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  1. Yoon Lee

    sony single DVD vs changer

    Is there feature $20 more expensive sony changer is worse than its single disk cousin? How about de-interlacing circuitry? Circuit City guy said that it's better to use Sony TV's instead anyway. Is he talking with his ass? Then where is the point for progressive scan DVD? Or, even with...
  2. Yoon Lee

    Does it have to be HDTV ready to do progressive scan?

    Does TV have to be HDTV ready to do progressive scan? How'bout 3D comb filter thing? I'm trying to get 20~27 cheapest progressive scan TV. Thanks.
  3. Yoon Lee

    progressive scan vs DRC

    Isn't progressive scan DVD doing the same thing as Sony TV's DRC circuit? Then, which is better? If DRC is better, there is no point of progressive scan feature, isn't it? Thanks.
  4. Yoon Lee

    B&W speakers matching with other series?

    I have B&W 7NT and CNT for the front line powered by Rotel 1066/1075 combo. So, when the time comes I'm thinking of upgrading my rear speakers to 1NT. However, since 1NT costs ~$1400 with its stands, I'm having a second thought; what if I get B&W 600 which's less than half the price and add...
  5. Yoon Lee

    irony about dynamic range

    When we talk about HT equipments, good dynamic range is one of the qualities that we're looking for. But, when we watch DVDs, we complain about some conversation is too hard to hear while some explosions are too loud. We end up changing volume up and down quite a lot, which is like actually...
  6. Yoon Lee

    Is newer model always better?

    In this fast changing time, manufactures introduce new model almost every year. So, the question is that do you think this year's model is ALWAYS better than yester year's model? I know newer models supports newer formats and everything, but I'm rather talking about sonic quality. Are they...
  7. Yoon Lee

    Are you satisfied with your system?

    Today, my wife asked me this powerful question. I gave answer, "Yes, I am, but I also see some room for improvements." Of course, my wife wasn't too happy about the second part of answer, but it was my honest answer. :) How about you?
  8. Yoon Lee

    Info on Rotel RCD 02

    There is a new CD player RCD-02 which seems to replace RCD-961. Anyone with information on RCD-02, or better yet comparison between the two?
  9. Yoon Lee

    Anyone knows Denon's customer support Email address?

    Anyone knows Denon's customer support Email address?
  10. Yoon Lee

    B&W 1NT speaker stand

    Currently considering B&W 1NT for my surround, but $350 for a pair of stand simply sounds too much to me. Is there anyone out there who owns B&W 1NT and found an alternative speaker stand that doesn't cost much less? Call me ignorant, but paying $350 for a pair of metal tubes with base is not...
  11. Yoon Lee

    good days and bad days

    Do you believe there are good days and bad days for your system? I swear that my system sounds better one day compared to other days. Do they have different conditions like us? I'm leaning toward believing that side, myself, BTW.
  12. Yoon Lee

    Do you use analog or digital output of your CD player?

    I'm curious whether you use analog or digital output of your CD player, and what kind of CD player/system you have. And, also why you made that choice.
  13. Yoon Lee

    what pre/pro do you have and do you like it?

    what pre/pro do you have. And, what do you like about it and not like about it?
  14. Yoon Lee

    what to blame for distortion?

    if you're having distortion or not so clean sound, which component is mostly/least likely the cause of it? Could it be CD player, pre/pro, cable, or power amp?
  15. Yoon Lee

    how important pre/pro is in the system

    how important pre/pro in your system is? More or same to power amps? lower than CD player? even lower than cables? or even higher than speakers? What $3000 pre/pros can bring to you whereas $500 receiver cannot other than a billion tweaking options? My question is strictly on sound.
  16. Yoon Lee

    interconnect, coax cable, and RCA cables...

    So, there are interconnects and coax cables. Are they interchangible? I mean can I use a interconnect for a cable for digital output on a CD player, for example? Or, subwoofer cable? Are they just marketing scheme to sell more cables that we don't need?
  17. Yoon Lee

    how important/much better is dedicated pre/pros

    Ok, I have Denon 3802 functioning as pre/pro. Would a dedicated pre/pro would make big sonic difference compared to a receiver?
  18. Yoon Lee

    Leave power amp on?

    I recently got Rotel 1075 power amp. It's got power switch, and I'm wondering if I should leave it on while I'm not using the amp or turn it off. Any ideas?
  19. Yoon Lee

    Does CE775 sound improve over time?

    I've got Sony SCD CE775 and currently it sounds harsh. But, according to some people, it gets smoother after burn-in period. So, I'd like to ask those who own the player if that was the case. Please no theories on "there is a/no burn-in period". I'm only interested in actual experience. Unless I...
  20. Yoon Lee

    suggestion for CD transport at around $200?

    I'm looking for suggestions for CD transport at around $200. I have Rotel 1075 amp with B&W 7NTs.
  21. Yoon Lee

    how terrible of idea to use DVD player to play CDs?

    It seems many people think playing your fav. CDs on your dvd player would give you much worse sound than CD players. How much is truth? Or, how far is it from truth? I've got Sony SCD 775, but its redbook CD reproduction has been harsh even compared to my Sony DVD 570. So,... I'm thinking of...
  22. Yoon Lee

    way to disable amp section of 3802?

    Since I got Rotel power amp, my 3802 is acting as pre/pro only. But, its amp section is doing the job. Is there a way to disable amp section? I look through the manual, but couldn't find a switch for it.
  23. Yoon Lee

    Sensitivity ratings?

    Can we take sensitivity rating as it is, or is it like wattages ratings? My new B&W is rated at 90dB and so was my satelitte speakers. But, with this new B&W, I had to crank up volume by 5dB on my Denon to get about same volume level. Of course, at the same volume level, there is no comparison...
  24. Yoon Lee

    Rotel 1075 made in China

    Finally I got my Rotel today from the same dealer that took 3 weeks+ to deliever my B&W. I was surprised by Rotel twice today. First to find out it's made in China. I was concerned about it, although the salesman mentioned it's made in China by Rotel, not some sort of OEM. Personally, I don't...
  25. Yoon Lee

    any B&W owners using AudioQuest cable?

    I'm considering AudioQuest CV6 for my CDM7NT. Anyone has any experience with CV4 or CV6 or any other AudioQuest cables with B&Ws? I'm currently using bottom of the line Transparent cable.
  26. Yoon Lee

    Do you bi-wire your B&W?

    Do you bi-wire your B&W speakers, especially for CDMs? I know, it's one of the most controversial topics and I don't intend to start a war. I just want to hear from those who tried to bi-wire their B&Ws and their opinion on it. Thanks.
  27. Yoon Lee

    How long did you wait for your B&W?

    I ordered a pair of CDM7NT and CNT from my local Definitive Audio. They had none in stock, so I placed an order and the salesman told me that it's gonna be in a couple weeks. And, that two weeks past, the salesman has no idea about the whereabout of my speakers. He just said it's probably in...
  28. Yoon Lee

    Rotel 1075 vs 1095

    Simply, how much 1095 better sound compared to 1075? In what aspect?
  29. Yoon Lee

    Question about High Current amps

    I was comparing Parasound 1205A with Rotel 1075. While everything else seems to be comparable on spec, the current was quite different. Although they both called theirs "high current" amps, Rotel's high current was 15amps whereas Parasound's high current was 45amps. Even if one being...
  30. Yoon Lee

    B&W owners with Parasound amp?

    I'd like to hear from B&W owners with Parasound amp. Are they good match? I'd like to know the pros & cons.