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  1. John Chow

    Transformers (2007)

    Another child of the 80s checking in...caught this movie on Saturday (premiere being on Thursday in Taiwan). Definitely rocking, the CG is pretty much as good as it gets, and the sound FX were rocking as well. Don't take things too seriously or go in with fanboy goggles on and I think you're...
  2. John Chow

    Impossible Dreams (Hugo Award Nominee)

    I came across this short story that is being nominated for the short story Hugo award and thought you guys might like it, since it's HT related... http://www.asimovs.com/_issue_0704/I...ledreams.shtml btw, some of the other novels, short stories, etc. that are up for nomination are linked...
  3. John Chow

    Heroes season 1 thread

    I'm sorry if it's already been discussed, but why didn't they just let Claire shoot Peter to stop the bomb? Just didn't understand why they were making such a big deal out of shooting him when he's practically invincible. I'd say it's actually much more questionable as to whether or not he can...
  4. John Chow

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    Wow...looks like I got lucky, as the version I watched had pretty much all of the scenes mentioned by Bryan still intact. Probably had something to do with the fact that it was on a personal screen rather than a shared screen and maybe since it was on JAL(Japanese Airlines). I still find the...
  5. John Chow

    *** Official CASINO ROYALE Discussion Thread

    So I just caught this movie for the first time on the airplane (btw, I hereby tender my HTF resignation) and was wondering, why does Vesper commit suicide?
  6. John Chow

    *** Official The Prestige Discussion Thread

    Actually, I seem to remember there was a line in the movie where Hugh Jackman's character was discussing getting his hands dirty, with reference to the beginning of the movie where he was unwilling to kill the birds. Anyway, I seem to remember him mentioning the courage that it took not knowing...
  7. John Chow

    What were or still are, your favorite arcade games ?

    The first game for me was definitely Galaga. My brother was Pac-man all the way though. My next addiction after that was probably a side scroller called Side Arms. After that I was pretty fond of the side scrolling beat 'em up type games like Final Fight, TMNT, Spider-man, Simpsons etc...
  8. John Chow

    Why can't I get DD audio?

    Hm...I'm not really familiar with the Fortissimo sound cards. However, since you are getting sound out of it, I would assume that the S/PDIF output from the sound card perspective should be working properly. You might want to check sound card settings to make sure there aren't any specific...
  9. John Chow

    Single Channel vs. Dual Channel RAM

    Not really sure what jeff.m means. SethH pretty much has the proper description of what dual channel is. Think of dual channel as adding a second lane to a single lane highway. If your single lane highway was extremely busy/congested, then adding a second lane would definitely speed things up...
  10. John Chow

    *** Official CONSTANTINE Discussion Thread

    Damn...I just saw this today, but didn't stay for the credits although I normally do. Can someone fill us in? btw, having no prior knowledge of the comics, I thought this movie rocked. Story flowed together pretty well, special effects were good, and quite a few creepy moments. I thought...
  11. John Chow

    need an opinion on some fencing

    Dang, and here I thought that this was going to be a fencing thread, like with swords and stuff.
  12. John Chow

    A few things that bother me...before I forget

    I was at a solo guitar performance by Christopher Parkening. After the last song and everyone was applauding, he came back out and said he wasn't going to do an encore because for the last song he had specially tuned his guitar and he didn't want to tune it back :p)
  13. John Chow

    NOW, can someone explain DVD+R?

    I've got one example of +R compatibility being better. I've found that my Sony PS2 which was purchased at launch cannot read -R's, but can read +R's.
  14. John Chow

    Backing Up Large File

    Just split the EXE into 2 or more separate files, and then burn them to CD. There are tons of utilities to do this, but the one that I have used is WinRAR, which is normally just used for file compression. Alternatively, just get a second hard drive, or borrow a USB hard drive to store the...
  15. John Chow

    Help me propose marriage...

    Hm...with frogs I tend to think Kermit the frog. If she's a muppet fan, maybe you can find a way to work in kermit and Miss Piggy. Although maybe she wouldn't like to be compared to a pig...;)
  16. John Chow

    Bewitched to the Big Screen...

    Just saw the teaser. Hm..should be interesting to see how this turns out, I was a pretty big fan of the tv show when I was younger and have seen quite a few episodes. My memory of the twitch thing was always more of a mouth movement rather than nose, but I think Nicole has her lips pursed...
  17. John Chow

    *** Official HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS Review Thread

    I was really disappointed with the story. To be honest, I didn't think it made any sense at all, it was as if they were going out of their way to screw themselves over for absolutely no reason. For me, a movie with decent cinematography and ok effects can no way make up for a totally pathetic...
  18. John Chow

    Do I really need thermal paste?

    Thermal paste will definitely give you better heat transfer and is a better overall thermal solution. However, if AMD provides the cpus with thermalpads and warranties it as is, then it should be fine with standard PC designs. If you're trying to shove it in a notebook, or some smaller form...
  19. John Chow

    usb 2.0 problem - random disconnects

    Ted, Assuming you didn't have any resource conflicts, it didn't really matter. If you can disable them in the bios, then that's the best way to do it. I'm glad the new pci card is working out for you. If you were plugging the hdd into the hub, i don't think that would damage the...
  20. John Chow

    Is Jet Li's "Hero" worth a blind buy?

    Actually i thought House of Flying Daggers was a pretty bad movie. Pretty much just mass confusion and made little to no sense, but this probably isn't the thread to be discussing it. For Hero, I dug it, I liked the way of telling the story, maybe a bit gimmicky, but it worked for me. I'd say...
  21. John Chow

    I'm tired of companies playing "stupid"

    'cmon Shane, don't just assure us...why don't you tell us how it works then?
  22. John Chow

    usb 2.0 problem - random disconnects

    PCI cards should be pretty dirtcheap. The USB is normally located in the southbridge chipset. Has your computer been doing this from when you first bought it, or just recently? If it's only recently, I'd be concerned about the health of the motherboard in general. It's never a good thing when...
  23. John Chow

    usb 2.0 problem - random disconnects

    What southbridge chipset does that motherboard use? I don't think it's a solder problem since it's happening on all 4 ports. The chance of a bad solder job on all 4 ports should be pretty unlikely. Most likely I'd say your chipset is going bad, especially if this problem has only started...
  24. John Chow

    *** Official THE INCREDIBLES Discussion Thread

    I think really the main difference between the Incredibles and previous movies is that it had long, drawn out action scenes. I don't really think it's fair to compare the implied death scenes, since really the opening of nemo with nemo's mom could be considered worse than anything in the...
  25. John Chow

    Computer freezes/shuts off after a period of inactivity

    Maybe check the heatsink on your cpu and fan? Some systems are set to go through the shutdown process when overheating. Have you ever actually seen the computer go through the shutdown process by itself? What does it do directly beforehand? Do you see something doing the Start->shutdown->turn...
  26. John Chow

    A Bug's Life - Pixar's forgotten child?

    Put me in the A Bug's Life isn't anything special camp. Didn't especially care for it, in fact, I think I fell asleep during it when we rented it for the first time. I think a lot of this may have to do with the fact that I saw Antz first and thought it was a great film. I'm not sure how much of...
  27. John Chow

    Mask of Zorro Appreciation Thread

    Huge fan here as well. Movie pretty much went together perfectly as far as I'm concerned. First time I saw Catherine in a movie, and still really the movie she looks best in. It's been a while since someone in a movie was able to make my jaw go
  28. John Chow

    2004 ML Baseball Playoff Discussion Thread

    Sheesh, all people ever seem to talk about is the ALCS. At least the last few pages anyways, haven't read much further back. Anyways, I'll be here rooting for my hometown team with Roger Clemens going to the mount in game 7. Game 6 was a hearbreaker, currently working in Taiwan, I expected to...
  29. John Chow

    Great Video Game Moments

    Add a couple more MGS moments: Paraphrase: How did you beat me? Ah.....you used the 2nd controller!!! Whole Sniper wolf death sequence was cool, I think they synchronized the dual shock to her heartbeat.
  30. John Chow

    Digital Camera Newbie: Need Serious Help

    What size of camera are you looking for? Pocket sized? Fit in a bag sized? I'm a big fan of the Panasonics (FZ10 owner), so I'd recommend those, but they might not fit what you're looking for. They tend to be on the larger size, which is understandable due to the 12x image stabilized lens...