have an urge to add a external amp to my setup to take the heat off my marantz sr8200....good idea? I run paradigm studio 40's/20's , cc , SVS B4+ and denon 1600 dvd player fyi...Would this be a benefit or just another rack holder? The 8200 has good power, but I feel I could...
  22. TommyL

    Belden 1505F...thoughts on it?

    Just curious as to what people have heard on this new cable...blue jeans is going to offer it with a week or 2...would it be any better than 1694a for dvd-a? More flexibe..and such a short run (1.5 feet or less)...thanks!
  23. TommyL

    AR Pro cables...should I replace?

    Hi all..I am looking into replacing a few cables/adding new cables too! as the upgrade continues...Here is what I am looking for: Denon 1600 to marantz sr8200 (for dvd-a) zenith dtv1080i set top box to mitsu 55" hdtv (component cable) denon 1600 to back of mitsu hdtv (component cable)...
  24. TommyL

    interconnects for dvd-a...suggestions?

    Hi all...Just looking into interconnects for dvd-a...I use a marantz sr8200 receiver, and am looking hard at a denon 1600 dvd player...any good links to good interconnects? Why is it that some offer all six interconnects, and others, are listed by the pair? I was looking at ixos dvd-a...
  25. TommyL

    rp-91, denon 1600, denon 2900...which to buy?

    Hi all...I am an avid movie watcher, and want good quality music also...which player would best suit this? I use a rp-56 panny now...so I'd have to feel the upgrade is worth it...the denon 2900 is obviously more, and its so new, we haven't seen a pro review yet...so even disregarding that one...
  26. TommyL

    worth the upgrade to a denon 2900?

    Hi all...I am a avid DVD watcher, and am wondering if this player would really make my jaw drop compared to my panny rp-56 dvd player...I also listen to music cd's....pros/cons if anyone could chime in! thanks much...tom
  27. TommyL

    SVS B4+ pics as promised!!!

    Here they are...just quick made this site as my other host is full:) Let me know what ya think! thanks..tom http://home.mchsi.com/~toml/wsb/html...ome.html-.html
  28. TommyL

    SVS B4+ has arrived!!!! Whoa...she's a beaut !

    Finally after me dilly dallying about coloring and going back and forth with variations, and sending colors for tom and co. to match, we DID IT!! Hats off of TV/Ron, and Erik...a pleasure as always to do business with...damn, wouldn't be the same without those guys...many thanks...I'll post some...
  29. TommyL

    upgraditis from marantz 8200...any thoughts?

    HI all....I currently use a marnatz 8200..great piece, but I have a few bucks to burn and want to put it into my system. What should I look at in the 3k range (I use it mostly for HT) I know rotel, outlaw etc are out there...if anyone has a thought or two drop it, so I can investigate:) btw...I...
  30. TommyL

    B4+ come to me!! who's waiting for a SVS on the doorstep?

    Finally hit the submit button on the B4+...ahh...now the wait is on...man, you guys count hours...I HAVE a WEEK!! The PB + sounds like another kick ass sub from SVS also...I have yet to find better customer service, and great people to deal with. thanks TV and ron/erik...:emoji_thumbsup: