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  1. Kirk Gunn

    DisneyWorld construction logistics

    Sorry I haven't posted more, I really dislike this new forum layout..... but I thought I would share for you Disney lovers: http://www.youtube.com/results?feature=moby&search_query=Building+Walt%27s+Dream+Disney
  2. Kirk Gunn

    Question about Stevie Ray Vaughan Box Set

    I believe that's the backside/tremolo of his infamously worn-out Fender Stratocaster: From Wiki: For bonus SRV points, check out these great vids: YouTube - Dick Dale & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pipeline (hq audio) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSjRg...eature=related
  3. Kirk Gunn

    "I Am Legend" Animated Comic

    Interesting stuff - I didn't notice these when I rented the DVD. is there a preferred order to watch ? Thanks
  4. Kirk Gunn

    This is scary stuff! Your cell might be spying on you.

    It must be "Talkie the Toaster" ! Howdy-Doodley-Doo ! YouTube - Red Dwarf Toaster Sketch
  5. Kirk Gunn

    Fiber Optic Home Installation for TV and NET. What to expect?

    Good Thread.. for those of us with "older" homes not having Cat5 run to each room, is running Cat5 to each TV included in the "free installation" ? CRyan - what speed is your switch ? I wouldn't think it's a problem as long as adequate bandwidth is provided. Also ask the installer what the...
  6. Kirk Gunn

    Microwaving Water Dangerous!

    Interesting stuff... I had heard of superheating, but thought it was extremely rare (also thought Alton was merely impressing everyone with his knowledge of arcane cooking theory). Didn't know it was so common an occurrence and can be readily reproduced....
  7. Kirk Gunn

    Anyone have a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

    re: the Dyson....
  8. Kirk Gunn

    Good Tip / Bad Tip

    How well do you tip your Pizza dude / dudette ? www.goodtipbadtip.com
  9. Kirk Gunn

    Is Blockbuster done, share price went down 77% in one day to 22 cents - 3/3/2009

    Netflix is holding steady... Netflix - Stock Quote & Chart
  10. Kirk Gunn

    Idea's for a caribbean vacation

    This may be overblown and certainly not limited to the Caribbean, but research hotspots near your destinations: One example: BASSE-TERRE, Guadeloupe — Tourists stuck at hotels as violent protests swept this Caribbean island began flying out on Thursday after police pulled down barricades on...
  11. Kirk Gunn


    My wife had lasik a few years back. Very quick procedure with no issues (and she is a wimp). Still wears glasses for driving at night because something about the light refractions affect her, but that's it. Prior to the surgery she got seasick constantly, now she handles the boat without...
  12. Kirk Gunn

    What's Your Favorite Live Album and Why?

    These albums frequently get into my rotation: 1) Deep Purple: Made in Japan - All members of the band in their prime and smoking ! Probably over-dubbed, but Ritchie Blackmore's Highway Star solo still sends shivers down my spine.... 2) Lynyrd Skynyrd: One more from the Road - Stevie Gaines...
  13. Kirk Gunn

    *** Official I AM LEGEND Discussion Thread

    Bumping this as it came in my Netflix queue and enjoyed reading the discussion. Totally agree with the CGI comments, plus I haven't seen an ending this bad since the original Blade Runner.... Some of the "alternate ending" links are broken, but this one still works: Must Watch: I Am...
  14. Kirk Gunn

    RIP - Billy Powell, Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboards...

    Man....way too young, just like his bandmates: Music - Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist dies at Florida home "Billy Powell on the keyboards...." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYF_H...eature=related
  15. Kirk Gunn

    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Great statement.... sad reflection that Pacman, Plexico, etc (ad nauseum) get daily press for their off-field antics, yet the great work of the likes of Dungy get relegated to a few "special interest" segments spattered throughout the year. Just scored tix to the AFC game through a bus tour...
  16. Kirk Gunn

    KT Tunstall - Walk like an Egyptian

    Interesting.... Rock on !
  17. Kirk Gunn

    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    Man, eating a crow omelet this morning.... thank gawd I'm not a betting man :laugh: C'mon Ravens !
  18. Kirk Gunn

    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    I also heard Brady's rehab reacted positively to the antibiotics, so if any news to the contrary comes out, please post a link. Achieving an 11-5 record with a backup QB and 14 players on injured reserve is an accomplishment for any team.... but still hurts to miss the Playoffs. Another...
  19. Kirk Gunn

    Land Seizures and Compensation

    I believe the increased tax revenues flowing into the "public" coffers is the rationale.... twisted, but government is hardly logical (or fair).
  20. Kirk Gunn

    NFL 2008 Regular Season Discussion Thread

    What is everyone's feedback on the international games ? (i.e. - the Pats/Bucs game scheduled to be played in UK next year). The glowing comments I have read are from the owners. If I was a Bucs season tix owner, I'd be a bit peeved to lose a home stand. Wonder how the players feel about it...
  21. Kirk Gunn

    GPS Anybody got one??

    Thanks ! Interesting on the WinCE.... too bad it didn't have wifi I could load up Activesync and check e-mail (just shoot me now !)
  22. Kirk Gunn

    GPS Anybody got one??

    Just giving a bump as my wife is interested. Me ? I never get.... ah, nevermind. Thanks in advance
  23. Kirk Gunn

    The Trials And Tribulations Of An Air-Traffic Controller At JFK International

    Perhaps this is internet-worthy to you, but a lot of people lost loved ones that day. Sleep well.
  24. Kirk Gunn

    A friend who recently passed away...

    Matthew - I don't have any amazing words to take away your pain and your friend's family's loss. Not sure why bad things happen to good people... Will keep everyone in my family's thoughts and prayers. I am standing by the seashore A ship at my side, Spreads her white sails in the...
  25. Kirk Gunn

    Is Google Down?

    So... if Google is down, does that mean scroogle is also ? Scroogle Scraper
  26. Kirk Gunn

    150hp outboard motor purchase help?

    Congrats - boating season is almost underway ! What kind of boat ? Don't fret too much about the 11k... at least you're getting an extra 5 knots. A buddy upgraded his Albin 28 from gas to diesel. 40k later he gained about 4 knots.
  27. Kirk Gunn

    150hp outboard motor purchase help?

    Can't offer much of a valid opinion, but my gut says Yamaha. Got a bud with an older Evinrude which runs like a top (I believe a 150), but there is a reason Grady-White designs it's boats for Yamaha. The endurance and sound would overcome the weight and performance factors, imho. What kind of...
  28. Kirk Gunn

    Blackberry Outage - Sat 3/22 2-6am

    FYI - RIM will be conducting database maintenance this Saturday morning. Service for all Blackberry users will be impacted as defined below. Please notify your users and helpdesk personnel. ************************ Maintenance window: Date: Saturday, March 22 Time: 2 - 6am EDT...
  29. Kirk Gunn

    Deep Purple from a different Point-of-View...

    Video Fantastica! Smoke on the Yangtze
  30. Kirk Gunn

    Land of The Free

    Hmmm... would be interesting to research what % of the Soviet Russia populace was incarcerated when the gulags were running at full capacity. Would also be interesting to consider punishment types in comparative countries. Perhaps other countries allow you to get pay a fine, versus doing...